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Name Guelph Mercury

Associated Records

Image of 2004.76.8 - Newspaper

2004.76.8 - Newspaper

The Guelph Evening Mercury Centennial edition still in its brown wrapper. The newspaper is rolled up and wrapped in a brown waxey paper with red print on one side. The red print says "The Guelph Evening Mercury 1827-1927 Centennial Edition" and is surrounded by a red ribbon border. Beside the lettering are lines for a person's address (they are blank.)

Image of 2004.32.91 - Postcard

2004.32.91 - Postcard

Postcard, advertisement on one side and a note about the sale of the Stone estate on the reverse. One side is red with British Ensign in top left corner. There is a one cent Canadian postage stamp in the upper left corner. the card has three white spaces for an address. Guelph Mercury "The Battle and the Breeze/ The flag that brave a Thousand Years". 1899. On reverse, in black print and handwritten ink, "Walter Macdonald, 37 Yonge St, Toronto" Back:McIntosh & Galbraith Proprietors/ MERCURY OFFICE/ Guelph, Fe 9, 1899" followed by a handwritten letter regarding the sale of the Stone Estate. It is written by Thomas Ingram of Guelph: "Dear Sir, I thought I would drop you a line as regard

Image of M1968X.301.1 - Clipping, Newspaper

M1968X.301.1 - Clipping, Newspaper

4 page article in the Guelph Daily Mercury and Advertiser describing the return of the Guelph boys, including John McCrae, from the Boer War. Entitled "With Glad Acclaim We Greet Our Own" Dated Jan 12, 1901.

Image of 1994.5.4 - Booklet

1994.5.4 - Booklet

Booklet on the Guelph Oaks Sports Club, Sesquicentennial Edition. Black glossy paper cover with sports figures outlined in white. The crest is displayed on the top left corner with a red maple leaf. The interior contains history, advertising and soccer, hockey, volleyball, basketball team pictures and history. On cover "SESQUICENTENNIAL EDITION" On crest "GUELPH OAKS SPORT CLUB CANADA" No of Pages: 29

Image of 2002.81.21 - Program

2002.81.21 - Program

Program for the Guelph College Figure Skating Club's Rhapsody on Ice, Friday and Saturday, March 15 and 16, 1963. Gold cover paper program with black line drawing of a woman figure skater on front. The program is for the 1963 Rhapsody on Ice event put on by the Guelph College Figure Skating Club. The program cost 25 cents. The event was held March 15-16 and had five acts with a total of 34 demonstrations. The book has a few black and white photos and several advertisements. "Price 25c" "Rhapsody on Ice 1963 ..." Illustrations: Photographs, B/W No. of pages: 16

1998.6.1 - Book

Soft covered book of poems "Canada, the Land of Promise and Other Poems" by S. Robert Broadfoot in aid of World war 1 Canadian prisoners of war. Red blue flags crossed on front cover. Black and white photograph of author inside. Published in Woodstock, Sentinel-Review Press 1916. Index listing the poem names. Special thanks to various newspapers for reprinting some of the verses. Handwritten inside the front cover "Mrs. O.G. Murray, New Year 1917" No of Pages: 51

Image of 1994.47.33 - Receipt

1994.47.33 - Receipt

Letterhead-type statement (bill); rectangular off-white paper with company letterhead printed in black. Issued June 30, 1912 to Mr. Spaulding (sic), care of the Mercury office, by the Guelph Hardware Co. regarding the purchase of a hose nozzle and lawn sprinkler on June 18, 1912. Total amount $1.25; paid July 29, 1912. Mr. Spaulding is presumably John Spalding. "IN ACCOUNT WITH THE GUELPH HARDWARE CO. LIMITED, 20 LOWER WYNDHAM ST., GUELPH. PHONE 31. GENERAL HARDWARE." Stamped in purple: "GUELPH HARDWARE CO. PAID Jul. 29, 1912"

Image of 2003.25.1 - Program

2003.25.1 - Program

Program, Guelph Regals Hockey Club, 1965-66. Soft blue cover program full of advertisements and descriptions of the Guelph Regals Hockey team. Booklet form made by folding full sheets of paper in half once and stapled to form booklet. Cover is made of thicker paper, like card stock. On front is picture of mascot(?). He is dressed in hockey uniform with skates, holding a hockey stick in one hand and a trophy in the other behind his back, he is also wearing a crown. Below his picture is written "Reggie Van Regal". At the top of the front cover is printed "Guelph Regals" and at the bottom "Official Program". A small circle on the bottom left corner has "65-66" written in it and the same circle o

Image of 1999.7.6 - Program

1999.7.6 - Program

Program announcing the "RETURN ENGAGEMENT OF JOHN DUXBURY (Principal of Manchester School of Elocution" "England's Greatest Reader" is in gothic lettering between a set of double lines. Under this, "DUBLIN STREET METHODIST CHURCH FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 1910" advertises the date and place. Time is advertised underneath: "4.15p.m. - "The Story of Joseph" 8.15p.m. - "Enoch Arden, etc." " "KELSO PTG.CO." is written in small letters in the bottom right hand corner. Cream coloured paper with black print, folded in half to form four page program. Inside on the left is a description of the afternoon show and on the right is a description of the evening show. Admission is advertised for the afternoon at 15

