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Name Sleeman Brewing and Malting Company

Associated Records

Image of 1997.16.34 - Calendar

1997.16.34 - Calendar

Guelph historic calendar with old photographs of the historic people and places of Guelph for the year of 1977. Yellow cover.

2002.120.1 - Book

Blue glossy soft cover book with a picture of a person in a canoe and another fly fishing on the Speed River. The book is "Guelph @175: A Day In Our Life Photos by Residents and Friends" The book contains colour photos taken by Guelph residents as part of a photo competition. The book is divided into themes of Heritage, People, and Environment.

Image of 1997.29.1 - Program

1997.29.1 - Program

Program, "Official Opening of River Run Centre Program, October 4th, 1997." Glossy cover with coloured River Run Centre photograph. Opening ceremony events on inside cover. Inside pages consist of colour photographs, articles, names and advertising. As well, there is a history of theater in the City of Guelph. Edition: 1 Illustrations: Photographs, Colour/Illustrations/Printed "River Run Centre in Guelph" No of Pages: 44

Image of 2001.24.1 - Newspaper

2001.24.1 - Newspaper

Cream coloured newspaper with black print. The Guelph Herald, May 22, 1878 Industrial supplement. This supplement highlights many of Guelph and Wellington County's prosperous industries of the time including Raymond Sewing Machine, Bell Organ, and Crowe Iron Works. The supplement is four pages in length (two back and front). No of Pages: 4

Image of 2005.49.1 - Pamphlet

2005.49.1 - Pamphlet

Aged looking pamphlet "Authentic History of Old Ontario" for the Sleeman Brewing Company. The pamphlet has been artificially yellowed and stained to appear old. The pamphlet is four pages plus front and back cover. The interior has a black and white photo and several black and white illustrations. The pamphlet is a tongue and cheek history of the Silvercreek Creek Brewery and finishes off with an ad for a new beer being launched by the company, Toronto Light.

Image of 1974.15.7 - Booklet

1974.15.7 - Booklet

Booklet , entitled "The Royal City of Canada, Guelph and Her Industries" - Special Industrial Souvenir Number of the Guelph Daily Mercury, Guelph, Canada" published by Authority of the City Council and Guelph's Old Home Week Committee. Printed in 1908 for Guelph Home Week and booklet has a programme for the festivities occurring from Sunday to Thursday on pages 6 to 8. On page 54 is an index of the contents of the booklet. Paperback cover, white with organ pillar design with b/w photograph of Guelph in the center. Black printed lettering. No. of pages; 54 glossy paper typeset in black printed 1908 "Containing a comprehensive review of the natural advantages and resources of Guelph, togeth

Image of 1976.40.27 - Program

1976.40.27 - Program

Program, "Guelph Old Home Week, August 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - 1908." Paper Cover - front cover is blue and white with blue and white printed lettering, with photo of the "Priory" with "For auld Lang Syne" printed at top of photographs. 44 pages, white paper with black print and b/w photograph. Advertisements, articles and pictures promote Guelph as a City. Has a schedule of events for Old Home Week. No. of pages:44 NB. To view the entire program and its pages, please see 1979X.00.632 which is a duplicate of this program. Inside front cover - ad for Dominion Garment Co. Page 1 - Old Home Week Executive Page 2 - Silvercreek Brewery ad and George Sleeman Light and Power Commissioner Page 3 - Imag

1994.52.1 - Newspaper

Guelph Herald Newspaper supplement. The paper is laid out in 8 columns wide in black print. This supplement describes many of the businesses in Guelph and Wellington County.

Image of 2006.21.1 - Envelope

2006.21.1 - Envelope

Envelope - front only; the back has been cut off; rectangular white paper with a red one cent Canada Postage stamp in upper left corner. Picture of Queen Victoria in profile is on stamp. Below stamp is a stamp: "GUELPH / CAN JAN 15 / 63". In handwritten black ink, envelope is addressed to "John Sleeman & Son, Guelph".

Image of 1980.114.81 - Booklet

1980.114.81 - Booklet

"Guelph Ontario - The Royal City 1907" "A City of Great Enterprises - Wholesale and Manufacturing Agricultural Resources Unsurpassed" Booklet of trade information on the City of Guelph from 1907 Covers missing 31-0 cm W X 23-0 cm H pages missing 16 pages total left

Image of 2007.4.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

2007.4.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

A large brown book with maroon spine and tips with a blue label in the centre with black printing. Title reads; "Insurance Plan/of/ Guelph./Ontario./Published by/Chas. E. Goad. Civil Engineer,/Montreal" Stamped at the top and bottom of the label is "F. Grundy". It is also stamped 3 times on the inside cover. There are three pieces of paper here: the first is part of the book, "This plan has been revised to" written in pencil "June 1888 & Nov 1892". "Free of expense to the Company owning it, and is returned to the local agent," the name has been erased and a dark smudge left so the name cannot be made out....The next piece of paper is white and has been taped inside just below. It is hard to m

