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Name Bell Piano and Organ Company Limited

Associated Records

Image of 2004.17.4 - Card, Trade

2004.17.4 - Card, Trade

Bell Organ and Piano Advertisement mounted on card. Blue print on rectangular cream paper. The ad is rectangular and has a colour illustration of Queen Victoria surrounded by an embossed oval gold frame. In each corner, in blue, is a statement about the company. "With compliments of the Bell Organ and Piano Co. (limited) Guelph, Ontario the largest makers in Canada. Her Majesty the Queen has honoured the Bell Company by selecting several instruments for her personal use in the royal palaces. The Bell Piano is the choice of the elite and the conservatories throughout the dominion. The Bell Organ enjoys a prestige and fame unapproached by any attempts at Rivalry." Printed along bottom: "L

Image of 2004.27.1 - Envelope

2004.27.1 - Envelope

Envelope; White paper envelope, rectangular shape with pale grey print and black ink. Orange 3 cent Canada Postage stamp in the upper right corner. Printed on the envelope is a picture of the "W.Bell & Company Cabinet Organ & Melodeon Manufactory in Guelph, Ont." Handwritten over the printed picture in black ink is Mr. John Bear, Armadale Ont." Stamped in lower left corner: " GUELPH/ PM / AUG 6 / 74."

Image of 2004.27.2 - Envelope

2004.27.2 - Envelope

Envelope; white rectangular paper envelope with blue print and black in. Orange 3 cent Canada postage stamp in the upper right corner. In the upper left corner is the return address in blue of W. Bell & Co". Hand written in black ink is "Mr. John Beat, Armadale, Ont. There is a post mark on the bottom left corner. Guelph, Ont. JA 29 77" "RETURN IN TEN DAYS TO W.BELL & CO. ORGAN MANUFACTURERS DEALERS IN PIANOS &C. GUELPH, ONT." "Mr. John Beat/ Armadale/ Ont." "GUELPH, ONT, JA 29 77"

Image of 2004.27.3 - Card, Trade

2004.27.3 - Card, Trade

Advertising Card; rectangular paper card with black printing and peach and blue colouring. There is a picture of the Bell manufacturing plant as well as a Bell exhibit of organs in London, England. Stamped lettering on the bottom in purple "Toronto Warerooms, 12 King St. West". Front: "W.BELL & CO./ OUR EXHIBIT AT THE COLONIAL & INDIAN EXHIBITION, LONDON, ENG/ MANUFACTURERS OF THE BELL ORGAN/ GUELPH, CAN./ ALSO SHOW ROOMS AT TORONTO, HAMILTON & ST.THOMAS, ONT." Stamped on front: "PRESENTED BY TORONTO WAREROOMS, 12 KING ST WEST" Written in pencil on the back: "Niagara Bottle Show, March 7, 1982. price $3.00". Printed in lower right corner: "Toronto Lithographing Co.

Image of 2004.27.4 - Booklet

2004.27.4 - Booklet

Paper Booklet, 8 pages. The front has a red border with a drawing of boy and girl holding hands. The girl is blowing a red horn and wearing a pink dress. The boy has a blue sailor suit with a red tie. The title of the booklet is "Musical Games", printed in pale blue. Printed in black: "WITH COMPLIMENTS OF THE BELL PIANO AND ORGAN CO. LIMITED GUELPH, ONT./ TORONTO BRANCH./ 146 YONGE STREET." On the front printed in black along the bottom red border: "COPYRIGHT 1904 WOLF & CO. PHILA." The booklet contains children's songs and games as well as musical notes and words. On the reverse is a black and white illustration of a Bell Piano with text: "FOR ALL MUSICAL GAMES USE A BELL PIANO/ IT IS

Image of 2004.27.15 - Card, Advertising

2004.27.15 - Card, Advertising

Advertising Card; white paper advertising card with coloured scene of girl and a boy. The boy is sitting on a fence, the girl is holding a flower. Printing in blue and black on the front. The reverse has printing in black in various fonts. The card is issued by W.H. Eckhardt of the The Star Music Store and he is specifically advertising the New Raymond Sewing Machine that can be purchased at his store. Printed on the front: "Compliments of W. H. Eckhardt, Pianos, Organs and the New Raymond Sewing Machine." Printed on the reverse side: "The Following Articles are Envied by all Competitors because of their Sterling Worth, HEINTZMAN & CO.'s PIANO, THE BELL & CO. PIANO, THE BELL & CO. ORGAN. TH

