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Name Bell Piano and Organ Company Limited

Associated Records

Image of 1998.30.1 - Book

1998.30.1 - Book

"The King's Daughter's Cook Book" Small book with an off white cover. The text on the front cover is orange and decsribes the title od the cook book. There is a circular leaf and ribbon design in the middle of the front cover. The back cover has a piece of paper attched to the top left corner. The inside pages are loose from the spine. There are drawings and black and white photographs, and advertisements through out. There are 246 pages. There are blank pages in the book to provide space for the owner to write their own which is the case in this book.

Image of 1988.24.10 - Program

1988.24.10 - Program

Advance Program of the Second Ontario Provincial Meet of the Canadian Wheelman's Association at Guelph, June 30th and July 1st, 1899. Paper Cover. Front cover is white with black printed lettering and a sketched green, black and white map of Petrie Athletic Park. Inside pages are white with black print. Contents include numerous advertisements of local hotels and business; b/w photographs of Guelph landmarks; list of rules for races; list of prizes; and description of meet events for days one and two, June 30th and July 1st, 1899. Printed by O.E. Turnbull, Printer and Binder, Guelph. Illustrations: Printed No. of pages: 44

Image of 1986.18.209 - Postcard

1986.18.209 - Postcard

Divided back, sepia toned, unused postcard. It is a view of Bell Piano & Organ Co., Carden Street and of Jubilee Park, Guelph. front "THE BELL FACTORY AND JUBILEE PARK, GUELPH, CANADA" back "RUMSEY & CO. 1528 QUEEN ST. WEST TORONTO, CANADA"

Image of 2014.84.139.8 - Statement

2014.84.139.8 - Statement

The Bell Piano and Organ Co. Ltd. account statement for Valiant, dated December 31st, 1901. Paper is in a chart format and it calculated interest owed on accounts from 1901 to 1920. Handwritten in black ink, some number written in blue.

Image of 2010.20.27 - Indenture

2010.20.27 - Indenture

Indenture for a 3,500 Mortgage from Daniel McKenzie to Bell Piano & Organ Company Limited. There is text pre-printed as well typewriter text and hand written.This indenture involves a detailed description of the property and building. It is the co-signer is Daniel's wife Isabella McKenzie and witnessed by Grace Hartley. The contract was eventually discharged on December 29, 1927 when Daniel McKenzie filed for bankruptcy. The indenture is 6 pages in length. The back pages has a purple stamp has puncture wound that the contract was annulled. There are four crease marks as it was folded. The document is bound by a metal fastener.

Image of 1979.75.1 - Program

1979.75.1 - Program

Program, "Souvenir Programme of the Band Tournament and Firemen's Demonstration, June 19th and 20th, 1889". Soft off-white paper cover that has tape along the spine to bind it together. Front cover has sepia toned photograph of Guelph City Hall. Above and below picture, the text is printed in red, gold and black lettering. The back cover is an advertisement for "J.D. Williamson & Co. - The Golden Lion". Inside pages are white with printed black lettering and b/w pictures and sepia toned photographs (by Burgess & Son photographers). Contents of book include: a schedule of events for the two day tournament and demonstration; photographs of various buildings and streets in Guelph; a brief essay

Image of 2003.50.1 - Advertisement

2003.50.1 - Advertisement

Black and white advertisement from magazine. Picture of Beethoven at piano with sheet music on piano and candle in candlestick on top of piano in foreground. Background is made up of two other men sitting by window, one man is rubbing his temple, other is staring out window. Outside window looks like moon rising over water. Above picture is written "Canadian Magazine Advertiser" page number "xlvi". Also "Beethoven Could Not Have Complained". Below picture is written "Had He Had a Bell/ Its tone and perfect workmanship would have recommended itself at once to such a master. The Bell Organ and Piano Co., Limited, Guelph, Ontario." Reverse side of magazine page includes more advertisements; "Dom

