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Name McKenna Sporting Goods Store

Associated Records

Image of 1985.68.3 - Label

1985.68.3 - Label

Label. Red, black, green and gold round paper label on a white rectangular piece of paper. Text on store sticker: "T.F. MCKENNA" is in center of sticker with other text written around name: "BICYCLES/ SPORTING GOODS. CENTRAL ONTARIO/ SPORTING GOODS/ GUELPH, ONTARIO."

1986.36.6 - Booklet

The OAC Review 1932. Light brown card stock covered booklet with dark brown print. On the cover is the OAC crest and up in the top right corner in pencil is "A.G. Misener". The booklet has several articles about the happenings and research taking place at the OAC. There are also ads from local businesses.

Image of 2012.96.1 - Program

2012.96.1 - Program

Folded paper program with black printed details. Front reads "Guelph Little Theatre Presents 'Outward Bound'." In the center of the cover is the location, date and time of the two performances as well as a message from the sponsors of the show. The inside of the program is full of advertisements, with three rows of four on top and bottom of both panels. The left page shows a cast list in the center and the right shows the play organization. The back of the program also has several advertisements and a block in the center for naming the Production Staff and providing acknowledgements.

Image of 1985.61.4 - Photograph

1985.61.4 - Photograph

Black and white group photograph, with gray mount, of the Maroon Hockey Club, Intermediate Champions 1935, taken in front of Shell gasoline pumps. Back row: Albert Melenius, Manager; Frank Fokejeweski, Trainer; Joe Veroni, Coach. Middle row: Gran Brundette, R. Defence; Jimmy Kelly, Co-Manager/R. Wing; Army Armstrong, Centre; Harold Perkins, L. Wing; Bill Jones, L. Defence; Howard Mason, R. Wing; Wilfred Couling, L. Defence; Matt Kelly, Centre; George Cubitt, L. Wing; "Tiny" Beattie, Captain/L. Wing; Martin Fox, Goal. Centre front: Jimmy Wickham, Mascot. Players listed as Absent: "W. Krusky, R. Defence; Jack Wickham, R. Defence; Vin Kelly, Centre." Printed in lower right hand corner on white

Image of 1985.61.1 - Photograph

1985.61.1 - Photograph

Black and white photograph with gray mount of a hockey team with a trophy, identified as Hall's Red Indians, City Champions 1933-34. The Sponsor of this team was Herbert J. Hall, who was proprietor of Hall's Red Indian Service Station, located at 21-23 Gordon Street. The photograph was taken in front of this service station ( note the numbers 23 and 21 above the door. ) Players and position identified on mount. Back row: Mickey McMillan, Coach; Bert Hall, Sponsor; Stew Young, Manager; Hughie Anderson, Sec.-Treas. Front row: Herbie Thomas, Goal; Tiny Beattie, Centre; Howie Jackson, L. Wing; Chesty Brill, L. Defense; Dipper Steep, Centre; Fat Young, R. Defense; Snort Steep, L. Wing; Hawkeye Oc

Image of 1985.61.3 - Photograph

1985.61.3 - Photograph

Black and white group photograph, with gray mount, of the Guelph Intermediate Hockey Team, 1934-35. Players identified on mount below photograph: "BACK ROW [left to right]: Mickey McMillan (L.Def.); Dick Carroll (Coach); Lamp Peer (Trainer); Roy Mason (Pres.); Ken Simpson (Sec.-Treas.); Army Armstrong (Sub. Def.) MIDDLE ROW [L to R]: Art Childs (Sub. Goal); Eddie Meron (Forward); Barney Gemmel (Forward); Dude Lindsay (L. Wing); Chesty Brill (R. Def.); Harold Stade (Goal). FRONT ROW [L to R]: Ilio Marzo (R. Wing); Frankie Finnemore (Mascot); Cec. Shears (Forward). INSERTS: Tiny Beattie (Forward); Auddy Kaiser (Centre); Joe Klein (Forward).

Image of 1985.61.2 - Photograph

1985.61.2 - Photograph

Black and white group photograph, with gray mount, of a hockey team identified as the Perfection Juveniles, City League juvenile champions, photographed in front of the Guelph Perfection Petroleum Service Station, located on York Road at the corner of Victoria Road. Centre front: R. Anderson, Mascot. Front row: J. Bordignon, Goal; R. Love, Sub.; J. Rogers, L. Wing; E. Coady, Goal; G. Finkbeiner, R. Wing; M. Conroy, L. Wing; J. Homer, Defence; H. Morgan, Sub.; S. Berry, Defence; L. Parr, Defence. Back row: H. Anderson, Manager; C.H. Allan, Sponsor; F. Steep, Coach. Those players listed as absent: "N. Anderson, Centre; L. Lawson, Centre; P. Kelly, R. Wing."