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Name Douglas Street

Associated Records

Image of 2016.15.4 - Program

2016.15.4 - Program

Program for the 1964 Guelph College Figure Skating Club Show "Rhapsody on Ice, 1964". The program consists of numerous advertisements from various Guelph businesses and surrounding areas and black and white images of various skaters from the club. The program is 16 pages long. Front Cover: White background with and oval logo "Guelph College Figure Skating Club" around the outer edge and a skate blade with wings in the middle. "Presents Rhapsody on Ice, 1964" is below the logo. "Program 25 C" in the bottom right corner". Logo and text is a royal blue colour. "1964" is hand written in the top right corner in black ink. Front Inside Cover: Advertisement Page 1: "Rhapsody on Ice, 1964

2017.9.8 - Correspondence

File folder of Guelph General Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association general correspondence. The dates on the letters range from 1973 to 2001 and are with various organizations. Most of the pages are typed on letterlead with a few handwritten letters.

Image of 1986.18.183 - Postcard

1986.18.183 - Postcard

Divided back, tinted postcard with correspondence and 1-cent postage stamp on back. Correspondence is to Mr. Tom Wilson, RR4 Guelph from Addie (Wilson?) It is a view of St. George's Square and upper Wyndham St. showing Tovell Building, Post Office, flower bed and Blacksmith Fountain in centre of Square. The spire of St. George's Church and Bank of Commerce are visible. There is a street car on the road. front: "ST. GEORGE'S SQUARE, AND UPPER WYNDHAM STREET, GUELPH, ONT." back: "THE VALENTINES & SONS PUBLISHING CO. LTD. MONTREAL AND TORONTO" "PRINTED IN GREAT BRITAIN"

Image of 1986.18.177 - Postcard

1986.18.177 - Postcard

Divided back, B & W postcard with correspondence to Geo. McAteer from A.D. Savage. There is a printed message from Savage's optical business on the back. It is an advertising postcard with a view of St. George's Square, Post Office Building, St. George's Church and east side of square. Blacksmith fountain, streetcar and horse drawn vehicle and the Victoria Hotel. There is an arrow directed towards the location of A. D. Savages optical business. front: "A.D.SAVAGE, OPTICIAN, OUR NEW ADDRESS RIGHT AT POST OFFICE CORNER OF WYNDHAM & DOUGLAS ST. GUELPH, ONT.

Image of 1986.18.223 - Postcard

1986.18.223 - Postcard

Black and white, divided back postcard with correspondence on back. It is a view of St. George's Square during Old Home Week parade in 1908. Buildings decorated with flags and bunting people lined on both sides of street. Blacksmith fountain, Post Office and Douglas St. can be seen. There is a one-cent Canada postage stamp on back.

Image of 1977.117.55 - Letter

1977.117.55 - Letter

Typewritten letter from the Guelph Trust Company to John Meyers, Esq. from The Guelph Trust Company regarding the Estate of Cecilia A. Jackson.

Image of 1971.47.2.7 - Newspaper

1971.47.2.7 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury 1954 Progress Edition, January 30, 1954. The paper is seven sections, the first two sections the regular news while the other sections are part of the Progress edition. The paper is incomplete with one section of the Progress Edition missing (Section D). .1 Section 1 of the paper with a blue cover with an image of Guelph with hands superimposed over the image. The title is "1954 Progress edition - The Future of Guelph is in Our Hands". This section covers the news of the day. Pages 1 - 12. .2 Section 2 is a continuation of the news of the day. Pages 13 - 28. .3 Section 3 - First section of the Progress edition with a collage of photos on the front cover. pages A1- A16

1971.47.1 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury Progress edition, January 27, 1951 - section 2 of paper only. This section contains pages 17-32. The title on the front of the section is "Progress with Guelph" and has a photo of Guelph and a photo of each of the councillors and the mayor.

Image of 1986.18.28 - Postcard

1986.18.28 - Postcard

Black and white, divided back real photographic postcard. The unused card, is a view of a brick house with gabled entrance raised on piles. A sign on a window "This Building is being removed by Reuben Rogers, Guelph". There are two men standing in front and several children sitting on moving site.

Image of 1988.30.43 - Notebook

1988.30.43 - Notebook

Pocket Notebook; stiff black leather cover over pad of blank off-white paper notepaper. On front cover is printed in gold lettering: "H. F. CHRISTIANSEN / BARBER / 29 DOUGLAS ST. GUELPH". Printed in black on inside of front cover: " Compliments of H.F. Christiansen, BARBER, 29 Douglas Street Guelph --- Ontario."

2016.47.1 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury Progress Edition, Tuesday March 1, 1966. The paper is six sections with the first section mainly covering the day's news and then the following five sections (sections A-E) looking at Guelph's progress and business. The front page of section 1 has a colour zodiac ring with a map of Ontario in the center with Guelph highlighted. In the upper right corner is an illustration of a satellite. The title reads "It's been a great year and in '66 Guelph Means Business." Index with names and search terms in the media section Section 1 (pages 1-26): The section is 26 pages and contains the current news both locally and abroad. The headline on page 3 (front page excluding cover) is

