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Name McCrae - Sketches

Associated Records

Image of M1968X.449.1 - Scrapbook

M1968X.449.1 - Scrapbook

Maroon binding, coloured pages; collection of photographs, newspaper clippings, cards, admit to lecture cards, illustrations and train tickets. It is a developmental collection of a young man's interests from Boy's Own Magazine Illustrations to Foreign Travel and Boer War. Collected from 1882-1900. "John McCrae, Guelph, 30/Nov. 1882." The scrapbook includes the following: Image # 1 Passenger List on R.M.S. Etruria April 24, 1886 which on another page (image 25) includes the 2nd page and the names David McCrae and son. This page also includes a newspaper clipping of the poem "A Thing of Beauty" by John Keats and a black and white print of the downtown Guelph Carden St, facing Market Squa

Image of M1996X.16.1.2 - Sketch

M1996X.16.1.2 - Sketch

.1 Pencil sketch of a sailboat on the water. .2 Black ink sketch of a church surrounded by trees.

Image of M1996X.2.2.2 - Sketch

M1996X.2.2.2 - Sketch

.1 Small black ink sketch of a sail boat docked by some buildings. .2 Pencil sketch of trees by the water.

Image of M1968X.310.1 - Poem

M1968X.310.1 - Poem

"Song of the Derelict" by John McCrae found on page 66 from The Canadian Magazine. The poem is hand written facsimile with three illustrations that include a half a ship floating in the sea at the top of the poem, a ship in the distance beside and to the left of the 2nd verse and a view of closer ship in waves to the right of the third verse. The poem is signed John McCrae. These illustrations were done by McCrae too.

Image of M1993X.5.1 - Book

M1993X.5.1 - Book

This is a Book with a navy blue binding (hardcover) with embossed gold lettering "In Flanders Fields By John McCrae". Book has 141 pages, printed in black ink with photographs, sketches and poems written by John McCrae. Poems by John McCrae, and an Essay in Character by Sir Andrew MacPhail with diary quotations.

Image of M1968X.476.1.2 - Sketch

M1968X.476.1.2 - Sketch

.1 black ink sketch of a seashore with a few trees and rocks along the coast. The sketch is surrounded by a double beige mat (acid free.) .2 light brown wood frame.

Image of M1968.241.1 - Map

M1968.241.1 - Map

This is a light pencil sketch showing positions of wagon, dead horses, specifies column was proceeding by road at the time.

Image of M1996X.2.1.13 - Sketch

M1996X.2.1.13 - Sketch

2 Black ink sketches: one of a soldier from "Harper May '89", the other of a man and a woman dressed to go out from "Cosmopolitan Mar '90".

Image of M1968X.475.1.1 - Sketch

M1968X.475.1.1 - Sketch

.1 Black ink sketch of a steamer ship sailing past four sailboats on rough water. Mounted on matboard.

Image of M1968X.238.1 - Sketch

M1968X.238.1 - Sketch

Lightly sketched view of cookhouse, officers sleeping quarters, No 1 Limber, Sleeping quarters for men, No. 2 & No. 1 guns. Drawn by John McCrae on Aug. 13, 1900. Done in pencil. Illustrations: Sketches, B/W "Our Camp on Fusiher Kopje" "Rocks everywhere + nothing else" "J Mc 13-8-00"

Image of M1996X.21.4 - Sketch

M1996X.21.4 - Sketch

Black ink sketch of a knight in armor sitting on horse; the horse is drawn with the lower legs cut off and the knight is drawn with his back facing the viewer. The sketch is glued to a piece of black cardboard.

Image of M1999.7.3 - Sketch

M1999.7.3 - Sketch

Small boat moored by rocks. Body of water in background. Looks like a turned over dock in front.

Image of M1968X.469.1 - Letter

M1968X.469.1 - Letter

Birthday letter sketched by John McCrae for a fellow Knox College student, The Butcher, J.P. It is affixed with a cigar ribbon. "The Butcher. J.P." is signature. Letter is hand written.

Image of M1996X.1.1.28 - Book, Sketch

M1996X.1.1.28 - Book, Sketch

Back cover of sketchbook with floral design on inside and brown and red mottled outside.

Image of M1968X.237.1 - Sketch

M1968X.237.1 - Sketch

Hand drawn view from hill, looking north over Delagoa Bay Railway. Drawing is done in pencil on cream coloured paper. Drawn by John McCrae. He has signed it: "J McC 13-8-00"

Image of M1968X.253.1 - Sketch

M1968X.253.1 - Sketch

This is a sketch by John McCrae of a landscape. There is a cross in some trees in the middle/left hand corner of the drawing and there is the "Valley of Van Wycks (?)" In the bottom right-hand corner.

Image of M1996X.21.1 - Sketch

M1996X.21.1 - Sketch

Black ink sketch of a row of telephone poles in a filed flanked on one side by bare trees. Sketch is similar to sketch in 1892 sketchbook M996.1.12, located in Archives Box A 16.

Image of M1996X.21.2 - Sketch

M1996X.21.2 - Sketch

Black ink sketch on onion skin paper of a sailboat washed up on a rocky shore.

Image of M1996X.21.3 - Sketch

M1996X.21.3 - Sketch

Small black ink sketch of a man, possibly an actor in costume looking at a sheet of paper. The man is dressed in a tunic, balloon shorts and tights.

Image of M1968.250.1 - Book, Sketch

M1968.250.1 - Book, Sketch

This sketchbook is a light brown colour with a red/maroon spine. The cover is made of leather. It is filled with drawings, done by John McCrae during the Boer war in 1900. The cover has an inscription that is extremely faded: "John McCrae Lieut. R.C.A Africa, 1900" And on the inside cover, it says, " John McCrae Lieut. R.C.A. S. Africa. 1900"