Image of 1978.84.3 - Advertisement

1978.84.3 - Advertisement

Bell Organ advertising leaflet for the Diadem Model. The leaflet is printed on cream paper in a green print. There is an illustration of the organ and a smaller drawing with the low rail top version. Below the illustrations are the descriptions of the three different actions available - Action No. 82, No. 85, No. 88. At the bottom of the leaflet is "The Bell Piano & Organ Co. Ltd., Bartholomew Road, Kentish Town, London, N.W. 5"

Image of 1986.15.1 - Music, Sheet

1986.15.1 - Music, Sheet

Sheet Music, "Kelly's Exhibition March By Blake, Presented with the Compliments of C.W. Kelly." Off-white paper with black print and illustration of a Bell piano on the front cover. Folded in half to form a four page booklet. Front Cover is an advertisement for C.W. Kelly, "Sole Agent for Bell's High Class Pianos and Celebrated Organs. Direct Importer of Musical Merchandise. / The only Music Store in the City where you can get all the latest Vocal and Instrumental Music. / 95 Upper Wyndham Street, Guelph / Telephone 178. / Write for Catalogue." Last three pages is the music for "Kelly's Exhibition March" by Chas. D. Blake".

Image of 1987.62.17 - Booklet

1987.62.17 - Booklet

Booklet entitled "Guelph, Ontario - The Royal City, 1919." Promotional booklet that serves as a commercial and residential guide. Has 32 pages of printed text on glossy paper. Illustrations are: b/w photographs and drawings of Guelph buildings and factories; parks, downtown Guelph. As well, there is a map of Wellington County. Cover: paper, white with a blue grey border. Inside border is a picture of the Guelph Public Library and above and below picture is printed in black lettering: "GUELPH, ONTARIO / ISSUED FOR THE MAYOR AND COUNCIL / GUELPH - ONTARIO / BY HEATON'S AGENCY, TORONTO." in the upper left corner, hand-printed in blue ink is: "R.B.Ward." On back cover is a map of southern Ontari

Image of 2001.24.2 - Newspaper

2001.24.2 - Newspaper

Cream coloured newspaper with black print. The Guelph Weekly Mercury, June 7, 1877. There is no huge headline but some of the front page stories are :"Wellington County Council" "Local News Items" Wellington June Sessions" "The War In The East". The paper is eight pages (four double sided). .

Image of 2000X.11.7 - Card, Advertising

2000X.11.7 - Card, Advertising

Advertising Card. White rectangular paper card, with colored illustration on front, and printed advertisement in black print on white background. On the front is a square in the centre, with a thin red line border, inside which is a picture of a sailboat, on the water (which is green tinge). There is a hill in the background which appears to have a lighthouse on it. "THE BELL ORGAN HAS NO EQUAL." in black print is printed in the box, above the sailboat. Below and above the box is a set of two pink flowers, with red/yellow centres, on branches and leaves. On the bottom set, on a leaf, is a red ladybug. On the back of the card, printed in black and in various styles of type: "The Bell Organ IS

2017.61.2 - Program

Guelph Choral Society Program, May 1, 1923. The program is 32 pages printed on cream coloured paper with black text and a grey/brown paper cover with black text. Along with the program for the evening there is also a list of committee members and members of the chorus, song titles and lyrics and numerous advertisements for Guelph businesses. The songs are numbered 1-11 through the program. Front Cover: "Guelph Choral Society, James R. Pears, Conductor, Eight o'Clock, Tuesday Evening, May the First, MCMXXIII {1923}, Guelph Armory, Third Season" Front Inside Cover: Advertisement Page 1: Black and white photograph of James R. Pears as well as a list of committee members, honorary member

Image of 2014.33.1 - Book

2014.33.1 - Book

The OAC Review, VOL XVII Issue No. 4, January 1905 The cover is a thick brown paper. The front has a red border and black and red writing. The writing, located at the top says, "OAC Review" and at the bottom "January 1905." The picture on the front has two halves. The upper half is of a farmer with a horse drawn flow, in a field. The lower half is of a steam ship at port. On the left side there is a red staff, intertwined with wheat stocks. From the red staff, are two ornate and red "C"'s, which across the page, encompass the two pictures. The back cover contains an advertisement. Contents of the book are advertisements as well articles related to the OAC. The book is 100 pages

Image of 2014.84.139.9 - Statement

2014.84.139.9 - Statement

The Bell Piano and Organ Co. Ltd. account statement for Valiant, dated December 31st, 1921. Paper is in a chart format and it calculated interest owed on accounts from 1921 to 1924. Handwritten in black ink, some number written in blue.

