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Name McCrae - Sketches

Associated Records

Image of M1996X.2.1.7 - Sketch

M1996X.2.1.7 - Sketch

Black ink sketch of "Waltham Abbey, Essex".

Image of M1996X.2.1.3 - Sketch

M1996X.2.1.3 - Sketch

Black ink sketch of a sailboat on the water.

Image of M1996X.1.1.7 - Sketch

M1996X.1.1.7 - Sketch

2 Black ink sketches: one of a city on the waterfront with some bushes around the edge, the other of a trail in the woods.

Image of M1996X.1.1.16 - Sketch

M1996X.1.1.16 - Sketch

2 Black ink sketches: one of a sailboat "In Vineyard Sound"and the other of a sailboat.

Image of M1996X.1.1.26 - Sketch

M1996X.1.1.26 - Sketch

Black ink sketch of a sunset over water and of a marker leaning against a fence.

Image of M1996X.1.1.27 - Sketch

M1996X.1.1.27 - Sketch

Sheet of illegible notes in John McCrae's handwriting.

M1996X.2.1.2 - Sketch

Inside front cover with floral pattern.

Image of M1996X.1.1.21 - Sketch

M1996X.1.1.21 - Sketch

2 Black ink sketches: one of "Cuttyhunk from Penikese" and the other of houses by the water "Cuttyhunk".

Image of M1968X.238.1 - Sketch

M1968X.238.1 - Sketch

Lightly sketched view of cookhouse, officers sleeping quarters, No 1 Limber, Sleeping quarters for men, No. 2 & No. 1 guns. Drawn by John McCrae on Aug. 13, 1900. Done in pencil. Illustrations: Sketches, B/W "Our Camp on Fusiher Kopje" "Rocks everywhere + nothing else" "J Mc 13-8-00"

Image of M1996X.1.1.19 - Sketch

M1996X.1.1.19 - Sketch

2 Sketches: one is a black ink sketch of "Nobska Light" house, and the other is a blue ink sketch of a farmhouse with a barn in the background.

Image of M1968.250.1 - Book, Sketch

M1968.250.1 - Book, Sketch

This sketchbook is a light brown colour with a red/maroon spine. The cover is made of leather. It is filled with drawings, done by John McCrae during the Boer war in 1900. The cover has an inscription that is extremely faded: "John McCrae Lieut. R.C.A Africa, 1900" And on the inside cover, it says, " John McCrae Lieut. R.C.A. S. Africa. 1900"

Image of M1996X.21.2 - Sketch

M1996X.21.2 - Sketch

Black ink sketch on onion skin paper of a sailboat washed up on a rocky shore.

Image of M1996X.2.1.9 - Sketch

M1996X.2.1.9 - Sketch

Black ink sketch of poppies and 2 women walking to a bridge.

Image of M1996X.2.1.11 - Sketch

M1996X.2.1.11 - Sketch

2 Black ink sketches: one of several sailboats docked by some buildings, the other of a church and two sailboats.

Image of M1996X.2.2.2 - Sketch

M1996X.2.2.2 - Sketch

.1 Small black ink sketch of a sail boat docked by some buildings. .2 Pencil sketch of trees by the water.

Image of M1999.7.3 - Sketch

M1999.7.3 - Sketch

Small boat moored by rocks. Body of water in background. Looks like a turned over dock in front.

Image of M1996X.1.1.25 - Sketch

M1996X.1.1.25 - Sketch

Pencil sketch of "The eelpond woods hill".

Image of M1996X.2.1.8 - Sketch

M1996X.2.1.8 - Sketch

2 Black ink sketches: one of a medieval castle and some trees, the other of a house by the water, a boat in the foreground and a water scene.

Image of M1996X.1.1.5 - Sketch

M1996X.1.1.5 - Sketch

2 Black ink sketches: one of a waterfall from a high cliff emptying into a lake surrounded by trees, the other of two multiple sail ships on wavy water.

Image of M1996X.1.1.13 - Sketch

M1996X.1.1.13 - Sketch

2 Black ink sketches: one of a lone boat tied up on the shore and the other of a house with trees in the background and one tree in the foreground.