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Name Guelph General Hospital School of Nursing

Associated Records

Image of 2002.22.5 - Booklet

2002.22.5 - Booklet

Booklet, The Elliott History; A History of The Elliott, a charitable housing unit. Written by Eileen Hicks. Pink paper cover with staples used for binding. Front cover has a photocopied black and white photograph of the new Elliott on Metcalfe Street. History is typewritten. Published in July 1984. The history is 12 pages in length, and includes an excerpt from George Elliott's will on page 1. On page 8 is a poem, "The Elliott Home", written by Miss Helen Mellis, a resident of the Old Elliott Home on Delhi Street. The last three pages in the booklet are a letter and notes from an inspection of the Elliott Home in 1921, both written by Alex. Mackay, Provincial Inspector of Prisons and Public C

Image of 1986.18.128 - Postcard

1986.18.128 - Postcard

Sepia toned, divided back postcard unused. It is a view of the Nurses' Home for General Hospital, Guelph showing front and north end. It is a brick building with steeply pitched roof with gables at either end and three bay windows at centre, veranda over columnar porch. Shutters on rectangular windows that cover building. front "NURSES' HOME, GUELPH, CAN" back "THE INTERNATIONAL STATIONERY CO. PICTON CANADA" "PRINTED IN SAXONY"

Image of 1986.18.129 - Postcard

1986.18.129 - Postcard

Divided back, tinted postcard with correspondence on back. It is a view of Nurses' Home for Guelph General Hospital, showing front and north end. It is a brick building with a steeply pitched roof with gables at either end and three bay windows at centre. There is a veranda over columnar front porch. Shutters on rectangular windows that cover building. front "NURSES' HOME, OF GUELPH GENERAL HOSPITAL, GUELPH, ONT., CANADA" back "THE VALENTINE & SONS PUBLISHING CO. LTD. TORONTO AND MONTREAL" "PRINTED IN GREAT BRITAIN"

Image of 1984.19.1 - Booklet

1984.19.1 - Booklet

Booklet, "Guelph General Hospital, ... Historical Sketch, By-laws and Rules, 1898". Rectangular booklet with pale green cover with title & border in black print. Pages are off-white with black printed text and illustration. Booklet is held together with three staples. Front Cover: "Guelph General Hospital, Guelph, Ont. / Historical Sketch, By-laws and Rules, 1898". Page 1: B/W engraving of "The Guelph General Hospital Buildings." Page 2: "Board of Directors; Medical Staff of Guelph General Hospital". Pages 3 -10 : "Historical Sketch". Pages 11 - 32 : "By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of The Guelph General Hospital". Topics addressed are: Board Meetings; Committees and Duties; Lady Super

1991.48.22 - Book

Book "A Century of Care and Concern: Guelph General Hospital" The book has a red cover with an illustration of the first hospital above the modern hospital. On the back cover are photos of current care of patients and an illustration of early care of patients. The book contains a history of the hospital and contains several photos both historic and more modern.

1982.114.1 - Booklet

Guelph General Hospital School for Nurses Golden Jubilee Booklet. The booklet is soft cover with a grey cover with grey and gold print and a staple binding. The book contains a history of the school of Nursing at Guelph General hospital and contains several photos of the hospital, the school and many of the people involved in the school. There are also lists of the names of the graduates of the school and some photos of the nurses. Written in pencil on the top right corner is R.H. Fairweather.

1971.47.5.6 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury 1956 Progress Edition, February 26, 1957. The paper is 80 pages. .1 Section 1 of the paper with an image of a man pouring molten metal into a mold over an aerial view of the city. This section covers the news of the day. Pages 1 - 12. .2 Section 2 is a continuation of the day's news. Pages 13-20. .3 Section 3 - first section of the progress Edition with images of different churches with the title "Silent fingers pointing to heaven". Pages A1 - A16 .4 Section 4 - second section of the progress edition with a large ad for the Board of trade on the front. Pages B1 - B16 .5 Section 5 - third section of Progress Edition. The title is "Guelph: The Royal City of Oppor

2012.117.947.1 - Documents

Typed written page titled "Study Habits: Practice Book". The subheadings are titled "How to study", "How to take notes", and "Readings".

2012.117.947.2 - Documents

Typed page titled "Class Room Duties". The subheadings are tilted " Daily" and "Special Daily Duties".

Image of 2012.117.302.2 - Envelope

2012.117.302.2 - Envelope

An envelope that was included with an invitation for the Guelph General Hospital School of Nursing's graduation class of 1943. The envelope is blank.

