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Name University of Guelph

Associated Records

1997.16.29 - Booklet

Booklet for College Royal's 50th anniversary. With printed colour sketches, printed on cover inside are descriptions of things to do and see in Guelph as well as a map of the campus. College Royal '74 program University of Guelph ground show day March 9th 1974 celebrating our 50th anniversary. No of Pages: 22

1981.30.2.8 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury 1981 Progress edition February 28, 1981. The paper is in 8 sections. .1 Front section with a colour cover showing a man working in a foundry. The section covers the day's news. 12 pages .2 Section 2 is a continuation of the day's news. 12 pages .3 First section of the Progress edition with a full page ad for John & Johnson celebrating the year of the disabled. 1A-16A .4 Section 2 of Progress edition with a full page ad for the Co-operators. 1B-16B .5 Section 3 of Progress edition with full page ad for Euclid on front cover. Pages 1C-12C. .6 Section 4 of progress edition with a full page ad for Muer Construction on the yellow front cover. Pages 1D-12D .7 Sec

Image of 1998.51.10 - Videotape

1998.51.10 - Videotape

Black plastic video tape with clear plastic tape. Interview with Cynthia Stickland about coming to Canada from the Caribbean, her first job, working at Bell telephone, union, her neighbourhood, Downtown Guelph, festivals and dances in Guelph, sports, theatre, being black in Guelph, the Italians, etc.

Image of 1998.17.7 - Booklet

1998.17.7 - Booklet

Booklet, "Guelph District Labour Council, Labour Review 1975" by the Guelph District Labour Council and published by the Tri-County Enterprises, Guelph. Bright pink front cover with blue and black printed lettering and a b/w photographic image of "Waterloo court". In lower right corner is the trademark of "Typographical Union Label, Stratford, Ont." Inside front cover is the table of contents. Front Cover reads: "Guelph District Labour Council / Labour Review 1975". Illustrations: Printed No of Pages: 76

Image of 2016.52.2 - Ticket, Train

2016.52.2 - Ticket, Train

6167 Weekend Special ticket. Printed on cream coloured paper with red text. The ticket is long with a list of various events and perforations between each event. It reads: "NFR Boomers NFR, 6167 Weekend, May 1978, University of Guelph, One Return Fare, Ladies Brox Village Tour, Elmira, Ont., Sunday Luncheon, One Fare, Trolley Museum, Rockwood, Ont., One Fare, Saturday Only, Aberfoyle Junction, Aberfoyle, Ont., Door Prize Draw, Ticket Number".

Image of 1997.9.55.2 - Booklet

1997.9.55.2 - Booklet

.1 Booklet for Guelph Transportation Telerider, Dated June 21, 1982 .2 Envelope .1 - Large white paper with black printed lettering and illustrations and maps. Has been folded a number of times to form a brochure. Front has image of a bus with print that reads: "New From... Guelph Transportation Telerider / Starts June 21, 1982. Back has printed map with the ten route numbers located on it. Above the map is a note on "Transferring?" Pages two and three includes instructions about how Telerider works. When one opens up the brochure, there are illustrated maps of the ten routes. .2 Envelope, white paper envelope with red printed lettering and illustration of a phone on the front of t

Image of 2008.55.21 - Program

2008.55.21 - Program

Program of the 1992 Guelph Spring Festival, the 25th Anniversary, from May 1st to May 23rd. The front cover is a silver colour with the silhouette of a green and purple flower and a red violin, with sheet music in the background. The back cover is an ad for the co-operators. The program is 36 pages in length and lists the performers, their biographies, the pieces performed, and advertisements from many Guelph businesses. This program is a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Guelph Spring Festival and pays tribute to Edward Johnson. Edwina Carson has written a tribute to Murdo MacKinnon who recently retired as president of the Edward Johnson Music Foundation. No. of pages: 36

Image of 1998.51.2 - Videotape

1998.51.2 - Videotape

Black plastic video tape with clear plastic tape. Interview with Melba Jewell who talks about being black in Guelph, school, work, church etc. This is an audio only recording - there is no visual footage.

Image of 1998.51.16 - Videotape

1998.51.16 - Videotape

Black plastic video tape with clear plastic tape. Interview with Dorothy Farquharson about her family, growing up in Guelph, work, The Depression, Downtown Guelph, WWII, etc.

