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Name McCrae - Royal Military College

Associated Records

Image of M1968X.449.1 - Scrapbook

M1968X.449.1 - Scrapbook

Maroon binding, coloured pages; collection of photographs, newspaper clippings, cards, admit to lecture cards, illustrations and train tickets. It is a developmental collection of a young man's interests from Boy's Own Magazine Illustrations to Foreign Travel and Boer War. Collected from 1882-1900. "John McCrae, Guelph, 30/Nov. 1882." The scrapbook includes the following: Image # 1 Passenger List on R.M.S. Etruria April 24, 1886 which on another page (image 25) includes the 2nd page and the names David McCrae and son. This page also includes a newspaper clipping of the poem "A Thing of Beauty" by John Keats and a black and white print of the downtown Guelph Carden St, facing Market Squa

Image of M2001.1.2.2 - Envelope

M2001.1.2.2 - Envelope

Is the envelope the letter came in. The envelope is beige and has Laura's address in black ink. "Miss Laura Kains Mount Elgin Institute, Muncey, Ont." embossed on back "Chas. L. Nelles Guelph"

Image of M2001.1.3.2 - Letter

M2001.1.3.2 - Letter

Letter, in two pieces, on beige paper and written in black ink. The letter talks about the weather in Kingston and how busy John is. John also mentions Tom and other common acquaintances. there is also a reference to "Tin Box" who seems to be a woman that McCrae has a crush on. "The Barracks, July 26th 1893 My dear Miss Kains ..."

Image of M2001.1.4 - Letter

M2001.1.4 - Letter

Letter on beige paper and written in black ink. The letter talks about the Ontario Agricultural College, his exams at the Barracks in Kingston, Tom and other acquaintances. in his letter, John mentions that he has also sent a photo of himself and a letter to be passed to Eva. "My dear Laura - does that seem the correct form of salutation at last? ..."

Image of M2001.1.2.1 - Letter

M2001.1.2.1 - Letter

Handwritten letter on thick beige paper written in black ink. The paper is folded down the centre and the letter written with each fold as a page. the letter is four pages. The letter tells about the barracks at Kingston and asks about events in Guelph. "Tete de Pont Barracks Kingston, July 18, 1893 My dear Miss Kains ..."

Image of M2001.1.16 - Photograph

M2001.1.16 - Photograph

Carte de Visite image of John McCrae in military cadet uniform. John is wearing a cap to the side with a dark chin strap. The uniform has a white shoulder belt across the chest. One of John's eyes has been scratched out and the lower left corner is missing. On the back is an inscription in ink "J. McC. Aug/93 Jack McCrae"

Image of M1968X.349.1 - Photograph

M1968X.349.1 - Photograph

This is a black and white glossy photograph of John McCrae in military uniform,circa 1893. He is posed on a dirt road with a building and a horse in the background. He is dressed in full militia uniform with a hat tilted to the right side of his head. He is holding a swagger stick and a pair of gloves. "John McCrae" is written on the back in what could possibly be Janet McCrae's handwriting.