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Name Cutten Club

Associated Records

Image of 2004.17.8 - Program

2004.17.8 - Program

Program, "Victoria Ice Frolics of 1948 Presented by Victoria Skating Club of Guelph" on December 3rd and 4th, 1948 at Guelph Memorial Gardens Arena. Purple paper covered program with line drawing of a female figure skater in mid-jump. The souvenir program is for the 1948 Victoria Ice Frolics. The program contains photos of the participants in the event, advertisements of local businesses, and the agenda for event. Illustrations: Printed, Photographs B/W No. of pages: 32

Image of 1997.11.1 - Album, Postcard

1997.11.1 - Album, Postcard

Souvenir postcard booklet of Guelph. The outside cover includes a car on a road. Includes a space for mailing and a stamp. The back of the package has a Union Jack. Sixteen coloured photographs of Guelph scenes which include: View from Cutten Field, View of Lake on Ont. Reformatory Grounds, Grounds at OAC, Main Buildings at Ontario Reformatory, McCrae Birthplace, The Clubhouse - Cutten Fields Golf Course, Upper Wyndham, Macdonald Institute, Lower Wyndham, OAC, Lower Wyndham St. and St. George's Square, Warm Memorial Hall, Road side Beauty near Guelph, Ont. Vet. College and Macdonnell St. These postcards fold out and are printed on both sides. Souvenir of Guelph, Canada

1998.21.27 - Card, Dance

Red and navy dance card with an image of men at a table and a waiter. Year 1943 banquet in honour of Graduating Associates, Cutten Club Saturday evening, February 1st 1941 at 6 o' clock.

Image of 1992.5.2 - Guide, Street

1992.5.2 - Guide, Street

Street Guide. Small blue street guide with navy blue writing on the cover. On the inside are photographs and advertisements for local services and industries. The locations of all the streets in Guelph are listed. Dated 1955. "Proposed Street Name Changes after 1956" can be viewed on page 103. Illustrations: Printed Printed on cover: "CITY OF GUELPH STREET GUIDE" "PRICE 35 CENTS". At bottom of page 3 is printed that the street guide has been sponsored by "the Guelph Police Association 1955 with the support of our advertisers." Under this is copyright and trademark of "Typographical Union Label, Guelph." No of Pages: 112

1997.16.27 - Program

White and green booklet for GCVI, outlining the program for the ceremony, scholarship recipients and lists of teachers. Illustrations: Sketches, B/W Commencement, the Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute "Here the field lies open to the quest of knowledge" October 28 1977 8:00 pm

1998.21.10 - Card, Dance

B/W printed dance and banquet program with an image of a graduation hat and scroll. Fourth Year Finale Banquet and Dance, April 4th 1941

1998.21.21 - Card, Dance

Medium sized green dance card with a cut out cover that reveals an image of possibly the Priory or more likely the Cutten Club.

Image of 1994.12.11 - Program, Theatre

1994.12.11 - Program, Theatre

Programme for musical play, "Up in Central Park". White staple-bound paper program with a cover with blank print. The cover has stars along left side, and has seven questions and answers down the front. Inside is a series of advertisements, lists of staff and cast, a synopsis of scenes, the musical program and list of the sponsors. Illustrations: B/W Advertisements No. of pages: 8 Printed on Front Cover: "WHO? BETA SIGMA PHI SORORITY; WHAT? PRESENTS SIGMUND ROMBERG'S "UP IN CENTRAL PARK"; WHY? IN BENEFIT OF CHILDREN'S EQUIPMENT GUELPH HOSPITALS; STARRING RONALD JORDAN; WHEN? THURSDAY AND FRIDAY AUGUST 17, & 18, 1950, WHERE? CAPITAL THEATRE GUELPH, ONTARIO STAGED AND DIRECTED BY RAY HAMBY"

Image of 1997.16.18 - Booklet

1997.16.18 - Booklet

Tourism Booklet, "Guide to Guelph, Third Edition, 1972." Rectangular paper covered booklet. A tourist guide to Guelph, detailing sights, shopping and history. It consists of black and white photographs and advertisements. Illustrations: Advertisements/Photographs, B/W Guide to Guelph, produced by the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. Printed by Leaman Printing Limited, Guelph, Ontario. At bottom of page 2 - "Cover Photos - R.S. Macpherson. Other photos as credited. Reproduction by permission only." No of Pages: 60

Image of 2002.33.2 - Postcard

2002.33.2 - Postcard

Postcard; aerial view of Cutten Club. on back, printed in black, "CUTTEN GOLF CLUB Guelph, Ontario, Canada", "Copyright H.R.Oakman", "Pub. by Peterborough Post Card Co., Peterborough, Ontario. Canada", "a canadian product", "650578", "PLACE STAMP HERE", "postcard ADDRESS"

2002.62.1.4 - Newspaper

The Guelph Daily Mercury Victory Edition, May 9, 1945. The paper has four sections. .1 Front section with headline "Yanks Capture Goering". This section is ten pages. .2 Middle section with ten pages (pages not numbered). The first page of this section does not have one big headline but the top three articles are "Canada-Trained Fliers Gave Allies Superiority"; "Refugees Bring Own Industries"; "Canadians on Home Front Share Honour of Victory" .3 Section three is ten pages and has several articles on the first page including "35,000 Nazi Prisoners Learn of Nation's Fate" .4 Last Section, ten pages in length, with the articles "King, Queen Shared Hardships of People" and "Many Notables F

Image of 2003.83.1 - Map

2003.83.1 - Map

City of Guelph map. Background of city is white, streets are blue, highways are red. Outside of Guelph city boundries is yellow. On the bottom section of map is the street index, and along the right side is the cover (when folded up), and specific indexes such as "Interesting Points", "Golf Courses", and Shopping Plazas". The cover is blue with photo of City Hall. Reverse side of map is blank.

