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Name King Edward Hotel

Associated Records

Image of 2004.17.8 - Program

2004.17.8 - Program

Program, "Victoria Ice Frolics of 1948 Presented by Victoria Skating Club of Guelph" on December 3rd and 4th, 1948 at Guelph Memorial Gardens Arena. Purple paper covered program with line drawing of a female figure skater in mid-jump. The souvenir program is for the 1948 Victoria Ice Frolics. The program contains photos of the participants in the event, advertisements of local businesses, and the agenda for event. Illustrations: Printed, Photographs B/W No. of pages: 32

Image of 1986.18.216 - Postcard

1986.18.216 - Postcard

Divided back, tinted postcard of Wyndham St., Guelph looking north from Carden Street. Shows King Edward Hotel and Macdonald Block. There is a streetcar on the road. The image is surrounded by a cream coloured frame. front"WYNDHAM STREET, GUELPH, CANADA" back "PUBLISHED BY STEDMAN BROS. BRANTFORD CANADA" "MADE IN BRITAIN"

Image of 1997.16.33 - Calendar

1997.16.33 - Calendar

Calendar of historic sites of Guelph b/w photographs. For 1976 on cover photo of the king Edward Hotel. Illustrations: Photographs, B/W Guelph 1976

Image of 1979.86.9 - Postcard

1979.86.9 - Postcard

Tinted blue Postcard. Dark Grey Mount. Street Scene. Addressed to: "MR. GEO. ALLEN, 54 VICTORIA STREET, BRANTFORD, ONTARIO"

Image of 1986.18.207 - Postcard

1986.18.207 - Postcard

Black and white, divided back, unused postcard. It is a view of the King Edward Hotel at Carden St. and Wyndham St. Guelph. There are people on the streets. front "KING EDWARD HOTEL, GUELPH, ONT" "STEAM HEATED HOT AND COLD RUNNING WATER IN ROOMS"

Image of 1986.18.208 - Postcard

1986.18.208 - Postcard

Divided back, real photographic, b&w postcard. Postmarked 1914. Image: 8.8cm. x 14 cm. There is correspondence and a one-cent Canada postage stamp on back. It is a view of Guelph looking west on Macdonell St. from Wyndham St. showing Dominion Bank Bldg. and other buildings on north side of Macdonell St. Church of our Lady on Norfolk st is visible. There are horse-drawn vehicles on the road and "buggies" parked on the north side of road. People walking on streets. front "MacDonald Street, Guelph, Ont." [This is Macdonell Street, not Macdonald. Macdonell spelled incorrectly] On Back: "Pub. by A.B. Petrie, Guelph, Ont. Printed in Germany."

Image of 1986.18.215 - Postcard

1986.18.215 - Postcard

Divided back, tinted postcard from Jason McIntosh, Guelph to Mr. William Cox of Toronto. There is correspondence and a one-cent Canada postage stamp on back. It is a view of Wyndham St. Guelph looking north from Carden Street. Shows King Edward Hotel and Macdonald Block. Streetcar on road. front"WYNDHAM STREET, LOOKING NORTH, GUELPH" back "THE PUGH MFG. CO. TORONTO"

Image of 1985.2.1 - Postcard

1985.2.1 - Postcard

Black and white postcard of the Guelph Centennial Arch, made of evergreen boughs surmounted by a maple leaf, across Wyndham St. at Carden St. It was erected in celebration of Guelph's Centennial, 1827-1927. The photograph was taken looking toward St. George's Square, showing the King Edward Hotel and the Macdonald Block.

Image of 1999.7.19 - Postcard

1999.7.19 - Postcard

Colour postcard of Lower Wyndham Street, looking towards St. George's Square. Both sides of the street are visible. On the right (east side) There is an IDA Drugs sign visible. This first is the block between Carden and Macdonell sts. There is a large stone building on the next block and other hanging signs visible farther up. On the right, "London Wines" and "Treanon Good Food" signs are visible. There are many cars in the street, as well as pedestrians. The backs of three red and white busses are visible. The sky is very blue and there are no clouds. The Royal Bank building is visible in the distance. There are British flags on the lampposts on the street. The four corners of the postcar

Image of 2002.116.1 - Postcard

2002.116.1 - Postcard

Colourized postcard with a white border of Lower Wyndham St.c. 1940 taken from the railway bridge. The postcard looks towards St. George's Square and shows the King Edward Hotel, a portion of City Hall, and the Ritz Grill on the left side. On the Right side, D.E. MacDonald and bros. is visible as well as portion of the post office. Cars are visible on the street as well as streetcar tracks. "Wyndham St. Guelph, Ontario, Canada - 14" "Post Card Made in Canada"

