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Name Gummer Building

Associated Records

Image of 1998.17.7 - Booklet

1998.17.7 - Booklet

Booklet, "Guelph District Labour Council, Labour Review 1975" by the Guelph District Labour Council and published by the Tri-County Enterprises, Guelph. Bright pink front cover with blue and black printed lettering and a b/w photographic image of "Waterloo court". In lower right corner is the trademark of "Typographical Union Label, Stratford, Ont." Inside front cover is the table of contents. Front Cover reads: "Guelph District Labour Council / Labour Review 1975". Illustrations: Printed No of Pages: 76

2016.47.1 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury Progress Edition, Tuesday March 1, 1966. The paper is six sections with the first section mainly covering the day's news and then the following five sections (sections A-E) looking at Guelph's progress and business. The front page of section 1 has a colour zodiac ring with a map of Ontario in the center with Guelph highlighted. In the upper right corner is an illustration of a satellite. The title reads "It's been a great year and in '66 Guelph Means Business." Index with names and search terms in the media section Section 1 (pages 1-26): The section is 26 pages and contains the current news both locally and abroad. The headline on page 3 (front page excluding cover) is

1981.85.1 - Directory

Rural Route Directory for South Wellington and Surrounding Districts, 1933. The cover is brown card stock and in the upper left corner is a hole where the directory could be hung. The book is staple bound and is 40 pages in length. On the covers and throughout are ads from different businesses. The directory covers Guelph (pages 13 - 21), Puslinch, Rockwood, Elora, Fergus, Arthur, Ariss, Alma, Erin, Hillsburgh and belwood.

Image of 2015.6.2 - Booklet

2015.6.2 - Booklet

Program booklet for the Guelph Council Knights of Columbus Number 1507 Silver Jubilee 1910-1935. The booklet contains advertisements from local businesses, articles from various higher up members of the organization, some historical articles and a program of events for the banquet celebration including menu. Front Cover: Marigold coloured textured cardstock cover with "Knights of Columbus" written in calligraphy in the top left corner. The "K" and the "C" are a red colour while the rest of the text is black. In the bottom right corner is the Knights of Columbus Guelph Council logo that reads "Silver Jubilee 1910-1935, Guelph Council No. 1507". Hand written in ink in the top right corner "T

Image of 1967.1.19.5 - Postcard

1967.1.19.5 - Postcard

Colour postcard. St. George's square, looking towards Douglas Street., buses in center. "Royal Specialty Sales, 118 Queen St. E., Toronto"

Image of 1991.32.2 - Postcard

1991.32.2 - Postcard

Black and white picture postcard of Post office on St. George's Square with clock tower. Also show some buildings on Wyndham St. "POST OFFICE, GUELPH, ONT"

Image of 2014.23.4 - Postcard

2014.23.4 - Postcard

A St. George's Square Post card featuring the hanging aluminum crown and a view down Douglas Street. Also various Guelph businesses can be clearly seen in the square, and well as cars and people. The ground appears to have melted snow. The back of the postcard has printed in blue letters "The Square - Business Section - Guelph, Ontario - The Royal City" Vertically, along the middle is "Published by World Wide Sales Agencies Ltd., P.O. Box 98 Snowdaft, Montreal 29, Canada" In the bottom left corner it says "LV-311 © Color by Len Leiffer." The content of the card is addressed to Sal and from Gwen. The message is hand-written in blue ink. It says " Sal, Remember the morning we went

1980.34.2 - Directory

Rural Route Directory for South Wellington and Surrounding Districts, 1930. The cover is red card stock and the book is staple bound and is 58 pages in length. On the covers and throughout are ads from different businesses. The directory covers Guelph (pages 7 - 17), Puslinch, Rockwood, Elora, Fergus, Acton, Ariss, Alma, Erin, Hillsburgh, Breslau, Campbellville, Moffatt, Orton and Belwood. Handwritten on the cover is "Arthur Adie Guelph #2"

Image of 2002.121.1 - Postcard

2002.121.1 - Postcard

Colourized postcard of St. George's Square, 1951. The postcard shows two city busses going through the centre of the Square. The view is looking East from Quebec Street towards Douglas Street. The Customs Building/Old Post Office is visible, as well as the CIBC, Stewart Drugs. There are cars on Wyndham Street and people are waiting for the busses in the centre of the Square. The postcard has a white border with the title of the postcard in the lower left "The Circle, Guelph, Ont. - 38." On the back is a message to Mrs. H. Wishart in Burlington Vermont. The postcard is postmarked August 22, 1952 and in the upper right is a 3 cent Canadian stamp. "We had a good trip and stopped off at B

Image of 2000.21.4 - Postcard

2000.21.4 - Postcard

Black and white postcard of the old post office in St. George's Square. The Square has the island in the middle for the streetcars and there are street lights dangling from overhead wires. There are people and cars in the background and the clock reads five minutes to twelve. The postcard has a divided back. The postcard has been cut down and some of the image is missing. On back: "Postcard Correspondence Address" In Pen "193"

Image of 1977.120.45 - Letterhead

1977.120.45 - Letterhead

Letterhead of "The Children's Aid Society of Guelph and Wellington County." Black print on off-white paper. The bottom of paper has been cut away to leave the letterhead and date only. In center of letterhead is a circular black and white crest of the Children's Aid Society. The crest depicts a warrior in armour with five little children surrounding him. Printed at top: "THE CHILDREN'S AID SOCIETY OF GUELPH AND WELLINGTON COUNTY / INCORPORATED UNDER THE "CHILDREN'S PROTECTION ACT OF ONTARIO." On the left side of letterhead is a list of the officers and address of the Guelph and Wellington County Children's Aid Society. On the right hand side is printed the society's Mottoes: "By saving th