Image of 2004.27.17 - Card, Advertising

2004.27.17 - Card, Advertising

Advertising Card for the "New Raymond Sewing Machine; rectangular paper advertising card in colour. The front has a picture of a bird on a branch with red flowers and green leaves. There is black printing on the front as well. The back is printed in black. Front: "SEE THE NEW RAYMOND Sewing Machine, Manufactured by CHARLES RAYMOND, GUELPH, CANADA". "Buy the Best: The Heintzman & Co. Piano./ The W. Bell & Col Organ. Domestic and New Raymond Sewing Machines, At the Star Music Store, W. H. Eckhardt" Printed on the reverse side: "ESTABLISHED 1870/ THE STAR MUSIC STORE, The Largest and Most Popular Music House in the Niagara District. Pianos, Organs and Sewing Machines, In Great Variety /

Image of 2004.27.23 - Card, Trade

2004.27.23 - Card, Trade

Trade Card; square paper card with a coloured picture of a girl with a large hat and a fan on one side and black printing on the other. The picture of the girl is pink, blue, white and brown with four lines of black text written on a diagonal to the square card: "Compliments of W. Bell & Co./ Organ manuf'rs, Guelph, Ont.". The print on the back is also written on a diagonal to the square shape of the card. Front: " Compliments of W. Bell & Co. Organ Manuf'rs, Guelph, Ont./ J.H Bufford's Sons New York, Boston & Chicago." Back: "BUY ONLY THE BELL ORGAN/ THE LEADING INSTRUMENT FOR TONE, DESIGN, AND DURABILITY./ BUY NO OTHER./ Send for Our Catalogue./ W. BELL & CO., GUELPH, CANADA."

Image of 2002.94.1 - Advertisement

2002.94.1 - Advertisement

Advertisement from the Canadian Magazine Advertiser for the Bell Organ and Piano Company. The ad is on page 36 and is black print on rectangular cream paper. The ad speaks of the quality of the pianos and includes a testimonial from one of their customers. On the back are advertisements from several other companies including The Office Specialty Mfg. Co. and The Arnold Chemical Company. "Bell Pianos Occupy a premier position at home and abroad. Here is an expression of opinion from William H. Cummings, Esq. R.A.M. F.S.A. Mus. Doc. The Guildhall School of Music Victoria Embankment, E.C. London, 15th Aug. 1900 The Manager of the Bell Organ & Piano Co. Limited, 49 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC D

Image of 1998.30.1 - Book

1998.30.1 - Book

"The King's Daughter's Cook Book" Small book with an off white cover. The text on the front cover is orange and decsribes the title od the cook book. There is a circular leaf and ribbon design in the middle of the front cover. The back cover has a piece of paper attched to the top left corner. The inside pages are loose from the spine. There are drawings and black and white photographs, and advertisements through out. There are 246 pages. There are blank pages in the book to provide space for the owner to write their own which is the case in this book.

1995.6.1 - Book, Piano

Grey cardboard covered piano book with black writing. The cover has a border of bells and has written in black. "Bell Piano Method published by the Bell Piano and Organ Co. Limited Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Largest Makers in Canada, Pianos, Organs, Piano Players and self-Playing Organs". there is also a drawing of a harp on the cover. the back cover has the same Bell border and has 2 sketches of pianos and the addresses of the Guelph Factory and the addresses of their branch offices in England, and Toronto. the inside has sheet music and playing instructions. Illustrations: Printed On inside cover: "AMANDA K. LOURS, PAISLEY, ONT." No of Pages: 108

Image of 2003.50.1 - Advertisement

2003.50.1 - Advertisement

Black and white advertisement from magazine. Picture of Beethoven at piano with sheet music on piano and candle in candlestick on top of piano in foreground. Background is made up of two other men sitting by window, one man is rubbing his temple, other is staring out window. Outside window looks like moon rising over water. Above picture is written "Canadian Magazine Advertiser" page number "xlvi". Also "Beethoven Could Not Have Complained". Below picture is written "Had He Had a Bell/ Its tone and perfect workmanship would have recommended itself at once to such a master. The Bell Organ and Piano Co., Limited, Guelph, Ontario." Reverse side of magazine page includes more advertisements; "Dom

Image of 2002.110.4 - Card, Membership

2002.110.4 - Card, Membership

White paper certificate with a black shmrock border "Retiring Card" from the Piano and Organ Workers' International Union. The retiring card is for John McTague who was initiated June 4th, 1902 and retired June 6th, 1903. The card states that McTague is a memeber in good standing who is retiring from the union but may rejoin any branch of this Union free of charge. The card is stamped in the lower left corner in green ink by the Financial Secretary of Union No. 34, Guelph. "Retiring Card Membership No. 8753 Union No. 34 of Guelph, Canada ..."