Image of 2002.27.32 - Invoice

2002.27.32 - Invoice

Invoice; White with printed black text and pertinent information filled in in black ink. The invoice is stamped with the date paid on the bottom center, in purple. "DAILY Mercury $3.00 a year IN ADVANCE.", "WEEKLY MERCURY $1.00 a year IN ADVANCE.", "The Guelph Mercury And Advertiser GUELPH, Apl 3 1902 Mr W.H. Saunders To McINTOSH & GALBRAITH Dr., Successors to INNES & DAVIDSON.", "MERCURY", "From Apl 8 1901, to Apl 8 1902, $ 3.00" stamp, "PAID APR 4 1902 McINTOSH & GALBRAITH Per (initialed)".

1997.28.1 - Newspaper

Guelph mercury Newspaper with headline "German's Quit". One section. The section is fourteen pages and contains mainly news about the war. There are also many ads for local businesses. Illustrations: Advertisements/Photographs, B/W "The Guelph Mercury" May 7, 1945 "German's Quit" No of Pages: 14

Image of 1994.12.7 - Pamphlet

1994.12.7 - Pamphlet

Pink pamphlet with black border and black print. The cover has a small photo of the lecturer, Miss Claire Andree. The pamphlet contains recipes and house hold tips. There is a list of sponsors. Illustrations: Photographs, B/W "THE GUELPH DAILY MERCURY HOMEMAKING AND COOKING SCHOOL CONDUCTED DEBOTH HOME MAKER'S SCHOOL. MISS CLAIRE ANDREE LECTURER, MISS JANET HARVEY, ASSISTANT. THE GUELPH ARMOURY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 10, 11 AND 12, 1932 DAILY

1997.16.28 - Program

White and green booklet for GCVI, outlining the program for the 1973 ceremony, scholarship recipients and lists of teachers. Also a green and white sketch of the first Wellington County Grammar School 1845. The guelph collegiate vocational institute commencement november 2 1973 8:00 pm

Image of M1968X.303.1 - Clipping, Newspaper

M1968X.303.1 - Clipping, Newspaper

6 page copy of the Guelph Weekly Mercury and Advertiser from March 2, 1916. The article "The Presbyterian Battery is 43rd" describes the presentation of a watch to Lt. Col. David McCrae on the eve of his departure to England with the 43rd Battery which he raised.

Image of M1968.451.1 - Scrapbook

M1968.451.1 - Scrapbook

This is a collection of newspaper clippings, mostly from 'The Globe', collected by David McCrae in a completed Daybook (Accounts Book). It contains many articles on the Boer War, from the formation of the Guelph Contingent to the trek through South Africa.

1994.38.1 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury with news, ads and announcements on the front. Article on McCrae and homecoming of "D" Battery during Boer War. *Note misprint of date on last page -reads Jan 12, 1900 should read Jan 12, 1901.

Image of 1985.82.223 - Postcard

1985.82.223 - Postcard

Black and white, full length, group portrait, in the form of a divided-back, real-photographic postcard, of a man wearing a dark, three-piece suit with a white shirt and dark tie, a woman wearing a long, dark skirt and white, V-necked blouse, and two young women and three young men all wearing white sweaters with an old English "L" on the left side. The young women are wearing long white skirts. The young men are wearing dark trousers and white shirts. Dr. A.E. Byerly is on the right; he and the young man in the front row are wearing dark ties. The young man in the back row is not wearing a tie.

Image of M1999.8.1 - Newspaper

M1999.8.1 - Newspaper

Black and white with 7 columns and illustrations. Two headlines. "Lieut. Col. McCrae will command new Battery of artillery to be recruited in Guelph and trained here. Price was 2 cents. Advertisements, local events & world events. Edition Date: 1915 NOV 20

Image of 1999.52.1 - Manuscript

1999.52.1 - Manuscript

Manuscript, Musical Manuscript of "This Happy Land" composed by Charles Wilson. Blue card stock cover with plastic blue coil. Hand written music. Composer Charles Wilson and librettist D.G. Jones. "Georgie Matthews" is written in ink in upper right corner of front cover. In lower right corner of inside pages is printed: "Independent Music Publishers, 215 E. 42 St. N.Y. 17 U.S.A." Inserted loose inside the manuscript are three photocopied pages of clippings from local newspapers about "This Happy Land". "Georgina Matthews" is written in ink on the back of each of these three pages.

Image of 1997.16.18 - Booklet

1997.16.18 - Booklet

Tourism Booklet, "Guide to Guelph, Third Edition, 1972." Rectangular paper covered booklet. A tourist guide to Guelph, detailing sights, shopping and history. It consists of black and white photographs and advertisements. Illustrations: Advertisements/Photographs, B/W Guide to Guelph, produced by the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. Printed by Leaman Printing Limited, Guelph, Ontario. At bottom of page 2 - "Cover Photos - R.S. Macpherson. Other photos as credited. Reproduction by permission only." No of Pages: 60