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Name Victory School

Associated Records

Image of 1998.51.11 - Videotape

1998.51.11 - Videotape

Black plastic video tape with clear plastic tape. Interview with Ernie Norris who talks about growing up in Guelph, bootlegging, parks, sports, his parents, downtown, schools, work, The Depression, WWII, unions, how he met his wife, discrimination, etc.

Image of 2006.40.1 - Map

2006.40.1 - Map

City of Guelph Transit and recreation map for 2005-2006. The map is colour with a cover that has an illustration of a bus and a silhouette of the horizon with Church of Our Lady. The back cover has Guelph Transit hours of operation and fare information. The map is folded accordion style and on one side has the map of Guelph with the bus routes marked in different colours. The other side of the map has a legend of the leisure and recreation services in Guelph. There is also a list of Guelph Schools, a small map of the Bus stop locations at St. George's Square, a list of ticket agents, riding tips and information of the Guelph Mobility Service.

Image of 2006.40.2 - Map

2006.40.2 - Map

Rand McNally Guelph, Georgetown and Acton street map, 2004. The map is colour with a red and blue front and back cover. The map is folded accordion style. One side of the map is the Guelph Street Map. On the other side of the map are several smaller maps of surrounding communities. The maps are of the township of Centre Wellington (Fergus and Elora), Town of Erin, Township of Guelph Eramosa (Rockwood), Acton, Georgetown, Downtown Guelph and a regional map.

Image of 2007.34.3 - Map

2007.34.3 - Map

Cream coloured paper with writing on the outside folded side. Unfolded it shows a map of the city of Guelph in black outlined drawing. Traced over some roads are red or blue lines. Writing on outside says; "Maps of the City of Guelph (underlined)/Showing Boundaries of/ Wards (underlined) and (??) Polling Sub Divisions (underlined)/ H.J.B. Leadlay (?)/City Clerk/ St. Patricks Ward (underlined) P.S. Div. 1.2.3 & 4/St. George's Ward (underlined) " 5.6.7 & 8/ St. John's Ward (underlined) " 9.10. & 11/St. David's Ward (underlined) " 12.13 & 14/ St. Andrews Ward (underlined) 15.16.17 & 18/ St. James' Ward (underlined) " 19.20.21 & 22" Inside the map's Title reads "The City of /Guelph/ Wellington C

Image of 1987.44.23 - Booklet

1987.44.23 - Booklet

Booklet, "Guelph Horticultural Society 1983 Annual". White paper cover with printed green lettering and a green toned photograph of John Curtis' vegetable exhibit at the C.N.E.. The photo is courtesy of Ed Israel. On front cover below photograph is printed: "A Vegetable Garden To Ease Your Budget." There is an article on "Allotment Gardens in Guelph", as well as "Favourite Varieties of Vegetables for the Guelph Area." Contents also include: list of officers and directors, the 1983 program for the G.H.S., index of events in 1983, bus tours, honour awards, information about upcoming competitions and exhibitions; youth program and exhibition. Illustrations: Printed No. of Pages: 24

Image of 1987.44.24 - Booklet

1987.44.24 - Booklet

Booklet, "Guelph Horticultural Society 1985 Annual, International Year of the Youth". White paper cover with printed green lettering and a green toned photograph of Lilies on the front cover. Printed below the picture: "The above Lilies are some new Lily seedlings being raised by D.W. Evans at the home of Mr.and Mrs. Durnford, R.R.5, Guelph". Contents include: list of officers and directors, the 1985 program for the G.H.S., index of events in 1985, bus tours, honour awards, information about upcoming competitions and exhibitions; youth program and exhibition. In addition, there are articles on cacti, floral arrangements and making your flowers last longer. Illustrations: Printed No. of Pa

Image of 1987.44.25 - Booklet

1987.44.25 - Booklet

Booklet, "Guelph Horticultural Society 1986 Annual, International Year of Peace". White paper cover with printed green lettering and a green toned photograph of a flower on the front. Printed below the picture: "The above photograph was taken by Mrs. Irene Montuori in Mr. H. Crawford's garden". Contents include: list of officers and directors, the 1986 program for the G.H.S., index of events in 1986, bus tours, honour awards, information about upcoming competitions and exhibitions; youth program and exhibition. In addition, there are tributes honoring three distinguished and long-standing members of the G.H.S., who died in the past year: George Couling, Helen Toy and Herbert Edward Markle. I

Image of 1977.35.2 - Program

1977.35.2 - Program

Board of Education booklet, tied with a olive green cord at the spine. Cover is a thicker card like style of paper and has an imprinted design.

Image of 1985.82.119 - Booklet

1985.82.119 - Booklet

Booklet, "Why we chose Guelph - The Story of Guelph - Ontario's Royal City." 32 page booklet, stapled with cardboard cover. Front Cover is green, orange, black and white. Has picture of a family looking at a window that shows various images of Guelph. Printed in black and green letters at the top: "Why we chose GUELPH". At the bottom of the cover is printed: "The Story of Guelph, Ontario's Royal City," above which is a green and white crown. Printed on the back cover is the Coat of Arms of Guelph in orange, black and beige. Printed in black: "COAT OF ARMS OF GUELPH / ONTARIO'S ROYAL CITY / Issued by the CITY OF GUELPH, 1945." Inside front cover is a map showing approximate mileage from Guel

Image of 1992.53.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

1992.53.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

City of Guelph 1929 Fire Insurance Map Book. The ledger is a large red cloth covered book with post binding. The spine has two loops for pulling the book off a shelf. The book of maps was originally compiled in 1922 by the Underwriter's Survey Bureau and then it was revised in 1929. The book is 40 pages with an index at the front. The book has burgundy tabs for each page number but some are missing. The fire insurance plans are divided into different areas and each building is identified in a different colour depending on its construction material. Many of the pages have over pasted areas where something was revised for in 1929.

