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Name American Hotel

Associated Records

Image of 2004.28.3 - Paper, Letterhead

2004.28.3 - Paper, Letterhead

Cream coloured paper with black printing "American Hotel" The paper has light blue/ grey lines for writing. The bottom half of the paper has ripped off and is missing. "FIRST-CLASS ACCOMMODATION/ RATES $2.00 PER DAY/ American Hotel/ JOHN McATEER, Proprietor/ UPPER WYNDHAM STREET/ GUELPH, Ont., ...191"

Image of 2004.28.4 - Invoice

2004.28.4 - Invoice

Invoice; buff-coloured rectangular paper with black print and printed pink and blue lines. The invoice has two holes punch at the top and both ink and pencil handwriting. The invoice is from J.M. Dooley, grocer, baker and confectioner. It is addressed to Mr. Jim McAteer. The handwriting describes what was bought, the date and prices. "WEST MARKET SQUARE/ GUELPH ONT,_____190/ M. N.Jim McAteer/ BOUGHT OF J.M. DOOLEY/ Grocer, Baker and Confectioner. TELEPHONE 244/ KELSO, PRINTER..." Invoice lists purchases made by McAteer: "June 15 ? 6 Berries .66 / June 16 2 D. Cakes .20 / June 19 / 2 D. Bananas .30 / " 1 " Cakes .10 / $1.26 " Handwritten in pencil: "Bananas ?????.30 / .10 / .05 / $1.71 / P

Image of 2003.30.1 - Program, Theatre

2003.30.1 - Program, Theatre

Royal Opera House Program. Made of paper, 2 full sheets folded once to make booklet of 4 pages. Printing on program consists of advertisements for opera called "The Three Guardsmen", date of show; Wednesday Evening, October 2nd 1895. Program lists cast of characters and Guelph Opera House Executive Staff including; Albert Tavernier, W.M. Mahoney, Geo. Karn, Geo, Hewer and Geo. Kickley. Remainder of program consists of business advertisements including; American Hotel, James Owens Fine Tailoring, Goetz Shoe Store, Savage & Co., Regal Peninsular Base Burner, Stewart & Co., D.E.Rudd, A. Chatfield, Neill the Shoe Man, Morlock Bros., Pringle's, King & Sullivan, Clark's, Alex. Stewart, Gemmell's, A

Image of 1972.42.1 - Booklet

1972.42.1 - Booklet

Booklet: Official Programme of the "Made in Canada Fair and Poster Show "- under auspices of the Ladies' Committee of the Guelph General Hospital held at the Winter Fair Building the week of June 17, 1907 No. of pages: 28 - glossy off-white paper with black print and b/w photographs. Front cover: printed in black and red type with red highlights. Has B/W photograph of the Guelph General Hospital in lower right corner. Binding of booklet done by Frank Nunan's Up-to-date Bindery, Upper Wyndham St. Booklet has many advertisements for many different Guelph businesses in 1907.

Image of 1974.15.7 - Booklet

1974.15.7 - Booklet

Booklet , entitled "The Royal City of Canada, Guelph and Her Industries" - Special Industrial Souvenir Number of the Guelph Daily Mercury, Guelph, Canada" published by Authority of the City Council and Guelph's Old Home Week Committee. Printed in 1908 for Guelph Home Week and booklet has a programme for the festivities occurring from Sunday to Thursday on pages 6 to 8. On page 54 is an index of the contents of the booklet. Paperback cover, white with organ pillar design with b/w photograph of Guelph in the center. Black printed lettering. No. of pages; 54 glossy paper typeset in black printed 1908 "Containing a comprehensive review of the natural advantages and resources of Guelph, togeth

Image of 1993.28.1.4 - Plan, Fire Insurance

1993.28.1.4 - Plan, Fire Insurance

Laminated coloured reproduction fire insurance plans of Guelph. Map of Guelph in 1875 but revised in 1878. .1 Blue, yellow, black and pink colour code. Blue for water and stores. Some stores are yellow also. Pink for building. There is a key for symbols. .2 Map of Guelph. Pink, green and blue buildings. Some pencil markings on the face of the map. .3 Map. Includes index. Colours blue, pink, green and blue denote the structure of building. .4 Index

Image of 1978.165.69 - Program

1978.165.69 - Program

Program, "Recital by Irene Margaret Sheahan, B.I. Assisted by Pupils." at the Royal Opera House, Monday, April 24th (?) - estimated as early 1920's. Off-white heavy paper with blue print. Folded in half with the interior detailing the program of the event. Found in house at 1 Waterloo Ave., originally the home of the McAteer Family who ran the American Hotel.

