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Name Riverside Park

Associated Records

Image of 2007.34.2 - Scrapbook

2007.34.2 - Scrapbook

Black, thick cardboard covers around yellowed ledger sized pages. All of the pages have come away from the spine of the book. It is filled with newspaper clippings, starting on this inside cover. The scrapbook also includes; voting ballots and results, referendum ballots and results, sports items, death announcements, wedding annoucements, public notices, job postings, advertisements, election campaign adverts, historical articles, polling results (numbers added in pencil crayon),

Image of 1980.114.84 - Map

1980.114.84 - Map

1962 Map. Black and white paper inside a green on brown paper folder. "Map of the City of Guelph". Drawn by Wm.S. Haras: Amended April 1962, Scale 900 feet to an inch. Copyright by Guelph Police Association. map shows 1962 Street Plan of Guelph bounded by Woodlawn, Victoria College and Silvercreek Road; map is secured to brown folder with green "Map of City of Guelph Revised - Sept 1962" printing.

Image of 2009.28.1 - Booklet

2009.28.1 - Booklet

A Guidebook to the city of Guelph. This is the 2nd Edition as part of the Centennial Project of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. The cover is green and has a collage of Guelph pictures in the shape of G. Inside of front cover - Gilson Page 1 - Guelph Chamber of Commerce; Message from the Mayor: Paul W. Mercer Page 2 - Bucyrus-Erie Company of Canada Ltd.; The Bank of Nova Scotia Page 3 - Guelph City Hall and Memorial Gardens; Guelph Public Library Page 4 - Guelph Statistics; City Officials: Mayor Paul W. Mercer, City Administrator F.M. Woods, City Clerk W.G. Hall, City Treasurer M.R. Sather, Assessment Commissioner R.W. Brydon, City Engineer W.P. Taylor, Industrial Commissioner R.S. Macp

1981.30.2.8 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury 1981 Progress edition February 28, 1981. The paper is in 8 sections. .1 Front section with a colour cover showing a man working in a foundry. The section covers the day's news. 12 pages .2 Section 2 is a continuation of the day's news. 12 pages .3 First section of the Progress edition with a full page ad for John & Johnson celebrating the year of the disabled. 1A-16A .4 Section 2 of Progress edition with a full page ad for the Co-operators. 1B-16B .5 Section 3 of Progress edition with full page ad for Euclid on front cover. Pages 1C-12C. .6 Section 4 of progress edition with a full page ad for Muer Construction on the yellow front cover. Pages 1D-12D .7 Sec

Image of 1998.17.7 - Booklet

1998.17.7 - Booklet

Booklet, "Guelph District Labour Council, Labour Review 1975" by the Guelph District Labour Council and published by the Tri-County Enterprises, Guelph. Bright pink front cover with blue and black printed lettering and a b/w photographic image of "Waterloo court". In lower right corner is the trademark of "Typographical Union Label, Stratford, Ont." Inside front cover is the table of contents. Front Cover reads: "Guelph District Labour Council / Labour Review 1975". Illustrations: Printed No of Pages: 76

Image of 1986.18.243 - Postcard

1986.18.243 - Postcard

Black and white, divided back, unused postcard of Speed River, dam and footbridge at Riverside Park. printed front "SPEED RIVER, RIVERSIDE PARK GUELPH, ONTARIO, CANADA-6" back "PHOTOGELATINE ENGRAVING CO. LTD. OTTAWA"

Image of 2004.32.53 - Postcard

2004.32.53 - Postcard

Rectangular post card, coloured brown with raised green, red and yellow maple leaves, and a drawing of a canoe on a lake at night in a small rectangle near top of postcard. In the middle of the postcard is a red book which opens to reveal a long strip of paper which is folded to fit inside the book. The strip of paper has black and white photos of various buildings of Guelph. The back of the postcard has a piece of paper glued on with black printing and spaces for a stamp and writing. Front: "Souvenir Greetings" Middle: "Greetings from Guelph, Ont./ C.P.R. Station, Guelph, Ont, The Old Historic Galt Residence/ Ontario Agriculture College Campus, Guelph, Ont/ Court House, Guelph, Ont/ Lower W

