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Name Kendall Press

Associated Records

1998.21.18 - Card, Dance

Red and black dance card with an image of 2 men and a woman in formal wear.

1998.21.29 - Card, Dance

Square dance card with a coil spine and a small rope to dangle from the owners wrist. there is an image of a northern scene with an ice berg and a person in a kayak. Conversazione

1998.21.1 - Card, Dance

Medium sized banquet and dance program with a red and black image of a man and woman. Program of the OAC year '39 banquet on fri Feb 28th 1936. Year '39 banquet and Dance college cafeteria, Friday February 28th 1936.

1998.21.2 - Card, Dance

Small black velour dance card with '41 printed on it as well as the OVC crest. '41 Ontario veterinary College Junior Dance Friday November 3rd 1939.

1998.21.39 - Card, Greeting

Off white greeting card with a brown image of a horse's head. Greetings

1998.21.46 - Card, Dance

Blue and red banquet program with an OAC crest in the middle. Stag banquet Year '36 Royal hotel 7pm Wednesday, march 13th 1935.

1998.21.19 - Card, Dance

White dance card with red and black graphics. There is an image of a couple dancing. OVC '44 Dance, Friday January 17th 1941

1998.21.8 - Card, Dance

Red card with an image of a man blowing a trumpet while riding a horse.

1998.21.37 - Card, Dance

Red and navy dance card with an image of two men carrying a trunk. Freshman Dance De Frosh Nil Nisi Bonum

1998.21.26 - Card, Dance

Blue dance card with an image of a horseshoe and a man on horseback. Year forty two presents A Day at the Races

1998.21.43 - Card, Dance

Black and silver banquet program with an OVC crest. Student's Banquet, Wednesday November Sixth 1940 at 6:45pm

1998.21.11 - Card, Dance

Green card that says "OVC 1940"on the cover. There is an image of a graduation cap and a scroll.

1998.21.12 - Card, Dance

Blue velour dance card for the Omega Tau Sigma dance in 1941. Formalis Fraternalis

1998.21.44 - Card, Dance

Brown velour dance card with an image of a castle. Conversazione OAC 1934

1998.21.27 - Card, Dance

Red and navy dance card with an image of men at a table and a waiter. Year 1943 banquet in honour of Graduating Associates, Cutten Club Saturday evening, February 1st 1941 at 6 o' clock.

1998.21.9 - Card, Dance

Red and navy program divided into 4 squares with images of people playing sports. Victory Dance, Rugby, Soccer, B.W & F., Track

1998.21.10 - Card, Dance

B/W printed dance and banquet program with an image of a graduation hat and scroll. Fourth Year Finale Banquet and Dance, April 4th 1941

1998.21.35 - Card, Dance

Green dance card with a green card an OAC crest in the bottom right hand corner. Freshmore Sophomore Dance

1998.21.45 - Card, Dance

Red dance card with the Macdonald Institute crest in the top left hand corner. Macdonald Institute, Ontario Agricultural College

1998.21.4 - Card, Dance

Medium sized dance card with an image of a 'hobo' on the front. Year '41 Hobo Frolic