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Name Grand Trunk Railway Station

Associated Records

Image of 1973.23.26 - Program

1973.23.26 - Program

Program and Souvenir Booklet for Old Home Week, Guelph, August 2-6 1908. White glossy paper cover with purple printed lettering and border. Pages are glossy white paper with printed black lettering and b/w photographs of city officials and public buildings and tourist sites. Booklet is stapled bound. On back cover in lower right corner, in small purple print is name of printing/publishing company: "MILN-BINGHAM, TORONTO". Illustrations: Printed B/W No. of pages: 28

Image of 1980.114.84 - Map

1980.114.84 - Map

1962 Map. Black and white paper inside a green on brown paper folder. "Map of the City of Guelph". Drawn by Wm.S. Haras: Amended April 1962, Scale 900 feet to an inch. Copyright by Guelph Police Association. map shows 1962 Street Plan of Guelph bounded by Woodlawn, Victoria College and Silvercreek Road; map is secured to brown folder with green "Map of City of Guelph Revised - Sept 1962" printing.

Image of 2013.39.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

2013.39.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

Very poor condition and should only be handled when absolutely necessary City of Guelph fire insurance plan February 1897 revised to 1907 and then revised again in September 1916. The plan has a black hard cloth cover. The first page has a street index. In the upper right corner there is a blue label that describes the revisions "Surveyed Feb'y 1897 revised to Sept. 1916 new sheets 35 to 38 are added population 16,738 ..." Page 2 is the map of the city with colour coding showing which page each area is shown. There is also a legend showing what each abbreviation or symbol means. There are 38 pages and each page shows a particular area. Each page shows the buildings in that area and t

Image of 1984.4.8 - Map

1984.4.8 - Map

Plan of subdivision Lots # 63 & 64. Town of Guelph, Canada West. Lots are shown on the north side of Woolwich on Speed River, just east of the Court house. 16 building lots identified, Church of Our Lady, Cork Wyndham, Macdonnell, Quebec and Grand Trunk Railway Station. Survey drawn by Alex W. Simpson. Plan of John Wilson's Survey hand written on back. of plan.

Image of 1999.26.1 - Map

1999.26.1 - Map

Paper map rolled on textile backing. Two wooden dowels at each end. Illustrated sketches of town hall and county courthouse & jail. "Map of the Town of Guelph in County of Wellington Province of Ontario from Actual Surveys and original Plans by T.W. Cooper, C.E & PLS. Includes wards, street lamps, streets and watermains and properties and landowner names outside the city.

Image of 1971.47.2.7 - Newspaper

1971.47.2.7 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury 1954 Progress Edition, January 30, 1954. The paper is seven sections, the first two sections the regular news while the other sections are part of the Progress edition. The paper is incomplete with one section of the Progress Edition missing (Section D). .1 Section 1 of the paper with a blue cover with an image of Guelph with hands superimposed over the image. The title is "1954 Progress edition - The Future of Guelph is in Our Hands". This section covers the news of the day. Pages 1 - 12. .2 Section 2 is a continuation of the news of the day. Pages 13 - 28. .3 Section 3 - First section of the Progress edition with a collage of photos on the front cover. pages A1- A16

Image of 2008.44.1 - Map

2008.44.1 - Map

1877 Map of the Town of Guelph with 1890 markings of sewers and watermains surveyed by T.W. Cooper. The map has three illustrations at the top. One of City Hall, one of the Town of Guelph and one of the Court House and Jail. The map has painted red dots to mark water valves and watermains. On the back of the map is written in black pencil "1877 Cooper Map with waterworks system" The map is attached to a wooden dowel at the top and bottom that is painted black. The map is varnished.

2015.38.8 - Film, Video

Go to Media section to view film. 8mm roll of film of the Queen Elizabeth's visit to Guelph, 1959. The footage shows Carden Street and the train station and then pans to City Hall where there is a platform set up and rows of chairs in front for dignitaries. There is a motorcade set up with mounties near the cars and along the street watching the crowds that are lined up on both sides of the street. There is a procession from the train station to City Hall with the Queen likely in that procession. The processions goes to the platform. The footage then cuts to the motorcade which then proceeds through the streets of Downtown and then back to he train station. The footage then shows the crowd

1986.14.10 - Book

"Guelph, Canada" book filled with printed images of Guelph. The front cover is brown with silver title. The book is bound with brown string. On the front cover is the Carnegie library. On the first page is a paragraph describing the City of Guelph. The images are: The H. Ellis Private Ambulance Service Panorama of Guelph St. George's Square and Lower Wyndham Street Collage of City Hall, Court House, Armoury, Post Office Collage of Speed River from Allan's bridge, Speed from Foot bridge, Guelph from Goldie's Mill, The Old dam at Riverside Park Woolwich and Cardigan Streets and Eramosa Hill Footbridge and St. George's Church Interior of Church of Our Lady Macdonald Hall and Macdonald I

Image of 1986.32.4 - Map

1986.32.4 - Map

City of Guelph Map, 1907. Paper mounted on cardboard, black printing. "Map of the City of Guelph Canada 1908. Drawn and published by Frank P. Lloyd 561 Euclid Ave. Toronto price 25 cents Entered according to Act of Parliament of Canada in the year 1907 by Frank P. Lloyd Toronto at the Department of Agriculture Ottawa". Map of city of Guelph showing street names, ward boundaries, city limits, steam railways, electric lines, 42 references of places of business and municipal buildings, rises in land, lot numbers, Ontario Agricultural College and Experimental Farm

Image of 1971.40.23 - Booklet

1971.40.23 - Booklet

A 1958 reprint of an 1877 pamphlet by Mr. Robert Thompson, who came to Guelph a few months after Guelph was founded. Titled "An Early View of Guelph," and published in "Western Ontario History Nuggets, No.27," by Lawson Memorial University, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario. Reprint is edited by Hugh Douglass. Blue paper covers with three staples left hand side. No. of typed pages - 19.