Image of 2001.1.1 - Postcard

2001.1.1 - Postcard

Colourized postcard of a path by the river in Riverside Park known as "Lovers Lane". The postcard is a divided back card with a brief message from Katie to Ethel in Toronto. The back has a light green logo at the top of two globes with V&Sons written inside and the words "Famous Through out The World" written around it. "Dear Ethel, Having a dandy time weather lovely Katie" "Miss E. Mulner Room 207 Sent Building Yonge St. Toronto" Date Made Notes: postmarked

Image of 1986.18.66 - Postcard

1986.18.66 - Postcard

Divided back, black and white postcard with correspondence on back. It is a view of an enclosure made of wire fencing and wooden posts for deer runway in Riverside Park, Guelph Ont. Open grass area in foreground trees in background. front "DEER RUNWAY, RIVERSIDE PARK, GUELPH, ONT." back "PUB. BY A. B. PETRIE GUELPH, ONT. PRINTED IN GERMANY" hand written correspondence "HERE I AM IN BERLIN ATTENDING OPENING OF HYDRO ELECTRIC POWER"

2002.62.3.2 - Newspaper

The Guelph Daily Mercury Progress Edition, 1962. The paper has two sections. .1 Front section with headline "Opportunity Unlimited Guelph". This section is sixteen pages and has the photos of the Mayor and City Council on the front. .2 The second section has a pink cover page with "Mayor Officially Starts Mercury's New Presses" and "Guelph Junction Railway Continues to Pour Money Into Municipal Treasury" No of Pages: 36

Image of 1998.51.13 - Videotape

1998.51.13 - Videotape

Black plastic video tape with clear plastic tape. Interview with Irene Morrison who talks about coming to Guelph and growing up in Guelph, school, her husband, WWII, development around the University, downtown, parks, etc.

1986.14.10 - Book

"Guelph, Canada" book filled with printed images of Guelph. The front cover is brown with silver title. The book is bound with brown string. On the front cover is the Carnegie library. On the first page is a paragraph describing the City of Guelph. The images are: The H. Ellis Private Ambulance Service Panorama of Guelph St. George's Square and Lower Wyndham Street Collage of City Hall, Court House, Armoury, Post Office Collage of Speed River from Allan's bridge, Speed from Foot bridge, Guelph from Goldie's Mill, The Old dam at Riverside Park Woolwich and Cardigan Streets and Eramosa Hill Footbridge and St. George's Church Interior of Church of Our Lady Macdonald Hall and Macdonald I

Image of 1986.18.62 - Postcard

1986.18.62 - Postcard

Divided back tinted postcard with correspondence from M. Brown, Guelph to Lily Ross of London and a one cent Canada postage stamp on back. It is a photograph of a small well house made of small unpeeled branches in lattice style, with an open entrance on each side. Trees in background. on front "DRINKING WELL, RIVERSIDE PARK, GUELPH, ONT. on back "VALENTINE & SONS PUBLISHING CO. LTD. MONTREAL AND TORONTO" "PRINTED IN GREAT BRITAIN" "PUBLISHED BY A.B. PETRIE" Date Made Notes: Postmarked 1907.

Image of 2017.10.3 - Map

2017.10.3 - Map

Guelph Transportation Commission Map, 1971. Printed on tan coloured paper with red and blue text. When completely unfolded there is a large map of the City of Guelph with the bus routes highlighted in a thicker blue line. A legend for the map, the bus routes and a street index appear along the bottom. The reverse side of the map lists information including the schedule for nine bus routes, fares, points of interest and information about a charter service. The front cover reads "25 cents, Official Schedules and Route Map, Guelph Transportation Commission, Effective August 3, 1971".

