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Name Armoury

Associated Records

Image of 1993.21.1 - Postcard

1993.21.1 - Postcard

Divided back postcard with a photo of the 16th Battery C.F.A. Second Overseas Expeditionary Force. Eleven rows of men in front of the Guelph Armory. In uniform: high boots, bullet belts over left shoulder. Seated at front are 5 officers in uniform jackets over shirt and tie, and waistbelts. The windows of the Armory are protected by iron bars.

Image of 1997.16.33 - Calendar

1997.16.33 - Calendar

Calendar of historic sites of Guelph b/w photographs. For 1976 on cover photo of the king Edward Hotel. Illustrations: Photographs, B/W Guelph 1976

Image of 2001.1.2 - Postcard

2001.1.2 - Postcard

Sepia toned postcard of the Armouries during a parade. In the foreground is a horse drawn float. A crowd of people line the street on the left side of the image. To the right in the background, is City Hall covered in bunting. Directly behind the float is the armoury building. The back of the postcard is divided and a note in brown ink is written to Ethel from Winnie. "Dear Ethel,I arrived safely in Guelph at 6,35 Sat. No need to tell you I am having a swell time. i wish I could see you. There is something I want to tell you. I have not time to write you a letter now as we are busy. we are going to the lake on Wed. till Fri. so I will write you a long letter then. Are you having a

Image of 1971.78.1 - Postcard

1971.78.1 - Postcard

Tinted postcard with personal comments on it. Large building with crenelated roofline and towers; railroad tracks in right foreground

Image of 1995X.30.2 - Program

1995X.30.2 - Program

Program, "The Guelph Creative Arts Association 11th Annual Exhibition 1958". Yellow rectangular paper booklet with red print. The cover has a drawn seal of the Arts association in the upper proper right corner. Along the proper left side there is a drawn "chain" listing the six groups involved in the exhibition. In the middle of the page is "11th Annual Exhibition, the Guelph Creative Arts Association Guelph Armoury November 1958". The programme lists the exhibiting members of each guild, along with their addresses, and is filled with advertisements for art schools, art supply stores, etc. "11TH ANNUAL EXHIBITION THE GUELPH CREATIVE ARTS ASSOCIATION". No. of pages: 10

Image of 1986.18.225 - Postcard

1986.18.225 - Postcard

Sepia toned, divided back postcard with correspondence from Mary Ann Marshall, 60 Wellington St. Guelph. It is a view looking south on lower Wyndham St. Guelph with street and buildings decorated with flags and bunting for special occasion during WWI. Armoury and part of City Hall showing. Street lined with people. Vehicle on road drawn by team of horses, driven by man wearing hard topped cap with visor. Macdonald's Clothes for men at right. One-cent Canada postage stamp on back. front "THE ARMOURIES, GUELPH, CAN." back "THE INTERNATIONAL STATIONERY CO. PICTON, CANADA"

Image of 1997.22.3 - Program

1997.22.3 - Program

Program, "The Guelph Presto Music Club Opening Concert - Monday, November 26th, 1945-1946." Paper cover with black and white photographs of piano players. The inside printed names, program, a history of the Guelph Presto Music Club, and advertising. On page one, there is a b/w photograph of Edward Johnson, Honorary President of the Presto Music Club. Illustrations: Photographs, B/W/Advertisements/Printed "The Guelph Presto Music Club Opening Concert- Monday, November 26th 1945-1946 / The First Piano Quartet" No. of pages: 36

Image of 1994.12.7 - Pamphlet

1994.12.7 - Pamphlet

Pink pamphlet with black border and black print. The cover has a small photo of the lecturer, Miss Claire Andree. The pamphlet contains recipes and house hold tips. There is a list of sponsors. Illustrations: Photographs, B/W "THE GUELPH DAILY MERCURY HOMEMAKING AND COOKING SCHOOL CONDUCTED DEBOTH HOME MAKER'S SCHOOL. MISS CLAIRE ANDREE LECTURER, MISS JANET HARVEY, ASSISTANT. THE GUELPH ARMOURY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 10, 11 AND 12, 1932 DAILY

1997.16.1.3 - Handbill

Bright yellow handbill, insert with itinerary of OAC festival week events. Booklet: gives information about services available and itinerary for activities for the week of July 6 - 14. Green cover with black/white sketches. Public events, OAC Centennial Festival Week events, Open to Guelph and surrounding communities.