Image of 2003.48.1 - Advertisement

2003.48.1 - Advertisement

Advertising card; black print on rectangular white paper card. On front is image of flowers and green leaves on background of white stone wall. Flowers are pale blue with red features and take up top and left edge of card. On the lower right corner is written "Bell Organs & Pianos are the Best" in blue. On reverse side of card is advertisement; "Bell/ Upright Pianos/ Cabinet Organs/Established 25 Years./ The leading Canadian instruments unequaled in tone design and durability/ Recommended by leading musicians./ Catalogues free./ W. Bell & Co./ Factories and office/ Guelph, Canada./ Branch Warerooms/ 12 King Street West, Toronto,/ 44 James Street North, Hamilton/ 321 Talbot Street, St. Thomas

Image of 2002.46.1 - Advertisement

2002.46.1 - Advertisement

Advertisement for the Art Bell Piano; cream coloured page from a magazine with an advertisement for the Art Bell Piano by the Bell Organ and Piano Co. Limited. The ad came from page forty of the Canadian Magazine Advertiser. The ad has a drawing of the piano with its features listed on both sides of the drawing. Below the drawing is the name of the company and its branches in Toronto, on Yonge Street and in Montreal on St. Catherine St. The entire ad is framed in a border of bells. On the back of the ad are ads for other companies including the Gem lamb wool soles. "The Art Bell Piano Represents the highest type in piano making with its illimitable repeating action provides a repetition and

Image of 2000X.11.4 - Card, Advertising

2000X.11.4 - Card, Advertising

Advertising Card; Rectangular paper card with pink border. Inside the border is a woman in a pink Chinese dress, standing on a branch with green and red leaves and a large pink flower. There is an orange butterfly on the flower and a yellow butterfly in the background. The woman is holding a yellow fan, has a checkered belt around her waist. There are 4 little fans in her hair-two white, one yellow and one red. "BELL ORGANS. ARE THE BEST" is in block letters at the bottom. "BUFFORD" is in small print on the bottom right, "686" on the bottom left. On the back: "BELL ORGANS HAVE REACHED A STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE NOT APPROACHED By any Other Maker. BUY NO OTHER. W. BELL & CO., Guelph, Ont. BRAN

Image of 2002.110.2 - Booklet

2002.110.2 - Booklet

Orange paper covered booklet with the number 8753 written on the cover on black ink. The booklet is bound with brown cloth tape. The inside is filled with union dues stamps for John McTague who was a member of the Guelph branch of the union. His stamps start June 14, 1902 and finish june 6, 1903. McTague's union ID number is 8753. "8753" "Piano & Organ Workers International Union No. 8753 Union No. 34 of Guelph Initiated June 4th 1902 Mr. John McTague Thomas James, President, Jos. Smith Fin. Sec'y ..." No of Pages: 9

Image of 1997.29.1 - Program

1997.29.1 - Program

Program, "Official Opening of River Run Centre Program, October 4th, 1997." Glossy cover with coloured River Run Centre photograph. Opening ceremony events on inside cover. Inside pages consist of colour photographs, articles, names and advertising. As well, there is a history of theater in the City of Guelph. Edition: 1 Illustrations: Photographs, Colour/Illustrations/Printed "River Run Centre in Guelph" No of Pages: 44

Image of 1977.117.84 - Advertisement

1977.117.84 - Advertisement

Advertisement; Cut-out paper cardboard in the shape of a bell. Printed on one side in blue: "Bell Employees' Excursion Guelph To Toronto Aug. 10th 1901". The front of the bell is silver and blue, with "BELL PIANOS" printed in blue on the bell. A small ribbon is tied to the top of the cut-out.

Image of 1986.18.209 - Postcard

1986.18.209 - Postcard

Divided back, sepia toned, unused postcard. It is a view of Bell Piano & Organ Co., Carden Street and of Jubilee Park, Guelph. front "THE BELL FACTORY AND JUBILEE PARK, GUELPH, CANADA" back "RUMSEY & CO. 1528 QUEEN ST. WEST TORONTO, CANADA"