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Name Western Hotel

Associated Records

Image of 1974.15.7 - Booklet

1974.15.7 - Booklet

Booklet , entitled "The Royal City of Canada, Guelph and Her Industries" - Special Industrial Souvenir Number of the Guelph Daily Mercury, Guelph, Canada" published by Authority of the City Council and Guelph's Old Home Week Committee. Printed in 1908 for Guelph Home Week and booklet has a programme for the festivities occurring from Sunday to Thursday on pages 6 to 8. On page 54 is an index of the contents of the booklet. Paperback cover, white with organ pillar design with b/w photograph of Guelph in the center. Black printed lettering. No. of pages; 54 glossy paper typeset in black printed 1908 "Containing a comprehensive review of the natural advantages and resources of Guelph, togeth

Image of 1980.114.81 - Booklet

1980.114.81 - Booklet

"Guelph Ontario - The Royal City 1907" "A City of Great Enterprises - Wholesale and Manufacturing Agricultural Resources Unsurpassed" Booklet of trade information on the City of Guelph from 1907 Covers missing 31-0 cm W X 23-0 cm H pages missing 16 pages total left

Image of 2007.4.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

2007.4.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

A large brown book with maroon spine and tips with a blue label in the centre with black printing. Title reads; "Insurance Plan/of/ Guelph./Ontario./Published by/Chas. E. Goad. Civil Engineer,/Montreal" Stamped at the top and bottom of the label is "F. Grundy". It is also stamped 3 times on the inside cover. There are three pieces of paper here: the first is part of the book, "This plan has been revised to" written in pencil "June 1888 & Nov 1892". "Free of expense to the Company owning it, and is returned to the local agent," the name has been erased and a dark smudge left so the name cannot be made out....The next piece of paper is white and has been taped inside just below. It is hard to m

Image of 1976.40.23 - Program

1976.40.23 - Program

Program - Guelph Trades & Labor Council Official Labor Day Program, 1925. Light grey paper cover with printed black lettering. Program consists of 16 pages, bound together by two staples. Pages are off-white with printed black text. Contains a schedule of events for the morning, afternoon and evening. The program is prefaced by an address, "Guelph, The Royal City," by George A. Drew, Mayor of Guelph, 1925. There are also numerous commercial advertisements. Front Cover: "Guelph Trades & Labor Council OFFICIAL PROGRAMME / Labor Day / SEPTEMBER 7, 1925 / Morning - Afternoon - Evening / BETTER THAN EVER THIS YEAR". Printed under the date is the trademark for "Typographical Union Label, Gue

Image of 1979.75.1 - Program

1979.75.1 - Program

Program, "Souvenir Programme of the Band Tournament and Firemen's Demonstration, June 19th and 20th, 1889". Soft off-white paper cover that has tape along the spine to bind it together. Front cover has sepia toned photograph of Guelph City Hall. Above and below picture, the text is printed in red, gold and black lettering. The back cover is an advertisement for "J.D. Williamson & Co. - The Golden Lion". Inside pages are white with printed black lettering and b/w pictures and sepia toned photographs (by Burgess & Son photographers). Contents of book include: a schedule of events for the two day tournament and demonstration; photographs of various buildings and streets in Guelph; a brief essay

Image of 1981.42.26 - Booklet

1981.42.26 - Booklet

"1943 (logo) The Torch Year Book - Vol X - Colonel John McCrae Memorial Branch (Torch Logo) Guelph Ontario - "They Served Till Death - Why Not We?" Various WW2 pictures, articles, poems and many commercial advertisements.

Image of 1985.82.120 - Booklet

1985.82.120 - Booklet

"19(logo)41 The Torch - Year Book - Vol VIII - Colonel John McCrae Memorial Branch (Torch Logo) Guelph Ontario - "They Served Till Death - Why Not We?" Various WW2 articles about both active and reserve soldiers, pictures, Legion Officers and commercial advertisements are present in year book.

Image of 2009.26.1 - Map

2009.26.1 - Map

A reproduction of a Fire Insurance Map from 1892. There are land use designation, and a key identifying various elements. On the right side is a message on how the map was made, and what it took, by Phil Keddie. Department of Geography, University of Guelph. February 2009. On the bottom are acknowledgements to: "Dr. Gil Stelter; Professor Emeritus, Department of History, University of Guelph, for his interest and encouragement; and Kathleen Wall, Guelph Civic Museum, for providing me with access to the Insurance Plan and a place to do proof reading. My greatest thanks to Robert Miller and Adam Bonnycastle. This map was printed by Marie Puddister, Cartographer, Department of Geography, Univers

Image of 1981.24.2 - Map

1981.24.2 - Map

Black and white "Map of the City of Guelph". This map was made possible by the Industries and Businesses advertising and listed herein to commemorate the visit of Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to this City in 1939. Produced by Palin Advertisements printed on front cover, no scale, map shows street names and locations of the sponsoring industries and their location on the map, sponsoring businesses with their street addresses and phone number and numerous rectangular business advertisements. Population 21,714 (1938 Assessment) printed on front cover.

