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Name City Hall

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Image of 2007.34.2 - Scrapbook

2007.34.2 - Scrapbook

Black, thick cardboard covers around yellowed ledger sized pages. All of the pages have come away from the spine of the book. It is filled with newspaper clippings, starting on this inside cover. The scrapbook also includes; voting ballots and results, referendum ballots and results, sports items, death announcements, wedding annoucements, public notices, job postings, advertisements, election campaign adverts, historical articles, polling results (numbers added in pencil crayon),

2017.9.8 - Correspondence

File folder of Guelph General Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association general correspondence. The dates on the letters range from 1973 to 2001 and are with various organizations. Most of the pages are typed on letterlead with a few handwritten letters.

Image of 1973.23.26 - Program

1973.23.26 - Program

Program and Souvenir Booklet for Old Home Week, Guelph, August 2-6 1908. White glossy paper cover with purple printed lettering and border. Pages are glossy white paper with printed black lettering and b/w photographs of city officials and public buildings and tourist sites. Booklet is stapled bound. On back cover in lower right corner, in small purple print is name of printing/publishing company: "MILN-BINGHAM, TORONTO". Illustrations: Printed B/W No. of pages: 28

Image of 1980.114.84 - Map

1980.114.84 - Map

1962 Map. Black and white paper inside a green on brown paper folder. "Map of the City of Guelph". Drawn by Wm.S. Haras: Amended April 1962, Scale 900 feet to an inch. Copyright by Guelph Police Association. map shows 1962 Street Plan of Guelph bounded by Woodlawn, Victoria College and Silvercreek Road; map is secured to brown folder with green "Map of City of Guelph Revised - Sept 1962" printing.

1971.59.31 - Magazine

Journal, Canadian Geographical Journal Vol. XXXIX No. 5 November 1949 Price 35 cents. Includes an article called "The Old Scottish Architecture of Ontario by Anson Bailey Cutts which includes architecture of Guelph. Cover includes a yellow maple tree. MacKinnon is handwritten on top right corner.

Image of 2009.28.1 - Booklet

2009.28.1 - Booklet

A Guidebook to the city of Guelph. This is the 2nd Edition as part of the Centennial Project of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. The cover is green and has a collage of Guelph pictures in the shape of G. Inside of front cover - Gilson Page 1 - Guelph Chamber of Commerce; Message from the Mayor: Paul W. Mercer Page 2 - Bucyrus-Erie Company of Canada Ltd.; The Bank of Nova Scotia Page 3 - Guelph City Hall and Memorial Gardens; Guelph Public Library Page 4 - Guelph Statistics; City Officials: Mayor Paul W. Mercer, City Administrator F.M. Woods, City Clerk W.G. Hall, City Treasurer M.R. Sather, Assessment Commissioner R.W. Brydon, City Engineer W.P. Taylor, Industrial Commissioner R.S. Macp

Image of 2013.39.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

2013.39.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

Very poor condition and should only be handled when absolutely necessary City of Guelph fire insurance plan February 1897 revised to 1907 and then revised again in September 1916. The plan has a black hard cloth cover. The first page has a street index. In the upper right corner there is a blue label that describes the revisions "Surveyed Feb'y 1897 revised to Sept. 1916 new sheets 35 to 38 are added population 16,738 ..." Page 2 is the map of the city with colour coding showing which page each area is shown. There is also a legend showing what each abbreviation or symbol means. There are 38 pages and each page shows a particular area. Each page shows the buildings in that area and t

Image of 1977.120.54 - Announcement, Meeting

1977.120.54 - Announcement, Meeting

Shareholders' Notice of Meeting; rectangular white paper with company letterhead in black and grey print. Typewritten in black type. Dated January 19th, 1924. Letterhead: "Dalyte Electric limited / MANUFACTURERS OF "Dalyte" NITROGEN LAMPS , "Dalyte" TUNGSTEN LAMPS, "Kraft Cord" FLEXIBLE CONDUIT, Guelph, Ont. / J.E. CARTER PRESIDENT J.S. WHEELER SEC.TREAS. / SALES OFFICES IN ALL PRINCIPAL CITIES IN CANADA.'" In lower left corner is an image of factories with a smoke stack. Letter in typewritten black letters is a notice of a shareholders' meeting at City Hall. " NOTICE / The annual meeting of Shareholders of Dalyte Electric Limited will be held in the Council Chamber of the City Hall, Guelp

Image of 2005.26.2 - Program

2005.26.2 - Program

Program for the Guelph Presto Music Club Golden Anniversary Concert; Saturday February 14, 1948. Cream coloured paper, black printing. Front: Stylized logo for the Guelph Presto Music Club with a violin, bow, and music pages. "presents the Golden Anniversary Concert Saturday, February 14, 1948 8:30 p.m." "NEXT CONCERT - Poldi Mildner, Pianist." "WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3rd, 1948 8:30 p.m.". Inside: "Programme" "GOD SAVE THE KING". Lists songs performed and performers. Lists accompanists, and the programme committee. Some inscription is pencil on left side of opened booklet. listing various names. Back: Advertisement for "THE PIRATES of PENZANCE" and a concert by the Guelph Male choir featuring Lois

Image of 1978.165.27 - Ticket

1978.165.27 - Ticket

Ticket to Guelph Catholic Union Annual Concert at City Hall. Dated "Monday Eve'g, February 15, 1904. Green-grey rectangular cardboard ticket. Text is printed in black. In lower left corner is the trademark of "Typographical Union Label, Guelph". "Guelph Catholic Union / Annual Concert / City Hall / Monday Eve'g, February 15, 1904 / Doors open at 7.30 Concert at 8 o'clock / ADMISSION - 15 cents".