Image of 2010.7.1 - Booklet

2010.7.1 - Booklet

100 Years of Memories, Ontario Reformatory in Guelph Booklet. The book is covered with a page of clear plastic on the front and blue on the back and spine. On the front cover there is a picture of the Guelph Correctional Centre with green text above and below the picture. The text states the title of the booklet, what is inside of the booklet, and the author (Karl Grottnthaler). The booklet consists of 136 pages. Through out the booklet there are articles, pictures, maps, and facts. The booklet covers the history of the Guelph Correctional Centre from the beginnings to the present. There are loose pages at the back of the booklet and throughout

1997.16.3 - Booklet

Yellow rectangular OAC brochure to commemorate the centennial year (1974) of OAC. Includes coloured and b/w sketches as well as photos. Brief outlines history of the oAC and a timeline as well as the dates for planned celebrations. Illustrations: Drawings, Colour/Sketches, B/W/Photographs, B/W Centennial 'Seventy four Ontario Agricultural College, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada

Image of 2012.85.23 - Program

2012.85.23 - Program

Folded paper program. Black print details. Front reads "Canadian Opera Company; Eleventh National Tour (Eastern Tour)" at the top, "Die Fledermaus (The Bat); Comic Opera in Three Acts by John Strauss Jr.; Libretto by Haffner and Genee; English version by Ruth and Thomas Martin" in the centre, and "Sponsored by University Women's Club of Guelph 1964" is printed at the bottom. The front cover is surrounded by a black border. The back cover has advertisements for John Sutherland & Sons Limited and C.W. Kelly & Son Ltd. Inside the program is a synopsis of the three acts of the play, the cast and crew list and acknowledgements.

Image of 1998.51.13 - Videotape

1998.51.13 - Videotape

Black plastic video tape with clear plastic tape. Interview with Irene Morrison who talks about coming to Guelph and growing up in Guelph, school, her husband, WWII, development around the University, downtown, parks, etc.

Image of 1987.44.19 - Booklet

1987.44.19 - Booklet

Booklet, "Guelph Historical Society 1978 Annual". White paper cover with printed green lettering and seven coloured photographs of various wildflowers on the front. The cover photos are by David O'Keefe, originally taken for Bell Canada. Contents include list of officers and directors for 1978, the program of monthly meetings, schedule of public planting; Information about upcoming competitions and exhibitions, as well as advertisements for local businesses. The following articles are also included: "Enjoying Our Wildflowers," "Arboretum Wildflowers," "Endangered and Rare Plant Species," "Special Planting & Pruning of Roses," "Naturalizing Spring Flowering Bulbs," "Control Suggestions

Image of 2002.98.1 - Postcard

2002.98.1 - Postcard

Colour postcard of the Administration Builidng at the University of Guelph. The postcard is taken from a side angle, showing parts of the grounds as well as the building. The back of the postcard is a divided back postcard with a six cent stamp in the upper right corner. The postcard is from a Marilyn Snyder to Pin Pal WGR-TV In Buffalo, New York. "Administrative Building Guelph University Guelph, Ontario From Mrs. Marilyn Snyder 144 Jansen Ave #12 Kitchener, Ont. Telephone 1-519-756-7044 To Pin Pal WGR TV 2 Box 5000 Niagara Square Station, Buffalo, NY 14202"

1997.16.31 - Booklet

Magazine style booklet from 1973 published as a supplement to Nov '73 "Good Farming". On cover b/w photograph of Moreton Portico when it was attached to the original Johnston Hall. OAC centennial seventy four 100 years, published as a supplement to Good farming, November 1973. No of Pages: 32

Image of 1979.38.1 - Poster

1979.38.1 - Poster

University of Guelph poster advertising the degree program. Colour aerial photograph of the University with the degree programs and majors listed down the side.

Image of 2017.10.3 - Map

2017.10.3 - Map

Guelph Transportation Commission Map, 1971. Printed on tan coloured paper with red and blue text. When completely unfolded there is a large map of the City of Guelph with the bus routes highlighted in a thicker blue line. A legend for the map, the bus routes and a street index appear along the bottom. The reverse side of the map lists information including the schedule for nine bus routes, fares, points of interest and information about a charter service. The front cover reads "25 cents, Official Schedules and Route Map, Guelph Transportation Commission, Effective August 3, 1971".

Image of 2016.4.3 - Newsletter

2016.4.3 - Newsletter

Guelph Arts Council Newsletter February 1977. The newsletter is four pages long, folded once and printed on goldenrod coloured paper. There is a note attached to the front of the newsletter. It is typed with handwriting on the top and bottom. The newsletter outlines events that are happening throughout Guelph in February 1977. Some Sesquicentennial events are highlighted as well. Front Page: "The Arts in Guelph, Volume 2, Number 18 February 1977" across the top. The article on the front page "Old Guelph: It's People and Buildings" discusses the development as well as promotes a series of walking tours performed by Professor Gordon Couling for the Sesquicentennial. Note: "Mrs. John Sunde

1977.148.3.8 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury, March 5 1977. 1977 Progress Edition. The paper is 8 sections with a total of 114 pages. .1 Front section containing news of the day. Main headline "Devastating Quake Batters Bucharest" The section is 8 pages long. .2 Second section of paper continues with the days news. The cover has pictures of local politicians. 18 pages long .3 First section of the Progress edition. Front and back cover are green and the front cover has a full page ad for Imperial Tobacco with birthday wishes for Guelph. Section contains profiles of local industries. Pages 1A-16A .4 Front page has a full page ad for Euclid. Section contains profiles of local industries.Pages 1B-16B .5 Front p