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Name Church of Our Lady

Associated Records

Image of 1986.18.98 - Postcard

1986.18.98 - Postcard

Divided back, tinted, postcard of the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, Guelph, showing east front. It is a limestone building with steeply pitched roof and Gothic detail. There is correspondence to Mrs. Ira Ribble from Mr. Ira Ribble. Guelph, and a one-cent Canada postage stamp on back. Date Made Notes: postmarked 1913. front "CHURCH OF OUR LADY, GUELPH ONT. CANADA" back "THE VALENTINE & SONS PUBLISHING CO. LTD, TORONTO AND MONTREAL" "PRINTED IN GREAT BRITAIN"

1971.59.31 - Magazine

Journal, Canadian Geographical Journal Vol. XXXIX No. 5 November 1949 Price 35 cents. Includes an article called "The Old Scottish Architecture of Ontario by Anson Bailey Cutts which includes architecture of Guelph. Cover includes a yellow maple tree. MacKinnon is handwritten on top right corner.

Image of 2009.28.1 - Booklet

2009.28.1 - Booklet

A Guidebook to the city of Guelph. This is the 2nd Edition as part of the Centennial Project of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. The cover is green and has a collage of Guelph pictures in the shape of G. Inside of front cover - Gilson Page 1 - Guelph Chamber of Commerce; Message from the Mayor: Paul W. Mercer Page 2 - Bucyrus-Erie Company of Canada Ltd.; The Bank of Nova Scotia Page 3 - Guelph City Hall and Memorial Gardens; Guelph Public Library Page 4 - Guelph Statistics; City Officials: Mayor Paul W. Mercer, City Administrator F.M. Woods, City Clerk W.G. Hall, City Treasurer M.R. Sather, Assessment Commissioner R.W. Brydon, City Engineer W.P. Taylor, Industrial Commissioner R.S. Macp

Image of 2013.39.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

2013.39.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

Very poor condition and should only be handled when absolutely necessary City of Guelph fire insurance plan February 1897 revised to 1907 and then revised again in September 1916. The plan has a black hard cloth cover. The first page has a street index. In the upper right corner there is a blue label that describes the revisions "Surveyed Feb'y 1897 revised to Sept. 1916 new sheets 35 to 38 are added population 16,738 ..." Page 2 is the map of the city with colour coding showing which page each area is shown. There is also a legend showing what each abbreviation or symbol means. There are 38 pages and each page shows a particular area. Each page shows the buildings in that area and t

1981.30.2.8 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury 1981 Progress edition February 28, 1981. The paper is in 8 sections. .1 Front section with a colour cover showing a man working in a foundry. The section covers the day's news. 12 pages .2 Section 2 is a continuation of the day's news. 12 pages .3 First section of the Progress edition with a full page ad for John & Johnson celebrating the year of the disabled. 1A-16A .4 Section 2 of Progress edition with a full page ad for the Co-operators. 1B-16B .5 Section 3 of Progress edition with full page ad for Euclid on front cover. Pages 1C-12C. .6 Section 4 of progress edition with a full page ad for Muer Construction on the yellow front cover. Pages 1D-12D .7 Sec

Image of 1986.18.94 - Postcard

1986.18.94 - Postcard

Divided back, tinted, postcard of the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, Guelph, showing north side and chapels at back. It is a limestone building with steeply pitched roof and ornate curved windows. front "CATHOLIC CHURCH OF OUR LADY, GUELPH, CANADA" back "ILLUSTRATED POST CARD CO. MONTREAL"

Image of 1986.18.107 - Postcard

1986.18.107 - Postcard

Unused, brown tinted postcard. It is a vertical view of the interior of the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception from the altar. It is a divided back postcard with a white border at the bottom with inscription. front "INTERIOR OF CHURCH OF OUR LADY GUELPH, ONT." "PHOTO BY BOOTH" back "WARWICK BROS & RUTTER, PRINTERS TORONTO"

Image of 2008.55.21 - Program

2008.55.21 - Program

Program of the 1992 Guelph Spring Festival, the 25th Anniversary, from May 1st to May 23rd. The front cover is a silver colour with the silhouette of a green and purple flower and a red violin, with sheet music in the background. The back cover is an ad for the co-operators. The program is 36 pages in length and lists the performers, their biographies, the pieces performed, and advertisements from many Guelph businesses. This program is a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Guelph Spring Festival and pays tribute to Edward Johnson. Edwina Carson has written a tribute to Murdo MacKinnon who recently retired as president of the Edward Johnson Music Foundation. No. of pages: 36

Image of 1971.47.2.7 - Newspaper

1971.47.2.7 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury 1954 Progress Edition, January 30, 1954. The paper is seven sections, the first two sections the regular news while the other sections are part of the Progress edition. The paper is incomplete with one section of the Progress Edition missing (Section D). .1 Section 1 of the paper with a blue cover with an image of Guelph with hands superimposed over the image. The title is "1954 Progress edition - The Future of Guelph is in Our Hands". This section covers the news of the day. Pages 1 - 12. .2 Section 2 is a continuation of the news of the day. Pages 13 - 28. .3 Section 3 - First section of the Progress edition with a collage of photos on the front cover. pages A1- A16

Image of 2015.64.4 - Card, Christmas

2015.64.4 - Card, Christmas

Christmas card of an etching of Northumberland Street and Church of Our Lady. The etching was done by J. Peter Frank in 1949 and the signature is in the bottom right corner. The etching shows the little section of Northumberland Street that is between Norfolk and Wilson Street. In the background is Church of Our Lady and the rectory and convent and a few bare trees. The card is on an off white cardstock and inside in Gothic script is "Season's Greetings" with the signature in blue ink of John McElderry.