Image of 2002.15.1 - Postcard

2002.15.1 - Postcard

Postcard; depicts panoramic view of Guelph, looking from Market Square, closest row of buildings seen in the photo includes the King Edward Hotel, the Central Hotel and the Massey-Harris Co. Farm Implement store. The postcard folds in half. On the inside of the card a message is written in black ink, "Guide pour Papa et Jack". The writing is in French. written facing the top of the card, "Guide pour Papa et Jack" facing the bottom of the card, "Vous appeller vous de cille pla(cannot make out rest of word) ici regarder si vous pauver reconnaitre le (cannot make out next word) avec (cannot make out next word) rideau (next couple of words illegible) - pour le premier voir" opposite page of po

Image of 1991.32.3 - Postcard

1991.32.3 - Postcard

Black and white picture postcard of Wyndham St with an arch of greenery built over the street on the south side of Macdonell St. Shows King Edward Hotel and DE MacDonald Bros. "WYNDHAM ST. GUELPH, ONT" Date Made Notes: Event occured Aug 1927

Image of 2002.52.1 - Postcard

2002.52.1 - Postcard

Postcard; shows a view down Wyndham St. "Wyndham Street, Guelph, Ont.-39" on back, "POST CARD CARTE POSTALE THE PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO., LTD. TORONTO PECO CANADA MADE IN CANADA", written in pencil, "WELLINGTON", "3.00"

Image of 2003.5.1 - Postcard

2003.5.1 - Postcard

Black and white postcard of Jubilee Park (where the VIA Rail Train station is currently). The postcard shows freight trains in the foreground (one with Grand Trunk written on it). Just past the trains is Jubilee park with a pathway that splits apart at one point and joins up again at the other end. There are some benches along the path and by the gate at one end there seems to be a gazebo or stage of some sort. In the background is Carden street and Wyndham street showing several buildings. The Bell Organ factory is to the right, City Hall with the tower to the left and the King Edward Hotel in the centre. In the very back, Church of Our Lady, without the spires is visible as

Image of 1986.18.217 - Postcard

1986.18.217 - Postcard

Divided back, tinted postcard of Wyndham St., Guelph looking north from Carden Street. Shows King Edward Hotel and Macdonald Block. There is a streetcar on the road. front"LOWER WYNDHAM STREET, GUELPH" back "W.G. MACFARLANE, PUBLISHER, TORONTO AND BUFFALO"

Image of 1986.18.206 - Postcard

1986.18.206 - Postcard

Divided back, tinted postcard with one-cent Canada postage stamp on back. It is a view looking west on Carden Street showing King Edward Hotel and other buildings on north side of Carden Street and buildings on Gordon St. at west end of Carden St. There are people on the streets. front "MARKET ST. GUELPH, CANADA" (this is Carden St. not Market St.) back "PUBLISHED BY STEDMAN BROS LTD. BRANTFORD CANADA, MADE IN GERMANY"

Image of 1967.1.341 - Postcard

1967.1.341 - Postcard

Postcard, colour with matte finish and margin. Wyndham Street, Guelph; St. George's Square to the Armoury.

Image of 1972.42.1 - Booklet

1972.42.1 - Booklet

Booklet: Official Programme of the "Made in Canada Fair and Poster Show "- under auspices of the Ladies' Committee of the Guelph General Hospital held at the Winter Fair Building the week of June 17, 1907 No. of pages: 28 - glossy off-white paper with black print and b/w photographs. Front cover: printed in black and red type with red highlights. Has B/W photograph of the Guelph General Hospital in lower right corner. Binding of booklet done by Frank Nunan's Up-to-date Bindery, Upper Wyndham St. Booklet has many advertisements for many different Guelph businesses in 1907.

Image of 1974.15.7 - Booklet

1974.15.7 - Booklet

Booklet , entitled "The Royal City of Canada, Guelph and Her Industries" - Special Industrial Souvenir Number of the Guelph Daily Mercury, Guelph, Canada" published by Authority of the City Council and Guelph's Old Home Week Committee. Printed in 1908 for Guelph Home Week and booklet has a programme for the festivities occurring from Sunday to Thursday on pages 6 to 8. On page 54 is an index of the contents of the booklet. Paperback cover, white with organ pillar design with b/w photograph of Guelph in the center. Black printed lettering. No. of pages; 54 glossy paper typeset in black printed 1908 "Containing a comprehensive review of the natural advantages and resources of Guelph, togeth

Image of 1998.51.1 - Videotape

1998.51.1 - Videotape

Black plastic video tape with clear plastic tape. The tape is an interview with Peter Marucci talking about growing up in Guelph, working, being Italian in Guelph, etc.