Image of 2002.23.10 - Map

2002.23.10 - Map

Map; One side of map depicts Guelph and surrounding townships; Township of Guelph and Township of Puslinch. Along the bottom of this side is the street index. The opposite side of the page contains four smaller maps. The first is considerably larger than the others. It shows Guelph in relation to the surrounding areas, this includes the Wellington County, Peel, part of York, Halton, Hamilton, Wentworth, part of Brant, and Waterloo. The other three maps depicts the Township of Eramosa, Erin and Nichol.This side also contains a street index for Elora-Fergus and a legend.

Image of 2013.9.72 - Postcard

2013.9.72 - Postcard

Black and white postcard of the drinking well at Riverside Park. The postcard shows a small building/shelter made out of logs. The shelter is covering a well. Beside the well is a path that wends its way into the park. At the bottom of the card is a white band with the caption "Drinking Well in Riverside Park, Guelph, Ont." The back of the card is a divided back style card. On the left is a message written in pencil and on the right is the address. The message reads: "Guelph, Dec. 30th, '07 Many thanks for the pretty book addressed to Margaret. With love and best wishes to you and your mother. M.A.S." The card is addressed to: Miss Gussie Webster Farnham Ave. Deer Park Toronto, On

Image of 2003.97.11 - Magazine

2003.97.11 - Magazine

St. George's Church Parochial Magazine for July 1908. Paper magazine, full sheets of paper folded once and stapled to produce booklet. Cover and first few pages are a little thicker than the inside pages. Cover has title, date and black and white photo of St. George's Church with dirt road in foreground. Back cover is covered in advertisements for local Guelph businesses. Both pages inside front cover and inside back cover are also full of advertisements. The magazine has stories, religious advice columns, announcements and agendas for upcoming events. All inside pages are black print on white paper with red also. Edition Date: 1908 JUL 01 Illustrations: Printed Front cover: "St. George's

Image of 2007.34.1 - Scrapbook

2007.34.1 - Scrapbook

Large, thick cardboard blue and maroon scrapbook. The front and back covers are blue with maroons triangular tips and spine. There are metal grommets and details all over the outside. There are two large spikes coming out of the spine that attach all the pages together (spine is open). At the bottom of the spine in silver printing "Made in Canada/Biltrite/Patented 1955" On the inside cover there are three metal hinges. Sticker at the bottom "Luckett's/Sterling/ Line/Made in Canada/No. 171032" A postcard has been glued to the cover. It is a festive image with a bowl of fruit and wrapped packages. The Title page reads: "City Clerk's Office, Guelph, Ontario" "Scrap Book: Year 1970 to" there are

Image of 2006.1.1 - Postcard

2006.1.1 - Postcard

Colour postcard of the miniature train at Riverside Park. The train is painted orange and white and has three open air cars. Riding in the cars are some adults and children. In the background is the park with people playing and lounging by the river. The back of the postcard is divided back with blue print. The card has not been used. The right side is for the address while the left side is for a message. The caption on the back of the postcard reads "Riverside Park, Guelph, Ontario All aboard! Tots and grownups alike enjoy the miniature train featured in Riverside Park. The Silvercreek Park and picnic area in the background.

Image of 1994.51.33 - Postcard

1994.51.33 - Postcard

Colour, divided back, unused postcard of the floral clock, in side the green house at Riverside Park. Clock is round with Roman numerals, various plants and flowers used in it's construction. Base is red brick and there is a fountain in front of the base. There are a series of potted plants on ledges around the clock. "CONSERVATORY FLORAL CLOCK BOARD OF PARK MANAGEMENT, RIVERSIDE PARK, GUELPH, ONT" "DIST. BY KITCHENER NEWS CO. LTD.KITCHENER, ONT." "MADE IN CANADA" "PHOTO BY COLURYCHROME KITCHENER, PATENTEE JOHN CLARK, F. INST. PA" "CANADIAN PATENT NUMBER 64741"