Image of 1977.120.50 - Letter

1977.120.50 - Letter

Business Letter with company letterhead; Black print and blue type on rectangular cream-coloured paper. At top of paper is a black and white picture of "Brown's Excelsior Manufacturing Company" on Sultan Street, Guelph. Printed letterhead: " OFFICE PHONE 42 / NIGHT AND HOLIDAY PHONE 733 / EXCELSIOR, WOOD WOOL, AND PADS / 41-47 SULTAN STREET, GUELPH, ONT." Printed in black along the bottom of paper: "OUR EXCELSIOR EXCELS". In typewritten blue lettering, the letter is dated "July 5th, 1929" and addressed to "R. Stewart Clark, Esq., Gummer Building, Guelph." The letter states: "Dear Sir, In reply to yours of the 4th inst., the matter has been taken up with the Insurance Company. Very truly you

Image of 2002.93.1 - Postcard

2002.93.1 - Postcard

Colour postcard with rounded corners of the old post office/Canadian Customs building located in St. George's Square. The angle of the shot is taken looking at the building from the South-west corner. In the foreground is small park-like bus stop in the centre of the square and the traffic round-about. Cars, trucks and pedestrians are in view. Worton's store, a radio store and Stewart Drugs are visible in the background. On the back of the postcards is the title of the photo, maker name and process description and in pencil in the upper right is the price of $3.00. "Guelph Customs Building, Guelph, Ontario, Canada" "Made in Canada Exclusively by Alex Wilson Pub. Ltd., Dryden, Ont." "T

2002.120.1 - Book

Blue glossy soft cover book with a picture of a person in a canoe and another fly fishing on the Speed River. The book is "Guelph @175: A Day In Our Life Photos by Residents and Friends" The book contains colour photos taken by Guelph residents as part of a photo competition. The book is divided into themes of Heritage, People, and Environment.

Image of 1998.17.6 - Booklet

1998.17.6 - Booklet

Booklet, "Guelph District Labour Council, Labour Review 1974". White paper cover. Front cover has red and black printed lettering with a sketched illustration of the Guelph Steelworkers Centre. Sketch is by K. Yates. In lower right corner of front cover is trademark of Typographical Union Label, Stratford, Ont. Inside front cover is a table of contents, along with the publisher, "Tri-County Enterprises, Guelph, Ontario" Illustrations: B/W Printed No of Pages: 76

Image of 1986.18.90 - Postcard

1986.18.90 - Postcard

Divided back, black and white, unused postcard. It is a vertical view along Douglas St., Guelph, a stone covered road, showing the Gummer building and St. George's Anglican Church in background. There is an automobile parked on the street. front "DOUGLAS ST. SHOWING ST. GEORGE'S CHURCH, GUELPH" handwritten on negative back "PRINTED BY THE HELIOTYPE CO. LTD. OTTAWA"

Image of 2009.51.1.2 - Doorknob

2009.51.1.2 - Doorknob

.1 Left Brass door handle from the front door of the Gummer Building. The inside knob of the handle is fairly decorative. There is a rope design around the base of the knob. The lock has the logo "merock" on it and all the screws and pieces are still attached. The outside part of the door handle is also very decorative and once again uses the rope design.There is a leaver on the top of the handle that one would press down on with their finger and it would engage the lock and open the door. .2 Right Brass door handle from the front door of the Gummer Building. " "

Image of 2008.59.126 - Painting

2008.59.126 - Painting

Framed oil painting of St. George's Square, circa 1958. The painting was done by Reg. Jones. The painting shows the east side of St. George's Square with the post office/customs building on the left and the CIBC on the right. It also shows some of the other buildings in between, including the Gummer building and the former Victoria hotel building. Jones painting style uses very broad and loose brush strokes but business names on some of the buildings are still visible. The Bongard building and Stewarts Drugs are both in the painting. In the foreground is the bus pick up in the centre of the Square. The painting was painted on canvas board and is framed in a white painted frame - probably hand

Image of 2009.32.515 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.515 - Transparency, Slide

Colour slide of the Closing Ceremony for Heritage Day in St. George's Square during the Sesquicentennial celebrations. A stage is set up at the entrance to Douglas St, and in the foreground at the side of the stage the representatives from various ethnic groups are lined up, in costume and holding flags from their respective countries. Beyond them in the centre of the stage several people sit on chairs, and Angelo Mior, the Ethnic Celebrations Chairman, walks away from the microphone at the front of the stage. Crowds of people are watching the stage. In the background is the Gummer Building, Victoria Block, 150th Events Sign, and CIBC.

Image of 2009.32.480 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.480 - Transparency, Slide

Colour slide of Swiss-German Day in St. George's Square during the Sesquicentennial celebrations. A group of young women in costume are dancing on a stage that is set up at the entrance to Douglas St. They wear white boots, black skirts, white tops with yellow across the front, and large white hats with a tuft of green at the side. Crowds are gathered around watching. At the back of the stage is a banner with a Swiss landscape on it and Swiss flags at the sides, and the Gummer Building and Victoria Block are in the background.