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Name Royal Dairy

Associated Records

Image of 2004.17.8 - Program

2004.17.8 - Program

Program, "Victoria Ice Frolics of 1948 Presented by Victoria Skating Club of Guelph" on December 3rd and 4th, 1948 at Guelph Memorial Gardens Arena. Purple paper covered program with line drawing of a female figure skater in mid-jump. The souvenir program is for the 1948 Victoria Ice Frolics. The program contains photos of the participants in the event, advertisements of local businesses, and the agenda for event. Illustrations: Printed, Photographs B/W No. of pages: 32

Image of 2002.81.21 - Program

2002.81.21 - Program

Program for the Guelph College Figure Skating Club's Rhapsody on Ice, Friday and Saturday, March 15 and 16, 1963. Gold cover paper program with black line drawing of a woman figure skater on front. The program is for the 1963 Rhapsody on Ice event put on by the Guelph College Figure Skating Club. The program cost 25 cents. The event was held March 15-16 and had five acts with a total of 34 demonstrations. The book has a few black and white photos and several advertisements. "Price 25c" "Rhapsody on Ice 1963 ..." Illustrations: Photographs, B/W No. of pages: 16

Image of 1999.7.9 - Program

1999.7.9 - Program

Program, "The Creation," presented by the Guelph Light Opera Company, March 29, 1965, at Ross Hall. White paper program with black text and folded in three flaps. The front cover introduces the GLOC and gives title, composer, conductor, soloists, pianist&organists and date,place and time. On the right flap, opened once, is a photo (by Ted Miller) of the GLOC's new home. There is a map drawn to show the location and a word of thanks and an invitation. The first open flap, on the left side, has "Programme Notes" Beside this is the program for part one. The second section has part II and III. The far right flap has the list of the chorus, production staff and acknowledgements. The back cover ha

Image of 2000.44.1 - Program

2000.44.1 - Program

Program for the Guelph Figure Skating Club's "Rhapsody on Ice," Friday and Saturday, March 20 and 21, 1970. The programme has a blue textured paper cover with the Guelph Figure Skating Club's logo of a skate with wings in silver and the title also in silver on the front. On the back cover is a congratulatory note from the City of Guelph for the Club's participation in the community. The program contains ads, a listing of all of the participants in the show, the club executive, and photos of the guest artists. One of the club professionals, Janice White,and one of the guest artists, autographed their pictures. Illustrations: Photographs, B/W On Cover "Guelph Figure Skating Club presents

Image of 1994.12.7 - Pamphlet

1994.12.7 - Pamphlet

Pink pamphlet with black border and black print. The cover has a small photo of the lecturer, Miss Claire Andree. The pamphlet contains recipes and house hold tips. There is a list of sponsors. Illustrations: Photographs, B/W "THE GUELPH DAILY MERCURY HOMEMAKING AND COOKING SCHOOL CONDUCTED DEBOTH HOME MAKER'S SCHOOL. MISS CLAIRE ANDREE LECTURER, MISS JANET HARVEY, ASSISTANT. THE GUELPH ARMOURY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 10, 11 AND 12, 1932 DAILY

1995.9.5 - Program, Theatre

Parchment paper programme. The cover has one edge that is similar to a deckle edge but looks like it has been torn. The front cover has a black line border and written there is a description of the nights events, all written in black ink. Near the top, there is a crest of the school. Inside, there are advertisements along the top and bottom and in between are the credits of participants in Theatre Night. On the back there are advertisements on the top and bottom and in between there are credits for the production staff. Illustrations: Printed "GUELPH COLLEGIATE VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE THEATRE NIGHT, FRIDAY, MARCH 3RD, 1950. PATRONS ALDERMAN N.A. BURBRIDGE, MRS. W.M. DRUMMOND, MR. GILBERT MACI