1978.73.10.7 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury Progress Edition, January 31, 1953. The paper has seven sections and is 112 pages in total. .1 Section 1 - This section contains the news of the day and is 16 pages in length .2 Section 2 - This is the first section of the Progress edition and looks at some of Guelph's businesses. The section is 16 pages long. .3 Section 3 - More of the Progress Edition with images of the mayor and councillors on the cover. The section is 16 pages long. .4 Section 4 - Third section of progress edition. This section is 16 pages long. .5 Section 5 - Fourth section of progress edition. This section is 16 pages long. .6 Section 6 - Fifth section of progress edition. This section is 16 pages

Image of 2010.13.17 - Newspaper

2010.13.17 - Newspaper

The Guelph Guardian Newspaper. Has the words "The Guelph Guardian" in white in a black box located at the top of the newspaper. Directly underneath the title there is text that states the volume number, location, date, price, and that the newspaper contains 12 pages. The pages numbers are located at the top left or right of every page. The pages are not binded by any kind of fastener and are therefore loose. Throughout the newspaper there are photographs about local events throughout Guelph. As well there are advertisements, comics, and classifieds. There is a special article on pages 6 and 7 tiled "Examples of Old Scottish Architecture in Guelph.

Image of 1984.106.5 - Book, Children

1984.106.5 - Book, Children

The Birds' Xmas Carols. The outer cover is an orange/red colour. There is a picture of a little girl sitting in a chair with crutches to her left. The title is in black above the picture and is surrounded by drawings of holly leafs. The authors name is written in black text at the bottom. The spine has the title written on it. There are 72 pages in total. The book was previously owned by Victory school and therefore has the remains of the book number on the spine, the pocket for the borrowing card, and the due date card at the back of the book. There is also a Victory School stamp inside the front cover. There are multiple black and white line drawings throughout the book, and drop letters at

Image of 2015.27.1 - Scrapbook

2015.27.1 - Scrapbook

Scrapbook of History in Homes articles written by Edward Rae Stuart in the 1970s and 1980s. The articles appeared in a local Guelph newspaper. Each article explores the history of a different historic home or building in Guelph while also telling a part of Guelph's history. Each article is taped into the scrapbook (some taking up more than one page). The pages of the scrapbook are a grey colour. Some pages throughout are blank. Front Cover: Faux brown leather cover with "Scrap Book" printed in gold along the top. Title Page: Hand written in blue ink in the middle of the page "History in Homes by Edward Rae Stuart". Below is text printed by the manufacturer "No. 83", "Hutchings and Patri

Image of 2014.24.11 - Poster

2014.24.11 - Poster

A cartoon-style illustrated map of the City of Guelph. The illustration contains a variety of landmarks of Guelph including businesses; industries; churches; schools; rivers; streets; government buildings; community buildings etc. Also on the poster are many people, and even animals, often portrayed making comments pertaining to Guelph history and facts. At the top center, in bold gold-coloured font, the poster is titled "GUELPH." Inside the "G" is a purple crown. In the lower right and left corner there are squares which include a zoomed in look of areas in Guelph that are off the map.

Image of 2014.83.1 - Ledger

2014.83.1 - Ledger

City of Guelph Water Meter Reading Ledger, 1927-1933. The ledger is hand held in size and has a thick front and back hard cover covered in a dark brown canvas. Inside are receipt style pages with blue and pink lines. The book contains a page for each business in Guelph using water. The top of the page lists the name of the company and address and below is the size of the water pipe and the rent for the meter. Below that is the meter reading for the site done approximately 5 times a year.

Image of 2016.9.1 - Program

2016.9.1 - Program

Guelph Horticultural Society Festival of Flowers Program 1967. The festival was held at the Memorial Gardens August 24, 25 and 26. It was an official Canadian Centennial Event. The program is six pages long, stapled in the middle and printed on white paper with black text. Most of the program is a detailed list of the various categories of entry in the competition under the multiple classes (Class A, B, C, D and E). On pages three and four there is some handwritten text in red ink along the margins. Title Page: "Guelph Horticultural Society Festival of Flowers, Memorial Gardens Guelph, Thursday, Friday and Saturday August 24th, 25th and 26th 1967. A Guelph Canadian Centennial Event. No adm

Image of 2014.84.452 - Print

2014.84.452 - Print

Black and white print of Victory School. The print was made from an illustration and it shows a three storey brick building with large windows in the front. There is a large entrance way with stairs leading up to a door flanked with two columns. There is a large sign at top centre that reads "Victory School". Above it is a Union Jack flag, on the roof. There is a small side door on the left side that reads "Boy's Entrance". The illustration is signed Robert Hamilton in the bottom right corner. It says "47/100. Victory School. R. Hamilton" in pencil underneath the image.

Image of 1979X.00.90 - Photograph

1979X.00.90 - Photograph

B&W. Glossy. Photo shows Anne Linden in stage costume. Printed on back: "PLEASE CREDIT PETER SMITH, PHOTOGRAPHER, STRATFORD, ONT."

Image of 1979X.00.87 - Photograph

1979X.00.87 - Photograph

B&W. Glossy. Photo shows Anne Linden as Peep-Bo in "Mikada" Stratford Production. Printed on back: "PLEASE CREDIT, PETER SMITH, PHOTOGRAPHER, STRATFORD, ONT."