Image of 2007.34.2 - Scrapbook

2007.34.2 - Scrapbook

Black, thick cardboard covers around yellowed ledger sized pages. All of the pages have come away from the spine of the book. It is filled with newspaper clippings, starting on this inside cover. The scrapbook also includes; voting ballots and results, referendum ballots and results, sports items, death announcements, wedding annoucements, public notices, job postings, advertisements, election campaign adverts, historical articles, polling results (numbers added in pencil crayon),

Image of 1992.47.1.2 - Catalogue

1992.47.1.2 - Catalogue

.1 - Booklet/ Catalogue: "Ontario Provincial Winter Fair (OPWF) Review, 1883-1919, and Programme for Winter Fair, December 8, 9, 10, 11". Reviel celebrates its 27th year and commemorates its history. The review is 31 pages in length. It gives a history of the fair over its years, lists the accolades of the past and gives a brief synopsis on Guelph as a centre of manufacture - see page 27 which lists the companies and product made in Guelph. On back cover is printed in black and red lettering the programme for the fair held in December 1919. Surrounded by a green border. Front cover; white paper, stapled. Has title printed in red letters and photographs are printed in green. Illustrations:

Image of 1976.40.23 - Program

1976.40.23 - Program

Program - Guelph Trades & Labor Council Official Labor Day Program, 1925. Light grey paper cover with printed black lettering. Program consists of 16 pages, bound together by two staples. Pages are off-white with printed black text. Contains a schedule of events for the morning, afternoon and evening. The program is prefaced by an address, "Guelph, The Royal City," by George A. Drew, Mayor of Guelph, 1925. There are also numerous commercial advertisements. Front Cover: "Guelph Trades & Labor Council OFFICIAL PROGRAMME / Labor Day / SEPTEMBER 7, 1925 / Morning - Afternoon - Evening / BETTER THAN EVER THIS YEAR". Printed under the date is the trademark for "Typographical Union Label, Gue

Image of 1979X.00.632 - Program

1979X.00.632 - Program

Program for Old Home Week, 1908. Rectangular booklet with paper cover. Front cover is a faded blue and white with blue and white printed lettering, with a photo of the Priory with "For Auld Lang Syne" printed at the top of the photograph. Inside pages are white with black print and b/w photographs. Contents include: a schedule of events for Old Home Week; photographs, some with biographical information, of prominent men within the community (ie City Officials; executives of Old Home Week Association); b/w photographs of sites and public buildings in Guelph; as well as advertisements of local businesses. Front cover: "GUELPH - OLD HOME WEEK / AUGUST -2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - 1908". Written in ink in l

Image of 1976.40.21 - Program

1976.40.21 - Program

Program, "Guelph Centennial Old Home Week Official Programme, August 1-6, 1927". Rectangular pale yellow paper cover, stapled, with black printed lettering. City Crest is on front cover. Inside pages are off-white with printed black text and b/w pictures of various public buildings and sites in Guelph. Contains a schedule of events for each day of Old Home Week, as well as small essays about the past and present history of Guelph. Included are two poems: "Guelph - Our Heritage" by Anne Sutherland; and "In Flanders Fields" by Lt. Col. John McCrae. As well there are numerous commercial advertisements placed by Guelph businesses. Front Cover: "Guelph Centennial Official Programme / City C

Image of 1979.75.1 - Program

1979.75.1 - Program

Program, "Souvenir Programme of the Band Tournament and Firemen's Demonstration, June 19th and 20th, 1889". Soft off-white paper cover that has tape along the spine to bind it together. Front cover has sepia toned photograph of Guelph City Hall. Above and below picture, the text is printed in red, gold and black lettering. The back cover is an advertisement for "J.D. Williamson & Co. - The Golden Lion". Inside pages are white with printed black lettering and b/w pictures and sepia toned photographs (by Burgess & Son photographers). Contents of book include: a schedule of events for the two day tournament and demonstration; photographs of various buildings and streets in Guelph; a brief essay

Image of 2008.23.1 - Book

2008.23.1 - Book

Book of photographs of Guelph and area over fifty years. Green glossy paper cover with photo of the Ukrainian Catholic Church on front, text reads: "Images of Guelph and are, over fifty years, photos by Dave Carter". Contains 79 pages of B/W and colour photographs, one per page, with a small caption in black print under each photograph. On last page of book is printed: "blurb/". No. of pages: 79

Image of 2008.55.25 - Program

2008.55.25 - Program

Guelph Spring Festival program, May 23 - June 1, 1997. Red background with yellow trumpet/flower and the word, "Celebrate!" over top. Descriptions of performers with a mixture of advertisements throughout the book. Artist biographies and member appreciations at the back of the program. The program celebrates the Guelph Spring Festival's 30th anniversary. The founders of the Festival, Nicholas Goldschmidt and Murdo MacKinnon ( as well as Edward Johnson) are honoured. Near the end of the program are "Program Notes" which detail the background of various music performed during the festival. No. of pages: 52

Image of 2008.55.27 - Program

2008.55.27 - Program

Guelph Spring Festival program, May 26 - June 4, 2000. Illustrations of sheet music on a stand, with photographs on the right side. A purple background with blue and green colouring on the front cover. Descriptions of program notes and a mixture of advertisements throughout the book. Artist biographies in the back of the book with member appreciation lists and festival sponsors. No. of pages: 64