Image of 1994.12.11 - Program, Theatre

1994.12.11 - Program, Theatre

Programme for musical play, "Up in Central Park". White staple-bound paper program with a cover with blank print. The cover has stars along left side, and has seven questions and answers down the front. Inside is a series of advertisements, lists of staff and cast, a synopsis of scenes, the musical program and list of the sponsors. Illustrations: B/W Advertisements No. of pages: 8 Printed on Front Cover: "WHO? BETA SIGMA PHI SORORITY; WHAT? PRESENTS SIGMUND ROMBERG'S "UP IN CENTRAL PARK"; WHY? IN BENEFIT OF CHILDREN'S EQUIPMENT GUELPH HOSPITALS; STARRING RONALD JORDAN; WHEN? THURSDAY AND FRIDAY AUGUST 17, & 18, 1950, WHERE? CAPITAL THEATRE GUELPH, ONTARIO STAGED AND DIRECTED BY RAY HAMBY"

Image of 1994.12.8 - Booklet, Advertisement

1994.12.8 - Booklet, Advertisement

Advertising booklet; 14 pages detailing the history and operation of the Royal Dairy in Guelph, both with written text, and illustrations and photographs. Page 13 notes that the booklet was put out by "CHAS. YEATES & COMPANY LIMITED / Guelph, Ontario, April 1945". The last page 14 lists those from Guelph on Active Service POW or KIA (World War II). Illustrations: Drawings No of Pages: 14

Image of 1999.7.13 - Program, Theatre

1999.7.13 - Program, Theatre

Program, "The Angels of the Earth." Large rectangular booklet. 16 pages long, plus front and back cover. The front cover is white, has black script in the bottom right corner "The Angels of the Earth". It has a silhouette of three floating person shapes with longish hair and one arm stretched out in front of each. There is a sketch of a hand on the left hand side, on the bottom. The title page gives the stars of the show, the title, place, date. The bottom says "Cover design by Walter Hickling" all in black. The second and third pages have a single line border around them and are advertising space. Page four is advertising for Stelco and page five is advertising for Patterson's Furniture in H

Image of 1997.16.18 - Booklet

1997.16.18 - Booklet

Tourism Booklet, "Guide to Guelph, Third Edition, 1972." Rectangular paper covered booklet. A tourist guide to Guelph, detailing sights, shopping and history. It consists of black and white photographs and advertisements. Illustrations: Advertisements/Photographs, B/W Guide to Guelph, produced by the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. Printed by Leaman Printing Limited, Guelph, Ontario. At bottom of page 2 - "Cover Photos - R.S. Macpherson. Other photos as credited. Reproduction by permission only." No of Pages: 60

Image of 1998.52.8 - Program

1998.52.8 - Program

Program, "Guelph Light Opera Company presents "Carousel"". One page folded into three. Light blue paper with dark blue printing and red illustrations. Inside and back cover include musical numbers, synopsis of scenes, Lilom, Carousel, Cast, Orchestra, Production staff and acknowledgments. The back page has advertisers. Illustrations: Printed Guelph Light Opera Company presents Carousel Ross Hall 8:30 P.M. Dec. 3 through 7, 1963.

2002.62.1.4 - Newspaper

The Guelph Daily Mercury Victory Edition, May 9, 1945. The paper has four sections. .1 Front section with headline "Yanks Capture Goering". This section is ten pages. .2 Middle section with ten pages (pages not numbered). The first page of this section does not have one big headline but the top three articles are "Canada-Trained Fliers Gave Allies Superiority"; "Refugees Bring Own Industries"; "Canadians on Home Front Share Honour of Victory" .3 Section three is ten pages and has several articles on the first page including "35,000 Nazi Prisoners Learn of Nation's Fate" .4 Last Section, ten pages in length, with the articles "King, Queen Shared Hardships of People" and "Many Notables F

Image of 2005.43.1 - Yearbook

2005.43.1 - Yearbook

Brown soft cover GCVI 1928 Yearbook. The book has an irridescent title "Acta Nostra GCVI Hic Patet Ingeniis Campus". At the bottom centre is "1928 published by the students of the Guelph Collegiate-Vocational Institute" in green. The book is filled with stories, anecdotes and black and white photos and illustrations. The book also has ads from many area merchants. The book is 132 pages long.