Image of 1998.51.9 - Videotape

1998.51.9 - Videotape

Black plastic video tape with clear plastic tape. Interview with David Limebeer who talks about growing up in Guelph, WWII, RCAF on OAC grounds, Italians, working at IMICO, McCall's Groceteria, Hart Chemical, unions, Winter Fair, fires, alcohol in Guelph, dances in Guelph

Image of 1993.36.1 - Guide, Street

1993.36.1 - Guide, Street

Street Guide for City of Guelph, 1955. A small book listing streets, businesses etc. The exterior cover is blue and the interior is cream coloured paper with black ink. Printed on cover in blue print: Guelph Coat of Arms with text::" ..City of Guelph.. Street Guide / Price 35 cents". On page 3, it notes that this street guide "is sponsored by the Guelph Police Association 1955 with the support of our advertisers. / (COPYRIGHT) trademark of Typographical Union Label, Guelph." On page 103 is a list of street names proposed to have their names changed by City Council after May 1956. Illustrations: Advertisements/Printed No. of pages: 112

Image of 1979.28.1.6 - Magazine

1979.28.1.6 - Magazine

McLean's Magazine article, "The Royal City," by Frederick Edwards. Published October 15, 1940. Six loose pages torn from original magazine. 12 pages (25-30, 58-61). Illustrations: B/W Article gives history of Guelph and its development and talks about some of the city's more famous citizens. B/W photographs of Guelph people and landmarks. Some pages have strips of colour on advertisements for accent.

Image of 2006.40.1 - Map

2006.40.1 - Map

City of Guelph Transit and recreation map for 2005-2006. The map is colour with a cover that has an illustration of a bus and a silhouette of the horizon with Church of Our Lady. The back cover has Guelph Transit hours of operation and fare information. The map is folded accordion style and on one side has the map of Guelph with the bus routes marked in different colours. The other side of the map has a legend of the leisure and recreation services in Guelph. There is also a list of Guelph Schools, a small map of the Bus stop locations at St. George's Square, a list of ticket agents, riding tips and information of the Guelph Mobility Service.

Image of 2006.40.2 - Map

2006.40.2 - Map

Rand McNally Guelph, Georgetown and Acton street map, 2004. The map is colour with a red and blue front and back cover. The map is folded accordion style. One side of the map is the Guelph Street Map. On the other side of the map are several smaller maps of surrounding communities. The maps are of the township of Centre Wellington (Fergus and Elora), Town of Erin, Township of Guelph Eramosa (Rockwood), Acton, Georgetown, Downtown Guelph and a regional map.

Image of 2009.28.1 - Booklet

2009.28.1 - Booklet

A Guidebook to the city of Guelph. This is the 2nd Edition as part of the Centennial Project of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. The cover is green and has a collage of Guelph pictures in the shape of G. Inside of front cover - Gilson Page 1 - Guelph Chamber of Commerce; Message from the Mayor: Paul W. Mercer Page 2 - Bucyrus-Erie Company of Canada Ltd.; The Bank of Nova Scotia Page 3 - Guelph City Hall and Memorial Gardens; Guelph Public Library Page 4 - Guelph Statistics; City Officials: Mayor Paul W. Mercer, City Administrator F.M. Woods, City Clerk W.G. Hall, City Treasurer M.R. Sather, Assessment Commissioner R.W. Brydon, City Engineer W.P. Taylor, Industrial Commissioner R.S. Macp

Image of 1987.44.25 - Booklet

1987.44.25 - Booklet

Booklet, "Guelph Horticultural Society 1986 Annual, International Year of Peace". White paper cover with printed green lettering and a green toned photograph of a flower on the front. Printed below the picture: "The above photograph was taken by Mrs. Irene Montuori in Mr. H. Crawford's garden". Contents include: list of officers and directors, the 1986 program for the G.H.S., index of events in 1986, bus tours, honour awards, information about upcoming competitions and exhibitions; youth program and exhibition. In addition, there are tributes honoring three distinguished and long-standing members of the G.H.S., who died in the past year: George Couling, Helen Toy and Herbert Edward Markle. I

Image of 1980.41.4 - Booklet

1980.41.4 - Booklet

Booklet, "Guelph Sports Hall of Fame," by Harold A.Cole. Paper cover. Front cover is red with black printed text and b/w printed pictures of Harold Cole, and the Guelph CMC's Centennial Cup Winner 1971-72. Cover photo by Dorothy Taylor Studios, Quebec St., Guelph. Pictures and articles about various sports played in Guelph from 1884-1972. Numerous advertisements of local businesses throughout booklet. Illustrations: Printed, Photographs, B/W No. of pages: 32