Image of 1997.11.1 - Album, Postcard

1997.11.1 - Album, Postcard

Souvenir postcard booklet of Guelph. The outside cover includes a car on a road. Includes a space for mailing and a stamp. The back of the package has a Union Jack. Sixteen coloured photographs of Guelph scenes which include: View from Cutten Field, View of Lake on Ont. Reformatory Grounds, Grounds at OAC, Main Buildings at Ontario Reformatory, McCrae Birthplace, The Clubhouse - Cutten Fields Golf Course, Upper Wyndham, Macdonald Institute, Lower Wyndham, OAC, Lower Wyndham St. and St. George's Square, Warm Memorial Hall, Road side Beauty near Guelph, Ont. Vet. College and Macdonnell St. These postcards fold out and are printed on both sides. Souvenir of Guelph, Canada

Image of 2016.42.34 - Card, Business

2016.42.34 - Card, Business

Edgar Bradley, R. E. Bradley Real Estate business card. Printed on white cardstock with black text and red logo "Specializing in Resale Homes Since 1947, R. E. Bradley, Real Estate Broker, Guelph, Ontario, Res. 822-6423, 37 Douglas St., Office 824-5570". There is a black and white portrait photograph of Edgar Bradley along the left side of the card.

1986.14.10 - Book

"Guelph, Canada" book filled with printed images of Guelph. The front cover is brown with silver title. The book is bound with brown string. On the front cover is the Carnegie library. On the first page is a paragraph describing the City of Guelph. The images are: The H. Ellis Private Ambulance Service Panorama of Guelph St. George's Square and Lower Wyndham Street Collage of City Hall, Court House, Armoury, Post Office Collage of Speed River from Allan's bridge, Speed from Foot bridge, Guelph from Goldie's Mill, The Old dam at Riverside Park Woolwich and Cardigan Streets and Eramosa Hill Footbridge and St. George's Church Interior of Church of Our Lady Macdonald Hall and Macdonald I

Image of 2017.10.3 - Map

2017.10.3 - Map

Guelph Transportation Commission Map, 1971. Printed on tan coloured paper with red and blue text. When completely unfolded there is a large map of the City of Guelph with the bus routes highlighted in a thicker blue line. A legend for the map, the bus routes and a street index appear along the bottom. The reverse side of the map lists information including the schedule for nine bus routes, fares, points of interest and information about a charter service. The front cover reads "25 cents, Official Schedules and Route Map, Guelph Transportation Commission, Effective August 3, 1971".

Image of 2014.79.5 - Postcard

2014.79.5 - Postcard

Black and white photographic postcard of the Blacksmith Fountain in St. George's Square, circa 1915. The phot shows a portion of the blacksmith fountain (top half of statue not caught in photo). The fountain is running and there are urns of flowers around the base of the fountain. The fountain is surrounded by a litle park of grass that is fenced in and benches surround the outside of the fence. In the background the customs/post office building and the Victoria Hotel are visible as well as some of Douglas St. The back of the card is in the divided back style.

Image of 1986.18.178 - Postcard

1986.18.178 - Postcard

Divided back postcard with correspondence on the back. Image is black and white and rectangular. Also on the card behind the image is a coloured painting of a maple leaf. The image is a view of St. George's Square showing Tovell Building, Post Office, St. George's Church, east side of the Square and flower bed and Blacksmith Fountain in the centre of the Square. Street cars on the road. front: "LAND OF THE MAPLE. THE GORE, GUELPH" "COPYRIGHTED A.H. COOPER, TORONTO" back: "LAND OF THE MAPLE SERIES COPYRIGHT AGT TRADEMARK PRINTED IN CANADA"

Image of 1980.114.94 - Booklet

1980.114.94 - Booklet

Booklet, "Guelphscape 70"...The Field Trip." Don Coulman compiled this 50 page booklet is dated Friday October 24, 1970. This is a photocopy of the original typewritten booklet. The contents are divided into five sections: a map of the field trip route; the field trip programme itself; notes including references; "how it was done"; and "Field trip suggestions." The field trip begins at King George School and covers what was the more historic areas of Guelph and its downtown. Throughout are maps, photographs, illustrations, and questions for students to ponder when observing the present cityscape - its buildings and streets. Cover, paper, stapled in upper left corner. Cover is yellow sheet o

Image of 2015.6.2 - Booklet

2015.6.2 - Booklet

Program booklet for the Guelph Council Knights of Columbus Number 1507 Silver Jubilee 1910-1935. The booklet contains advertisements from local businesses, articles from various higher up members of the organization, some historical articles and a program of events for the banquet celebration including menu. Front Cover: Marigold coloured textured cardstock cover with "Knights of Columbus" written in calligraphy in the top left corner. The "K" and the "C" are a red colour while the rest of the text is black. In the bottom right corner is the Knights of Columbus Guelph Council logo that reads "Silver Jubilee 1910-1935, Guelph Council No. 1507". Hand written in ink in the top right corner "T

Image of 2007.34.1 - Scrapbook

2007.34.1 - Scrapbook

Large, thick cardboard blue and maroon scrapbook. The front and back covers are blue with maroons triangular tips and spine. There are metal grommets and details all over the outside. There are two large spikes coming out of the spine that attach all the pages together (spine is open). At the bottom of the spine in silver printing "Made in Canada/Biltrite/Patented 1955" On the inside cover there are three metal hinges. Sticker at the bottom "Luckett's/Sterling/ Line/Made in Canada/No. 171032" A postcard has been glued to the cover. It is a festive image with a bowl of fruit and wrapped packages. The Title page reads: "City Clerk's Office, Guelph, Ontario" "Scrap Book: Year 1970 to" there are