Image of 1998.51.13 - Videotape

1998.51.13 - Videotape

Black plastic video tape with clear plastic tape. Interview with Irene Morrison who talks about coming to Guelph and growing up in Guelph, school, her husband, WWII, development around the University, downtown, parks, etc.

Image of 1994.12.14 - Map

1994.12.14 - Map

White paper street map of the city of Guelph with advertisements and a business directory surround it. Inside the map is a street index, a scale and a legend. Blue and red ink have been marked on the map.

Image of 2006.39.11 - Book, Baby

2006.39.11 - Book, Baby

Best Wishes Baby Book, Volume 7 No. 1 from Guelph General Hospital. The book is soft cover white book with a picture of a baby on the front cover surrounded by a lace and floral border. Contains a number of articles advising mothers about caring for a baby and child-rearing. The book also contains advertisements from several Guelph companies. Also inserted are some coupons for baby products. Illustrations: Photographs: B/W No. of pages: 100

Image of 2007.34.3 - Map

2007.34.3 - Map

Cream coloured paper with writing on the outside folded side. Unfolded it shows a map of the city of Guelph in black outlined drawing. Traced over some roads are red or blue lines. Writing on outside says; "Maps of the City of Guelph (underlined)/Showing Boundaries of/ Wards (underlined) and (??) Polling Sub Divisions (underlined)/ H.J.B. Leadlay (?)/City Clerk/ St. Patricks Ward (underlined) P.S. Div. 1.2.3 & 4/St. George's Ward (underlined) " 5.6.7 & 8/ St. John's Ward (underlined) " 9.10. & 11/St. David's Ward (underlined) " 12.13 & 14/ St. Andrews Ward (underlined) 15.16.17 & 18/ St. James' Ward (underlined) " 19.20.21 & 22" Inside the map's Title reads "The City of /Guelph/ Wellington C

Image of 2007.35.3 - Program

2007.35.3 - Program

Program, Kiwanis Guelph Club presents the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Sir Ernest MacMillan, conductor, at the Collegiate Auditorium on Friday, November 17th 8:30 PM. The guest artist is Beauna Somerville, violinist. The proceeds in aid of Boys Camp. Cream coloured paper cover with printed black lettering and Kiwanis Club crest. The program has many advertisements from Guelph companies. The first page includes the programme for the evening, plus description of the music, the boys camp and a listing of the Kiwanis members, executive for 1944, and the committees. As well, it lists the members who are in military service. There are also B/W/ photographs of Sir Ernest MacMillan and the guest artis

Image of 2007.35.2 - Program

2007.35.2 - Program

Kiwanis Guelph Club presents the Toronto Symphony Orchestra Sir Ernest MacMillan, conductor at the Collegiate Auditorium on Wednesday Oct 31at 8:30 PM. The proceeds in aid of Boys Camp. Green coloured paper cover with printed black lettering and gold coloured Kiwanis crests on front cover. The program has many advertisements from Guelph companies. The first page includes the progress for the evening, plus description of the music, the boys camp and a listing of the Kiwanis members, executive for 1945 and the committees, as well as those members in military service. It also includes photograph of Sir Ernest MacMillan, and mayor Gordon Rife. Illustrations: B/W Printed No. of pages: 44

Image of 2007.35.4 - Program

2007.35.4 - Program

Program, Kiwanis Guelph Club presents the Toronto Symphony Orchestra Sir Ernest MacMillan, conductor at the Collegiate Auditorium on Wednesday November 5th, 1947 at 8:30 PM. The proceeds in aid of Boys Camp. Zara Nelsova, Guest Artist. Grey coloured paper cover with printed black lettering and blue, cream and gold coloured Kiwanis crest on the front cover. The program has many advertisements from Guelph companies. The second page includes the programme for the evening, plus description of the music, the boys camp. It also includes b/w photograph of Sir Ernest MacMillan. Inside last page includes a list of officers, directors, honorary members and the roster for April 1947. Illustrations: B/W