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Name Ontario Agricultural College (OAC)

Associated Records

Image of 2016.15.4 - Program

2016.15.4 - Program

Program for the 1964 Guelph College Figure Skating Club Show "Rhapsody on Ice, 1964". The program consists of numerous advertisements from various Guelph businesses and surrounding areas and black and white images of various skaters from the club. The program is 16 pages long. Front Cover: White background with and oval logo "Guelph College Figure Skating Club" around the outer edge and a skate blade with wings in the middle. "Presents Rhapsody on Ice, 1964" is below the logo. "Program 25 C" in the bottom right corner". Logo and text is a royal blue colour. "1964" is hand written in the top right corner in black ink. Front Inside Cover: Advertisement Page 1: "Rhapsody on Ice, 1964

Image of M1968X.466.1 - Card, Menu

M1968X.466.1 - Card, Menu

Students Banquet given for returned comrades from South Africa. Given at the O.A.C., Guelph, on January 16, 1901.

Image of 2007.34.2 - Scrapbook

2007.34.2 - Scrapbook

Black, thick cardboard covers around yellowed ledger sized pages. All of the pages have come away from the spine of the book. It is filled with newspaper clippings, starting on this inside cover. The scrapbook also includes; voting ballots and results, referendum ballots and results, sports items, death announcements, wedding annoucements, public notices, job postings, advertisements, election campaign adverts, historical articles, polling results (numbers added in pencil crayon),

Image of 1986.18.344 - Postcard

1986.18.344 - Postcard

Divided back, tinted postcard with correspondence on back. It is a view of the Dairy Building, OAC from the east. It is has a protruding triangular entrance, a symmetrical facade and gable in the center of a pitched roof. There is a man standing in front. It has two 1 cent postage stamps on back. printed front "DAIRY BUILDING, O.A.C., GUELPH, ONT." back "PUBLISHED BY THE VALENTINE & SONS UNITED PUBLISHING CO. LTD. TORONTO"

Image of 1986.18.337 - Postcard

1986.18.337 - Postcard

Divided back, unused, sepia postcard of Experimental field plots, OAC. printed front "O.A.C. FARM, GUELPH, CANADA" back "THE INTERNATIONAL STATIONERY CO. PICTON, CANADA" "PRINTED IN SAXONY"

Image of 1973.23.26 - Program

1973.23.26 - Program

Program and Souvenir Booklet for Old Home Week, Guelph, August 2-6 1908. White glossy paper cover with purple printed lettering and border. Pages are glossy white paper with printed black lettering and b/w photographs of city officials and public buildings and tourist sites. Booklet is stapled bound. On back cover in lower right corner, in small purple print is name of printing/publishing company: "MILN-BINGHAM, TORONTO". Illustrations: Printed B/W No. of pages: 28

Image of 1980.114.84 - Map

1980.114.84 - Map

1962 Map. Black and white paper inside a green on brown paper folder. "Map of the City of Guelph". Drawn by Wm.S. Haras: Amended April 1962, Scale 900 feet to an inch. Copyright by Guelph Police Association. map shows 1962 Street Plan of Guelph bounded by Woodlawn, Victoria College and Silvercreek Road; map is secured to brown folder with green "Map of City of Guelph Revised - Sept 1962" printing.

Image of 2009.28.1 - Booklet

2009.28.1 - Booklet

A Guidebook to the city of Guelph. This is the 2nd Edition as part of the Centennial Project of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. The cover is green and has a collage of Guelph pictures in the shape of G. Inside of front cover - Gilson Page 1 - Guelph Chamber of Commerce; Message from the Mayor: Paul W. Mercer Page 2 - Bucyrus-Erie Company of Canada Ltd.; The Bank of Nova Scotia Page 3 - Guelph City Hall and Memorial Gardens; Guelph Public Library Page 4 - Guelph Statistics; City Officials: Mayor Paul W. Mercer, City Administrator F.M. Woods, City Clerk W.G. Hall, City Treasurer M.R. Sather, Assessment Commissioner R.W. Brydon, City Engineer W.P. Taylor, Industrial Commissioner R.S. Macp

Image of 2013.39.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

2013.39.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

Very poor condition and should only be handled when absolutely necessary City of Guelph fire insurance plan February 1897 revised to 1907 and then revised again in September 1916. The plan has a black hard cloth cover. The first page has a street index. In the upper right corner there is a blue label that describes the revisions "Surveyed Feb'y 1897 revised to Sept. 1916 new sheets 35 to 38 are added population 16,738 ..." Page 2 is the map of the city with colour coding showing which page each area is shown. There is also a legend showing what each abbreviation or symbol means. There are 38 pages and each page shows a particular area. Each page shows the buildings in that area and t