Image of 2012.60.4 - Card, Christmas

2012.60.4 - Card, Christmas

Off-white paper folded in four to make a small greeting card. Bottom edge of paper textured and front cover details are embossed and coloured gold and red. Cover says "Greetings" in gold at the bottom right, gold and red holly to the left under a gold oval wreath which encloses the "Guelph General Hospital School for Nurses" emblem in red. The message inside is printed in black and reads "Comes Christmas Time The old year ends Renewing ties and thoughts of friends, Merry Christmas - Happy New Year. Guelph General Hospital School of Nursing Guelph, Ontario." In blue ink a handwritten message has been written in "Thank you for all your kindness during the past year. Love Mildred."

Image of 2012.117.545 - Documents

2012.117.545 - Documents

A black duotang containing the Guelph General Hospital's by-law that was passed in February 21, 1962. The by-law document is sectioned in 22 parts and is 27 pages in length. The first page has the Guelph General Hospital notary stamp.

Image of 2012.117.252 - Book, Address

2012.117.252 - Book, Address

An address book, which belonged to the Guelph General Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association. The cover of the address book is navy blue. The address book is a small three ring binder. Inside the cover is a beige and black checker pattern with the manufacture's mark "The St. Clair Ring Binder". The entries are handwritten in ink.

2012.117.1 - Roster

A ledger containing the Guelph General Hospital School of Nursing's student roster from 1950 to 1951 and the staff pay book. The cover of the book is green with black text. At the top of the cover there is a label, which reads "Guelph General Hospital, 1. Student Roster Book- January 1950 to July 1951, 2. Pay Book (Staff)- Jan. 1950-July 1951". The numbers "0088-90" are handwritten in pencil on both the ledger's label and on the inside of the cover. The inscription "Daily Time Book, Jan 1950 to July 1951" is handwritten on the inside of the cover. Inside the ledger the names of the students and hospital staff are written on the left side and their attendance on the right. The numbers 0088-

Image of 2012.117.100 - Book, Medical

2012.117.100 - Book, Medical

A book titled "Nursing Team Leadership" by Thora Kron. The book was published by W.B. Saunders Company in 1961. The cover of the book is red with cream coloured text. On the inside of the cover the number "300" is handwritten in pencil. The book contains 168 pages.

Image of 2012.117.870 - Policy, Insurance

2012.117.870 - Policy, Insurance

A typed document on the Guelph General Hospital's Insurance Policies. The document lists companies, policy no., Amount of policy, date of policy, and year of expiry & Prem. The document is dated between 1914 to 1916. On the back the inscription "Re. Guelph General Hospital loan 4617 Memo of Insurance Policies held by Shaw Ross

Image of 2012.117.923 - Documents

2012.117.923 - Documents

A five page typed document from the College of Nurses of Ontario titled "The Nursing Assistant". The document covers the expectations and the role of a nursing assistant. In the top right corner is the signature "L. Campbell" in blue ink.

2012.117.945 - Letter

A letter to Miss Clara E. Cook from Miss S. A Campbell on Guelph General Hospital stationary. Dated May 1st, 1948. The majority of the letter is typed with some handwritten entries. The letter is in regards to Clara Cook's interest to applied for a course at the Guelph General Hospital School of Nursing. Transcription: Guelph General Hospital Phone 67 Guelph Ontario May 1, 1948 Miss Clara E. Cook Bronte, Ont. Dear Madam: We are in reciept of your inquiry regarding the Course in Nursing given in this School. Enclosed is our Calender, which will give you the necessary information, also a set of application forms, which you kindly fil

Image of 2012.117.928 - Card, Autograph

2012.117.928 - Card, Autograph

A gift card with numerous signatures inside. On the cover there is two roses and the printed text "A Gift Just for You". On the inside of the card the printed text reads "It was fun to choose this gift for you and its fun to wish you gladness too!". Handwritten text reads "Congratulations on your sucess". The signatures inside are: Maria Campbell Julia Malinawshi Margaret Emeny Fotadei Somaro Molly Roon Nancy Rayner Anne Fortman Judi Ford Frances Annette Evelyn Van Hoorn Uruler Von Vutingluoff Elaine Miller B.Ramham Kathlen Johnson Roger Tals Eleanor Graham Dorothy McMurray Audrey McEwam Eileen Van Der Stan Edith McKeown At the bottom the printed text reads "Beaucr

Image of 2012.117.944 - Doily

2012.117.944 - Doily

A small doily with signatures in the center. The signatures are done in both black and blue ink. The signatures are as follows: "Tommy, George Reynolds, Jack, Mother Crawford, Woofy, Puddy, Doe, Gilly". Some of the signatures are not readable. The doily was taken from Clara Cook's scrapbook. Clara Cook graduated from Guelph General Hospital School of Nursing in 1951. Reference: Graduates of the Guelph General Hospital School of Nursing 1888-1974, published by the Alumnae of the School of Nursing Guelph General Hospital, 2001.