Image of 2004.32.57 - Postcard

2004.32.57 - Postcard

Sepia divided back postcard showing a picture of GTR railway station with people in front. the postcard has a border around the picture with printing below. The back of the card has brown printing and spaces for an address, stamp and writing. Front: "G.T.R. Station, Guelph, Can." Back: "128 THE INTERNATIONAL STATIONARY CO., PICTON, CANADA/ POST CARD/ ADDRESS ONLY/ MADE IN SAXONY"

Image of 2005.18.2 - Map

2005.18.2 - Map

Paper map attached to textile backing, glossy finish. Black round pole with decorative ends attached with nails to bottom of map. Inscription in pencil on back reads "P. Ryan" . Black rectangular wooden pole with two metal loops and one fabric tie attached with nails to the top of the map. Three lithographic illustrations along top; first of "TOWN HALL & MARKET HOUSE." (city hall has clock tower), the next of the "TOWN OF GUELPH." (shows mostly small residences with church towers in background), last shows the "COURT HOUSE & JAIL." Writing upper left corner with decorative swirly lines around it: "MAP / OF THE / TOWN OF GUELPH / in the / County of Wellington / PROVINCE OF ONTARIO. / From actu

Image of 1986.18.16 - Postcard

1986.18.16 - Postcard

Black and white divided back postcard with correspondence on back. It is a view of the G.T.R. station east end showing express and baggage section. Engine on tracks. Bell Piano and Organ factory in background. People in front of station. Horse and bicycle to left. front"G.T.R. STATION, GUELPH, CANADA" back "RUMSEY & CO. 1528 QUEEN ST. WEST TORONTO, CANADA."

Image of 2006.22.4 - Map

2006.22.4 - Map

Map on yellow paper titled "Appendix D Royal Tour 1959 Bands & Veterans". The map shows a small portion of Guelph from Downtown to Exhibition Park. This map shows where each band or veterans group was lined up along the tour route. The 11th Field Artillery Band were at the train station and the Guelph Musical Society band was at City Hall. The Salvation Army Band was located in St. George's Square, while veterans were lined up along Upper Wyndham Street. The Sea cadets were at the corner of Woolwich and Norfolk and the Guelph Pipe Band was at the corner of woolwich and London Rd. The arthur High School Band was at the corner of London and Exhibition and the Royalaires were at the corner of Ex

Image of 2007.4.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

2007.4.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

A large brown book with maroon spine and tips with a blue label in the centre with black printing. Title reads; "Insurance Plan/of/ Guelph./Ontario./Published by/Chas. E. Goad. Civil Engineer,/Montreal" Stamped at the top and bottom of the label is "F. Grundy". It is also stamped 3 times on the inside cover. There are three pieces of paper here: the first is part of the book, "This plan has been revised to" written in pencil "June 1888 & Nov 1892". "Free of expense to the Company owning it, and is returned to the local agent," the name has been erased and a dark smudge left so the name cannot be made out....The next piece of paper is white and has been taped inside just below. It is hard to m

Image of 2012.5.20 - Postcard

2012.5.20 - Postcard

Divided back sepia tinted black and white photo print Postcard showing "G.T.R. Station, Guelph, Can." which is recorded along the bottom of the image. A train is visible on the left of the photo and vacant tracks run through the center in the background is the station itself with a flood of people entering the building and a crowd of people waiting by the train. There are buildings and hydro lines in the distant background and a cloudy sky up above. Back of card says "Post Card" across top and a "T" line separates the message side from the address side of the card. Manufacturer information is along the left side of the postcard, and the empty stamp square is in the upper right.

Image of 1973.48.20 - Booklet

1973.48.20 - Booklet

Booklet, "A Brief History of the Guelph Congregational Church by the Reverend George H. Knighton," edited by Greta M. Shutt. Published in "Ontario History," Vol.LIV (1962), No. 3. Booklet is bound together by two staples and black print on white paper. Front page has a b/w drawing of the Congregational Church on Quebec Street in 1840. First two pages are an introduction by Shutt to Knighton's history: "A Brief Statement of the Main Facts in the History of The Guelph Congregational Church" written by Knighton in 1927. Knighton's account is followed on page 7 by an account written by Miss Hannah Hodgskin in 1901: "Supplementary Quotations, Miss Hannah Hodgskin's Account". Illustrations: B

2010.40.1 - Film

Digital film of aerial footage taken of the Cooperator Insurance building and the area around it in 1985. Footage is taken from a low flying airplane, and focuses mainly on the cooperator's head office building on Macdonell Street. The re are some shots of the area around the building and there are a few segments of mainly farmland at the north end of Guelph. The footage is 8 minutes and 10 seconds long. See Media Link to view video.

Image of 2014.84.20 - Card, Christmas

2014.84.20 - Card, Christmas

Christmas card with black and white illustrated print showing a scene featuring Allan's Mill and the Grand Trunk Railway that is attached to the front. A train can be seen on the far right hand side of the print, followed by a few building which would be part of Allan's Mill. On the left hand side, there is a bridge and a house like building with a two story porch. Two couples can be seen walking along the street. The background consists of rolling farmland. Under the print, "Allan;s Mill and G.T.R. Bridge, Guelph, Ontario" is typed in all capital letters. INSIDE: The inside left page has a typed paragraph outlining the content of the print on the front of the card, including the creator of