Image of 1986.18.301 - Postcard

1986.18.301 - Postcard

Divided back postcard with 2 rectangular tinted images of OAC on a beige background. The first image is of Main Building (Johnston Hall), formal flower beds, and cannon in front. The second is the campus showing Johnston Hall at left and Massey Hall & Library and Biology Building at right. on front "MAIN BUILDING" "CAMPUS" "GUELPH, CANADA" "CHAS. L. NELLES" "HAND COLOURED"

1998.21.18 - Card, Dance

Red and black dance card with an image of 2 men and a woman in formal wear.

1998.21.4 - Card, Dance

Medium sized dance card with an image of a 'hobo' on the front. Year '41 Hobo Frolic

Image of 2015.17.17 - Certificate

2015.17.17 - Certificate

Certificate granted by the Ontario Agricultural College to Jean I. Cameron for completing a two week course in Ambulance Driving which included Motor Mechanic, First Aid, Stretcher Bearing and Rifle Practice. The date July 12, 1940 and signed by G. I. Christie the President and W. C. Blackwood Professor of Agricultural Engineering

1998.21.21 - Card, Dance

Medium sized green dance card with a cut out cover that reveals an image of possibly the Priory or more likely the Cutten Club.

Image of 2004.32.53 - Postcard

2004.32.53 - Postcard

Rectangular post card, coloured brown with raised green, red and yellow maple leaves, and a drawing of a canoe on a lake at night in a small rectangle near top of postcard. In the middle of the postcard is a red book which opens to reveal a long strip of paper which is folded to fit inside the book. The strip of paper has black and white photos of various buildings of Guelph. The back of the postcard has a piece of paper glued on with black printing and spaces for a stamp and writing. Front: "Souvenir Greetings" Middle: "Greetings from Guelph, Ont./ C.P.R. Station, Guelph, Ont, The Old Historic Galt Residence/ Ontario Agriculture College Campus, Guelph, Ont/ Court House, Guelph, Ont/ Lower W

Image of 1986.18.318 - Postcard

1986.18.318 - Postcard

Divided back tinted postcard of the Administration Building (Johnston Hall), OAC. It is a large stone structure with steeply pitched roof, dormer windows and large square tower in the center. There are various shapes of windows on the building and a protruding stone portico at centre. There are gables over 2 side entranceways. printed front "ADMINISTRATION BUILDINGS, OAC GUELPH ONTARIO" back "PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO. LTD. OTTAWA"

Image of 1971.47.2.7 - Newspaper

1971.47.2.7 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury 1954 Progress Edition, January 30, 1954. The paper is seven sections, the first two sections the regular news while the other sections are part of the Progress edition. The paper is incomplete with one section of the Progress Edition missing (Section D). .1 Section 1 of the paper with a blue cover with an image of Guelph with hands superimposed over the image. The title is "1954 Progress edition - The Future of Guelph is in Our Hands". This section covers the news of the day. Pages 1 - 12. .2 Section 2 is a continuation of the news of the day. Pages 13 - 28. .3 Section 3 - First section of the Progress edition with a collage of photos on the front cover. pages A1- A16

1977.120.44 - Letterhead

Top piece of letterhead for the OAC. In the top left is the header for the English Department with the professors listed below: O.J. Stevenson, professor; G.H. Unwin, Associate Professor, E.C. McLean, Lecturer. In the centre of the letterhead is the OAC crest with the president's name, G.I Christie, listed below. On the right side is a handwritten date of October 21, 1929. At the bottom left there is some writing that has been cut off.

Image of 1979.75.34 - Booklet

1979.75.34 - Booklet

Booklet, White paper, black printing. One sheet of paper folded into four pages on each side. Printed on both sides. "Farm and Home Week at the Ontario Agricultural College, Guelph, Canada, June 20th to 24th, 1938". Descriptions include photographs. Includes sections on What to See in College Departments, Day Nursery for Children, Daily Program Schedule, Washroom Accommodation and Special meetings. B/W photographs include a field plot, drat horses and wagon, Johnston Hall, Cloth House and seven cows "Daughters of Millhills Ransom".

2015.38.5 - Film, Video

Go to Media section to view film. 8mm roll of film of snow sculptures at the OAC. The footage is 35 seconds in length and shows polar bear sculpture, a shark, a car and a rocket all created out of snow. The reel is grey plastic with a white label on one side with "1962 snow sculptures at OAC" written in pen and on the other side is a white label with the mailing label for Doug Pruss.