1971.47.1 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury Progress edition, January 27, 1951 - section 2 of paper only. This section contains pages 17-32. The title on the front of the section is "Progress with Guelph" and has a photo of Guelph and a photo of each of the councillors and the mayor.

Image of 2008.30.1 - Postcard, Souvenir

2008.30.1 - Postcard, Souvenir

Blue coloured souvenir folder of Guelph with a drawing of a scroll on the front and the Union Jack flag on the back. Postcards double-sided with a total of 16 photos including: Wyndham Street, the Circle, the Ontario Reformatory, MacDonald Institute, Ontario Veterinary College, In the grounds of the Ontario Agricultural College, Birthplace of Laura Lemon, a Beauty Spot in Guelph, a picture of the pool at the Ontario Reformatory, the Administration Building of the OAC, the Speed River, Church of Our Lady, John McCrae Memorial, Exhibition Park, a Corner of the Lake Ontario Reformatory.

Image of 1998.51.5 - Videotape

1998.51.5 - Videotape

Black plastic video tape with clear plastic tape. Interview with Rita Berno about growing up in Guelph, WWI, the depression, being Italian Canadian, the Ward and Downtown Guelph.

Image of 1986.18.102 - Postcard

1986.18.102 - Postcard

Divided back, tinted, unused postcard. It is a vertical view of The Church of Our Lady, Guelph showing the twin towers. It is a limestone building with Gothic detail. There is a white border around the image. front "CHURCH OF OUR LADY, GUELPH, ONT" back "PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO. LIMITED, OTTAWA" "MADE IN CANADA"

Image of 2015.64.12 - Program

2015.64.12 - Program

Program for Church of Our Lady Open House, May 15, 1966. The front cover of the program has a black and white picture of the church with a blue band at the bottom with "Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Guelph Ontario" in white. The front cover opens in the centre (in two halves) to reveal a black and white photo of the interior of the church in the centre. On the left side is a write up about the present church and the current pastors. On the right side is a write up about the church history. On the back is a brief write up about the ecumenical spirit and an invitation to tour the church again.

2016.47.1 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury Progress Edition, Tuesday March 1, 1966. The paper is six sections with the first section mainly covering the day's news and then the following five sections (sections A-E) looking at Guelph's progress and business. The front page of section 1 has a colour zodiac ring with a map of Ontario in the center with Guelph highlighted. In the upper right corner is an illustration of a satellite. The title reads "It's been a great year and in '66 Guelph Means Business." Index with names and search terms in the media section Section 1 (pages 1-26): The section is 26 pages and contains the current news both locally and abroad. The headline on page 3 (front page excluding cover) is

Image of 1997.11.1 - Album, Postcard

1997.11.1 - Album, Postcard

Souvenir postcard booklet of Guelph. The outside cover includes a car on a road. Includes a space for mailing and a stamp. The back of the package has a Union Jack. Sixteen coloured photographs of Guelph scenes which include: View from Cutten Field, View of Lake on Ont. Reformatory Grounds, Grounds at OAC, Main Buildings at Ontario Reformatory, McCrae Birthplace, The Clubhouse - Cutten Fields Golf Course, Upper Wyndham, Macdonald Institute, Lower Wyndham, OAC, Lower Wyndham St. and St. George's Square, Warm Memorial Hall, Road side Beauty near Guelph, Ont. Vet. College and Macdonnell St. These postcards fold out and are printed on both sides. Souvenir of Guelph, Canada

Image of 1986.18.161 - Postcard

1986.18.161 - Postcard

Tinted, divided back postcard from Mary E. Crane "Forest House", Guelph to Laverne Kramer, St. Catharines. There is correspondence and a one cent Canada postage stamp on back. It is a montage view of Speed River and Guelph buildings. City Hall, Court House, Post Office, Public Library and Church of Our Lady. Background includes Guelph Coat of Arms and joined hands in addition to a series of leaves against a gold background. front "GREETINGS FROM GUELPH CANADA" back "THE VALENTINE AND SONS PUBLISHING CO. LTD. MONTREAL AND TORONTO" "PRINTED IN GREAT BRITAIN"

Image of 2016.6.13 - Booklet

2016.6.13 - Booklet

The Catholic Funeral Service booklet from Church of Our Lady. It is 32 pages long. The cover is a cream colour with purple text and a blue Church of Our Lady stamp. It is a guidebook on how to perform a Catholic funeral service and includes "reception of the body", "the funeral mass" and prayers. Front Cover: There is a quote along the top and bottom, top: "Among Thy Saints Forever", bottom: "Life is changed, not taken away". In the middle of the cover "The Catholic Funeral Service" with a chi-rho symbol below ("P" overlapped by an "X") and "Church of Our Lady, Guelph, Ontario". Front Inside Cover: In Latin "Cum permissu superiorum nihil obstat R. Can. Limoges, censor librorum, Ottawae

Image of 1980.114.81 - Booklet

1980.114.81 - Booklet

"Guelph Ontario - The Royal City 1907" "A City of Great Enterprises - Wholesale and Manufacturing Agricultural Resources Unsurpassed" Booklet of trade information on the City of Guelph from 1907 Covers missing 31-0 cm W X 23-0 cm H pages missing 16 pages total left