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Name McCrae - Poems

Associated Records

Image of M1968X.318.1 - Poster

M1968X.318.1 - Poster

Red, white and blue paper poster. Field of crosses with cross. Verse: "If ye break faith..." in the bottom right hand corner.

Image of M1968X.417.1 - Poem

M1968X.417.1 - Poem

Latin version of In Flanders Fields, written in ink, by Principal Hutton.

Image of M1986.1.1 - Magazine

M1986.1.1 - Magazine

White magazine with orange border and black print. The cover has a b/w sketch of a clown painting a portrait of a dog. Within and surrounding the sketch there are several comical creatures doing various things. There are b/w sketches throughout. On page 468 is John McCrae's poem "In Flanders Fields" in its first ever publication. "Punch Office, 10 Boverie Street, London, E.C."

Image of M1968X.44.1.1 - Sketch

M1968X.44.1.1 - Sketch

.1 Handwritten copy of "In Flanders Fields" and two sketches by E.W.B. Morrison. The upper sketch is "1st Canadian Artillery Brigade H.Q." and the lower sketch shows rows of crosses in a war-damaged cemetery (Ypres) with the caption "between the crosses row on row" The poem and sketches are framed with white acid-free matte board. .

Image of 2012.43.23 - Booklet

2012.43.23 - Booklet

"The Torch: Colonel John McCrae Memorial Branch Yearbook, Vol. XXIII 1956" The booklet is beige with an illustration of a hand holding a red torch. The Legion crest is in red at the top of the cover. At the bottom of the cover is a quote "They Served Till Death - Why Not We?". On the back cover there is an ad for John Sutherland and Sons Insurance. The booklet is 64 pages and is filled with Legion related articles and ads from local businesses. Page 1: Image of John McCrae Page 3: "Prepare to Move" by Padre Crawford Smith Page 5: Greetingd from the President Page 7: Wishes from Mayor and Council Page 9: In Flanders Fields poem Page 11: List of Legion Branc

M1968.433.1 - Page, Scrapbook

This scrapbook page contains: 1 passenger list, 2 articles by McCrae, 2 anonymous poems, 4 printed drawings, 1 original poem by McCrae, and 1 photograph of John and Tom McCrae. One poem is entitled "The Harvest of the Sea, Westminster May 7, 1898." Another is "Reflections" by J. McCrae, '92. The article was printed in the O.A.C. Review in January, 1892.

Image of M2007.3.1 - Booklet

M2007.3.1 - Booklet

The Torch Yearbook - Vol. V. Colonel John McCrae Memorial Branch 1938. The yearbook has had various articles about John McCrae pasted into the book. The original articles and photos of McCrae remain, but when there were advertisements or other stories a McCrae articles was glued over top. Information about the Royal Couple, Guelph War Memorial and Memorial Gardens have been added. The collection of these articles was created by padre of the Colonel John McCrae Legion Captain The Rev. D. H. Marshall

Image of M1999.6.1 - Book

M1999.6.1 - Book

Red leather book with gold lettering on cover. "Poems John McCrae". Inside cover red leather with gold embossed design. Letters "E.H.P." Textile silk? inside front and back covers. Back cover in gold lettering "E.1.v.s. 1919". B & W Notman photo of McCrae. His signature has been used and pasted below the photo. The McPhail book version has been used and McCrae's own handwritten poems have been inserted opposite the printed ones. Pg 20 Penance which is written on letterhead "Alderley Kennebunkport Maine. Page 24 Oldest drama, pg 26 Mine Host, pg 28 Anarchy and pg 44 Night commeth. "poems John McCrae E.H.P. E.1.v.s. 1919"

Image of M1968X.314.1 - Blotter, Ink

M1968X.314.1 - Blotter, Ink

Blotter with advertisement. Coloured picture of soldier in Flanders Fields. "If YE BREAK FAITH -- We Shall Not Sleep" "BUY VICTORY BONDS"