Image of 1979.67.5 - Card, Advertising

1979.67.5 - Card, Advertising

Advertising card with picture of dog smoking pipe in multi-colour. Printed in black at bottom: "Compliments of W. Bell & Co. / Organ and Piano Manufacturers Guelph Ont." Printed in lower right corner: "Toronto Litho Co." On reverse printed in black letters on off-white paper card: "BELL: UPRIGHT PIANOS/ CABINET ORGANS / ESTABLISED 24 YEARS. / THE LEADING CANADIAN INSTRUMENTS UNEQUALLED IN TONE, DESIGN, AND DURABILITY / RECOMMENDED BY LEADING MUSICIANS. CATALOGUES FREE. W. BELL & CO. / FACTORIES AND OFFICE / GUELPH ... CANADA. BRANCH WAREHOUSES / TORONTO, HAMILTON, ST. THOMAS."

Image of 2014.84.140 - Sheet, Balance

2014.84.140 - Sheet, Balance

Trial balance sheet for the Bell Piano and Organ Co. Ltd. dated Dec. 31st, 1931. Paper has company name and a full page chart printed in blue ink. Categories and prices have been added with pencil on the left side and balanced in the right column.

Image of 2000X.11.6 - Card, Advertising

2000X.11.6 - Card, Advertising

Rectangular cardon the front is a b/w sketch of the Bell Organ Factories. "W. BELL & CO." is slanted across the top left, "GUELPH, CAN." is slanted across the top right. "ORGAN" is slanted on the mid-left, and "MANUFACTURERS" across the mid-right. "VIEW OF THE BELL ORGAN FACTORIES" is printed beneath the sketch. "W. BELL. W.J. BELL. A.W. ALEXANDER. HERBERT E. FOX" are printed in script in the bottom left and right corners. "OVER." appears in small print on the bottom right. The reverse of the card is black, with a green and orange maple leaf in the centre. An oval shape is in the centre of the leaf, with a scene of a steamship going over some rapids. She has two smoke stacks, and a red flag a

Image of 2000X.11.8 - Card, Advertising

2000X.11.8 - Card, Advertising

Advertising Card; square paper card with three borders (white, green, white). Inside the second white border, at the top,printed in brown, is "Compliments of W. BELL & CO. ORGAN Manufacturers GUELPH, ONT." At the bottom of this border is a green stem, with little blue flowers on it, extending up the left side, and a piece appears on the right, centre. Inside this border is a green square, with a picture of a little girl. The girl has brown hair, a white bonnet, a white dress with blue vertical lines on it. The bonnet is tied with a pink ribbon at her chin, and there is a pink ribbon at her back. The portrait is of her upper half. Her arms are bare. "264" is on the bottom right, "BUFFORD" in t

Image of 2003.48.1 - Advertisement

2003.48.1 - Advertisement

Advertising card; black print on rectangular white paper card. On front is image of flowers and green leaves on background of white stone wall. Flowers are pale blue with red features and take up top and left edge of card. On the lower right corner is written "Bell Organs & Pianos are the Best" in blue. On reverse side of card is advertisement; "Bell/ Upright Pianos/ Cabinet Organs/Established 25 Years./ The leading Canadian instruments unequaled in tone design and durability/ Recommended by leading musicians./ Catalogues free./ W. Bell & Co./ Factories and office/ Guelph, Canada./ Branch Warerooms/ 12 King Street West, Toronto,/ 44 James Street North, Hamilton/ 321 Talbot Street, St. Thomas