Image of 2012.35.2 - Postcard

2012.35.2 - Postcard

Divided back postcard of City Hall. It is a tinted postcard showing front and right side of the building including the front outdoor courtyard with multiple light standards and benches. Three flag poles also out front. Building is made of stone with emphasized corner and window detail. There are 17 windows on the front of the building and the central door and there are 13 more windows along the side. A blue sky with white fluffy clouds is in the background. Back of card says "Post Card" at the top right with a postage stamp space beside in the corner. Manufacturer information is printed down the center as the division line between the message and address side. Print in the top left corner r

Image of 1999.26.1 - Map

1999.26.1 - Map

Paper map rolled on textile backing. Two wooden dowels at each end. Illustrated sketches of town hall and county courthouse & jail. "Map of the Town of Guelph in County of Wellington Province of Ontario from Actual Surveys and original Plans by T.W. Cooper, C.E & PLS. Includes wards, street lamps, streets and watermains and properties and landowner names outside the city.

Image of 1976.40.20 - Program

1976.40.20 - Program

Program for Guelph Centennial Old Home Week, August 1st to 6th,1927. Grey paper cover with printed black lettering and single line black border on both front and back covers. Booklet is bound with two staples. Within cover are 16 pages, off-white with black printed lettering. Published by the Centennial Committee. Contains schedule of events and attractions for each day, plus commercial advertisements. Front Cover: "Guelph Centennial Old Home Week / AUGUST 1st 6th / OFFICIAL PROGRAM / Historical Pageant / Sports / Attractions / Published by the Centennial Committee". Back Cover: "DALZIEL Chautaugua Carnival Show / MERRY-GO-ROUND / FERRIS WHEEL / AERIAL SWING / SHOWS / CONCESSIONS / WATER

1971.47.1 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury Progress edition, January 27, 1951 - section 2 of paper only. This section contains pages 17-32. The title on the front of the section is "Progress with Guelph" and has a photo of Guelph and a photo of each of the councillors and the mayor.

Image of 2000.21.6 - Postcard

2000.21.6 - Postcard

Black and White postcard of Guelph City Hall during the Centennial celebrations of 1927. The building is completely decorated in bunting with a sign over the front door that reads "Centennial Headquarters". Beside the building is a small kiosk with a sign that says "Information". On Wyndham St. by City Hall is a greenery arch with a sign with a Maple Leaf over top "The Royal City extends to you 1000 welcomes" It appears that sign lit up at night. Above the street are lots of colourful banners and pennants hanging from wires. In the background there are several cars and people milling about. The postcard has a divided back but the postcard has been cut down so some of the back and image

Image of 1986.37.18 - Program

1986.37.18 - Program

Program for a concert in aid of the Guelph General Hospital "In Aid of Ye Generale Hospitalle / Ye Old Folkes Concerte" that took place at the Big Town Hall Room on December 14, 1886. Off-white paper with black print on all sides. Printed by Mercury Print. Text of the program uses non-standard (earlier) spellings. The concert featured pieces from "Olden Tyme", composed in the 1600- to early 1800's. Two separate, double-sided pages. The page detailing the concert "notices" and "Ye Programme" has 1887 written on in pencil and another small piece of paper adhered to the centre at the top on the front and other pencil marks on the back. The second page features advertisements for local busine

Image of 2008.44.1 - Map

2008.44.1 - Map

1877 Map of the Town of Guelph with 1890 markings of sewers and watermains surveyed by T.W. Cooper. The map has three illustrations at the top. One of City Hall, one of the Town of Guelph and one of the Court House and Jail. The map has painted red dots to mark water valves and watermains. On the back of the map is written in black pencil "1877 Cooper Map with waterworks system" The map is attached to a wooden dowel at the top and bottom that is painted black. The map is varnished.

Image of 2001.1.2 - Postcard

2001.1.2 - Postcard

Sepia toned postcard of the Armouries during a parade. In the foreground is a horse drawn float. A crowd of people line the street on the left side of the image. To the right in the background, is City Hall covered in bunting. Directly behind the float is the armoury building. The back of the postcard is divided and a note in brown ink is written to Ethel from Winnie. "Dear Ethel,I arrived safely in Guelph at 6,35 Sat. No need to tell you I am having a swell time. i wish I could see you. There is something I want to tell you. I have not time to write you a letter now as we are busy. we are going to the lake on Wed. till Fri. so I will write you a long letter then. Are you having a

1972.10.22.2 - Newspaper

Guelph Evening Mercury, April 23rd 1927. The paper's main story is of the founding of Guelph 100 years ago to the day. The title reads "This Is Guelph's red letter day". The paper is in two sections. .1 section 1 pages 1 - 18. .2 section 2 pages 19-28.

2015.38.8 - Film, Video

Go to Media section to view film. 8mm roll of film of the Queen Elizabeth's visit to Guelph, 1959. The footage shows Carden Street and the train station and then pans to City Hall where there is a platform set up and rows of chairs in front for dignitaries. There is a motorcade set up with mounties near the cars and along the street watching the crowds that are lined up on both sides of the street. There is a procession from the train station to City Hall with the Queen likely in that procession. The processions goes to the platform. The footage then cuts to the motorcade which then proceeds through the streets of Downtown and then back to he train station. The footage then shows the crowd