Image of 2007.34.1 - Scrapbook

2007.34.1 - Scrapbook

Large, thick cardboard blue and maroon scrapbook. The front and back covers are blue with maroons triangular tips and spine. There are metal grommets and details all over the outside. There are two large spikes coming out of the spine that attach all the pages together (spine is open). At the bottom of the spine in silver printing "Made in Canada/Biltrite/Patented 1955" On the inside cover there are three metal hinges. Sticker at the bottom "Luckett's/Sterling/ Line/Made in Canada/No. 171032" A postcard has been glued to the cover. It is a festive image with a bowl of fruit and wrapped packages. The Title page reads: "City Clerk's Office, Guelph, Ontario" "Scrap Book: Year 1970 to" there are

1971.59.27 - Book

Book, Canadian Corps 1914-1934, red paper cover with blue printing and silver banner lines. Black and white photographs, John McCrae pg 87

1977.83.4 - Book

Book, In Flanders Fields and Other Poems by Lieut.-Col. John McCrae, M.D. with an essay in character by Sir Andrew Macphail. Printed in Toronto in 1919 by William Briggs. Blue hard cover with gold printing on cover and spine. Handwritten inscription "Mrs. T. Coombs May 24, 1919". The poems are at the front of the book with the essay at the back.

Image of M1968X.440.1 - Page, Scrapbook

M1968X.440.1 - Page, Scrapbook

Scrapbook page with 2 newspaper articles, "Was in a Bad Wreck" about the Rutland Wreck, and the completion of the Earl Grey article from M968.339.1X. Also, a critique of the poem "The Night Cometh"

Image of M1968X.483.1 - Clipping, Newspaper

M1968X.483.1 - Clipping, Newspaper

Newspaper article from The Globe and Mail entitled "An Immortal Poem From 20 Minutes of War" It is an article on the writing of the poem "In Flanders Fields" from an interview with C.L.C. Allinson. Date of issue: November 11, 1968, the 50th anniversary of the Armistice ending World War I.

Image of M1996X.4.1 - Scrapbook

M1996X.4.1 - Scrapbook

Plain brown paper covered scrapbook. The scrapbook is filled with newspaper and magazine articles chronicling John McCrae's family history, his own life and poetry, and the creation and dedication of the memorial gardens at McCrae House. "Ivan Glover 19 London Rd. E."

1980.99.2 - Book

Book, The Great War in Verse and Prose. Selected and Edited by j.E. Wetherell with an Introduction by Hon. H. J. Cody Minister of Education for the Province of Ontario. Printed by Order of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Printed and published in Toronto by A.T. Wilgress, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty 1919. "In Flanders Fields" and "The Anxious Dead" printed on pages 90 and 91. Red soft cover with black printing. Recommended by the Minister of Education for use in schools. Handwritten inscription on front cover Ruth Allan Galt and Walter Beadle Guelph"

Image of M2015.11.1.2 - Pamphlet

M2015.11.1.2 - Pamphlet

Informational pamphlet used to accompany and cover the five pane sheet of In Flanders Fields commemorative stamps. It is made of a slightly thicker cardstock material with a small section at the top folded over. Each title and section of writing is printed in both English and French. Front: In the bottom left corner of the sheet is an enlarged version of the stamp with a slightly faded effect applied. The grey-ish blue background of the stamp image extends over the whole sheet with the image of the middle section of a poppy across the top, under the flap. Along the left side are two paragraphs that tell a brief history of the poem, the inspiration behind it, a short biography on John McCra

Image of M1968X.45.1.1 - Print

M1968X.45.1.1 - Print

Coloured print of poem "In Flanders Fields" surrounded by poppies, a cemetery, a bombed house. The print is framed by brown acid-free matboard.

1969X.00.177 - Book

Book, From Thunder Bay Through Ypres with the Fighting 52nd by Pte. W.C. Millar of Fort William. Paper cover with blue printing. 52nd crest on top. John McCrae's poem is mentioned on page 54.

Image of M2016X.1.7 - Drawing

M2016X.1.7 - Drawing

In Flanders Fields by John McCrae illumination on brown paper. The poem (with "the poppies grow") is featured in the middle near the bottom against a plain background with some small images and illuminated initials. "Lieut. Col. John McCrae, killed in action Jan. 28, 1918" is printed at the bottom. The poem is surrounded by imagery that depicts the front lines of war. Soldiers, weapons, a plane, a cloud of smoke and ruins are featured along the left side, part of the right side and toward the bottom. Along the bottom there is a small field of poppies with some small white crosses scattered around the top.