Image of 1997.22.4 - Program

1997.22.4 - Program

Program, "The Guelph Presto Music Club - Portia White, Canadian Contralto" on Friday, January 4th, 1946. White paper cover with black and white photograph of Portia White.Contents include: printed names, program, history and advertising. On page one is a b/w photograph of Edward Johnson, the club's honorary president. Illustrations: Photographs, B/W/Advertisements/Printed "The Guelph Presto Music Club Friday January 4th, 1946 - Portia White, Canadian Contralto / (See Pages 17, 18, 19, 20 for Program). No of Pages: 36

2002.120.1 - Book

Blue glossy soft cover book with a picture of a person in a canoe and another fly fishing on the Speed River. The book is "Guelph @175: A Day In Our Life Photos by Residents and Friends" The book contains colour photos taken by Guelph residents as part of a photo competition. The book is divided into themes of Heritage, People, and Environment.

Image of 1997.22.5 - Program

1997.22.5 - Program

Program, "The Guelph Presto Music Club" Concert Program for Friday, March 1, 1946. White paper cover with black print on the front. Contents include members' names, program, a history of the club, and advertising. On the first page is a b/w photograph of Edward Johnson, honorary president of the club. Illustrations: Photographs, B/W / Advertisements/Printed "The Guelph Presto Music Club Presents Conrad Thibault baritone and Dorothy Sarnoff soprano in joint recital Fri., March 1st, 1946" No of Pages: 36

Image of 1986.18.205 - Postcard

1986.18.205 - Postcard

Divided back, tinted, unused postcard of the Armoury, Guelph. It is a pressed red brick building with stone trim, crenallated towers and upper trim. back "THE VALENTINE & SONS PUBLISHING CO. LTD. MONTREAL AND TORONTO" "PRINTED IN GREAT BRITAIN" front "THE ARMOURY, GUELPH, ONT. CANADA"

1982.34.1 - Inventory

Wooden board with inventory list pasted to board.

1982.34.2 - Inventory

Wooden board with inventory list pasted to board.

1982.34.3 - Inventory

Wooden board with inventory list pasted to board.

Image of 1997.16.18 - Booklet

1997.16.18 - Booklet

Tourism Booklet, "Guide to Guelph, Third Edition, 1972." Rectangular paper covered booklet. A tourist guide to Guelph, detailing sights, shopping and history. It consists of black and white photographs and advertisements. Illustrations: Advertisements/Photographs, B/W Guide to Guelph, produced by the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. Printed by Leaman Printing Limited, Guelph, Ontario. At bottom of page 2 - "Cover Photos - R.S. Macpherson. Other photos as credited. Reproduction by permission only." No of Pages: 60

Image of 2002.53.1 - Postcard

2002.53.1 - Postcard

Postcard; Illustrated postcard depicting view down Lower Wyndham St. and looking towards the armouries. On the back of the postcard is a message written to Miss A.M. Robertson, from Brantford. The message is difficult to read but discusses the writers time in Guelph.

Image of 2002.23.8 - Postcard

2002.23.8 - Postcard

Postcard; Postcard showing aerial view of the central downtown area of Guelph. Colour photograph. The back of the postcard gives a description of the photograph, the name of the photographer, and information on the publisher of the card. There is also a lined space provided for writing a message. "Majestic POST CARD", "POSTAGE STAMP", "Dist. by Kitchener News Co. Ltd., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada", "printed in Canada by lawson graphics pacific limited vancouver, British Columbia", "KS-7425", "Guelph, Ontario Aerial view of the central downtown area of Guelph, famed as the birthplace of John McCrae, author of "In Flanders Fields," and as the home of the University of Guelph.", "Photo b

1982.34.4 - Inventory

Wooden board with inventory list pasted to board.