Image of 2007.4.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

2007.4.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

A large brown book with maroon spine and tips with a blue label in the centre with black printing. Title reads; "Insurance Plan/of/ Guelph./Ontario./Published by/Chas. E. Goad. Civil Engineer,/Montreal" Stamped at the top and bottom of the label is "F. Grundy". It is also stamped 3 times on the inside cover. There are three pieces of paper here: the first is part of the book, "This plan has been revised to" written in pencil "June 1888 & Nov 1892". "Free of expense to the Company owning it, and is returned to the local agent," the name has been erased and a dark smudge left so the name cannot be made out....The next piece of paper is white and has been taped inside just below. It is hard to m

Image of 1976.40.37 - Catalogue

1976.40.37 - Catalogue

Catalogue - "Souvenir Catalogue / First Amalgamated Ontario Provincial Winter Fair / Guelph, Dec. 11 to 14, 1900." Cover is heavy purple paper with printed text in gold lettering. There is a double lined gold border around the outside of the front cover. At the bottom of front cover, the border becomes more elaborate with gold swirls. Cover is stapled and catalogue is comprised of 36 pages of beige coloured paper with black printed text and illustrations. Besides numerous commercial advertisements, book contains the list of officials, executives and committees, an extract of the Rules and Regulations, Show Classes and a list of the winners. Some Guelph Advertisements have pictures of the

Image of 1978.165.112.4 - Invoice

1978.165.112.4 - Invoice

Three invoices and one envelope from Dr. Henry Howitt of Guelph. .1 Envelope - rectangular off-white envelope with return address printed in black in upper left corner. In upper right corner is a Canada Post green one cent stamp with King George V on it. Addressed to Mr. John McAteer / American Hotel, Guelph." In upper left corner: "If not called for in ten days / Return to 221 Woolwich St., Guelph - Ont." Stamped to the left of the stamp and reads: "GUELPH, ONTARIO/ DEC 8 / 11.30 AM / 1913". .2 - Invoice - Issued to Mr. John McAteer by Dr. Henry Howitt. Dated Nov. 30, 1913 and in upper left corner invoice is identified as "page 822." Services listed and dated: "To Medicine and Medical A

Image of 2009.26.1 - Map

2009.26.1 - Map

A reproduction of a Fire Insurance Map from 1892. There are land use designation, and a key identifying various elements. On the right side is a message on how the map was made, and what it took, by Phil Keddie. Department of Geography, University of Guelph. February 2009. On the bottom are acknowledgements to: "Dr. Gil Stelter; Professor Emeritus, Department of History, University of Guelph, for his interest and encouragement; and Kathleen Wall, Guelph Civic Museum, for providing me with access to the Insurance Plan and a place to do proof reading. My greatest thanks to Robert Miller and Adam Bonnycastle. This map was printed by Marie Puddister, Cartographer, Department of Geography, Univers

Image of 1978.165.168 - Invoice

1978.165.168 - Invoice

Pre-printed blank invoice. Black print on white paper: "American Hotel/John McAteer Proprietor, Guelph, 191_?/Finest liquors and cigars/Rates $1.00 per day".

Image of 1978.165.116 - Envelope

1978.165.116 - Envelope

Envelope with letterhead and return address. Black print on white paper: "If not called for in ten days return to American Hotel, Guelph, Ontario/John McAteer, Proprietor".

Image of 1978.165.117 - Envelope

1978.165.117 - Envelope

Paper Envelope with business logo and name of Holliday Brothers Brewers printed in upper right hand corner of envelope. The logo is a depiction of two intersecting circles in gold. On the right hand circle or globe is an image of a man in a costume, associated with sixteenth century England. The second circle has two angels on top with a globe of the world between them. Below is a square with a Latin inscription written on it and a year written in Roman numerals. Immediately under the date is written: "T. HOLLIDAY." Below the logo is printed in black: "HOLLIDAY BROS. / BREWERS/ GUELPH, ONT." Above the logo is printed: "IF NOT CALLED FOR IN TEN DAYS RETURN TO" The postmark, handwritte

Image of 1978.165.96 - Case, Needle

1978.165.96 - Case, Needle

Needle Case, Single Fold Cardboard Case. The Front of case has a coloured illustration of a young girl wearing a blue dress with pink detailing, and a straw hat with a pink ribbon. She is holding a bouquet of pink roses. Under this image is printed in red letters: "THE HOME NEEDLE CASE." On opening the case, the left side of the case holds a selection of needles of various sizes. In the lower half of the left side is a single folded paper container with an image of a native Indian wearing a feather headdress. Above and below this image is printed in white letters: "PEERLESS ELLIPTIC LARGE EYES SHARPS 3/9 / CZECHOSLOVAKIA." Opening this paper are three small sewing needles inserted in purple p

Image of 1978.165.110 - Advertisement

1978.165.110 - Advertisement

Ink Blotter and November 1911 Calendar Advertising Kelly's Music Store in Guelph. The ink blotter is a bright pink with many ink marks indicative of its use. The reverse side has a white background with a light grey border. In the lower half is a month calendar for November 1911. In the upper half is an illustration of an attractive young woman with brown hair playing a violin. She is wearing a rose pink dress and a pink ribbon in her hair. She is reading sheet music placed on a music stand before her. Above this illustration is printed in grey lettering: "KELLY'S MUSIC STORE / GUELPH, ONT." Below the illustration, a caption reads: "Sells Pianos, Organs, Victor Gramophones, Edison P

Image of 1978.165.100 - Label

1978.165.100 - Label

Shipping Label. Blue and white gummed rectangular paper label. Printed at top: "D.E. MACDONALD & BROS. / DRY GOODS/ CLOTHING/ GUELPH/ ONTARIO." Underneath the store name is an image of a lion with an inscription below: "The Golden Lion." In pencil, the label is addressed to: "Miss Maggie McAteer, American Hotel."

Image of 1978.165.101 - Bag

1978.165.101 - Bag

Paper Bag. Brown paper with black print. Image of Santa Claus in front of a Christmas wreath. Under image is printed : " MOORE & ARMSTRONG /GUELPH/ The Store of the Christmas Spirit."