Image of 1978X.00.191 - Map

1978X.00.191 - Map

Wall map of Wellington County. Paper on fabric backing, tacked to wooden dowel across bottom and wooden molding across top. 2 eye hooks and string on top for hanging. Map shows Wellington County with names of landowners of each lot, advertisements around edge are from Guelph, Fergus and Elora businesses, one ad for OAC dates map to post 1880

Image of 1977.33.5 - Program

1977.33.5 - Program

Program, The Royal City Grand Dominion Day Celebration Program, Wednesday July 1, 1891. Rectangular paper covered booklet of 20 pages bound together with two staples. Cover is white paper with blue print. There is a print in blue of City Hall on front cover, above and below which is printed: "THE ROYAL CITY GRAND DOMINION DAY CELEBRATION. / Wednesday, July 1st, 1891. / AT THE CITY OF GUELPH. / One Thousand Dollars in Prizes. / Mayor Goldie, Hon. Chairman; Ald. Jas. Hough, JR., Chairman; A.W. Alexander, Vice-Chairman; Ald. F. Dowler, Secretary; A. Robertson, Treasurer." Other prints within program: View of Upper Wyndham St. and St. George's Square; View of Lower Wyndham Street; View of C

1968.111.1 - Book

Blue soft cover book "Historical Highlights of Wellington County" by Hazel Mack. The book has black type on the cover along with an illustration of a man chopping a log. On the inside front cover, in ink is an inscription "Donated to the Guelph Civic Museum by Mrs. Hazel Mack from Fergus, Ont. Dec. 1968" The book was published in 1956. The book tells a brief history of some of the towns in Wellington County. Guelph's history is from page 5 to 12.The book is 32 pages in length and covers the history of Rockwood, Arkell, Ennottville, and Eden Mills.

1976.40.46 - Book

Book "Souvenir of the 28th Annual Convention of The Trades and Labour Congress of Canada in Guelph, Ontario, September 1912" The book is hardcover with a dark red cover with gold print. The book is 102 pages in length and has photos of different unions, members of Guelph Labour Council and ads from companies all over the country.

Image of 1992.53.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

1992.53.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

City of Guelph 1929 Fire Insurance Map Book. The ledger is a large red cloth covered book with post binding. The spine has two loops for pulling the book off a shelf. The book of maps was originally compiled in 1922 by the Underwriter's Survey Bureau and then it was revised in 1929. The book is 40 pages with an index at the front. The book has burgundy tabs for each page number but some are missing. The fire insurance plans are divided into different areas and each building is identified in a different colour depending on its construction material. Many of the pages have over pasted areas where something was revised for in 1929.

Image of 1992.69.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

1992.69.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

London Assurance Company Fire Insurance Plan for 1881 revised to 1892. The plan is a hard cover book with a brown cloth cover with leather spine and corners. The book has a paper label on the front cover. On the inside front cover there is another paper label from the insurance company. The book contains twelve pages of maps that cover the downtown area of Guelph. On each page the different colour buildings represent the different building materials used. There are sections of the maps that have been overpasted when it was revised.

1978.165.232.2 - Invoice

Invoice, R. H. Barber Painter Two page invoice with a long list of jobs including hanging wall paper, painting and cleaning walls and ceilings. The invoice header is colour with red, black and gold. Just below header, in small type is "Hough Printer". On the back of both pages, in pencil, is "Feb. 3 1896 Recv. payment in full of apc to date RH Barber"

1979.61.1 - Book

Red hard cover book "A Picture History of Guelph 1827-1978 Volume Two" by Robert Stewart. The book contains a series of clippings an historic photos telling the history of Guelph. On the inside front cover the book has been autographed by the author with the note "February 21st 1979 To the Guelph Civic Museum with my compliments Robert A M Stewart". Pages 2-18 Stewart Family history Pages 19-27 Stewart Lumber history Page 28 Robert Stewart history Pages 29-38 Guelph's 150th birthday Pages 39-44 Guelph Hotels Pages 45-56 Guelph Churches Pages 57-66 Guelph Industries Pages 67-71 Guelph Mayors Pages 72-99 Education Page 100 Library Page 100-107 Hospitals Page 108-122 Sports Page 1

Image of 1978.139.13.8 - Newspaper

1978.139.13.8 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury Centennial Edition, July 20, 1927. The paper is in 8 sections and the total number of pages is 132. .1 Section 1 - pages 1-16. On the front cover is a picture of Guelph circa 1832 and a picture of John Galt. The front story is about Guelph's founding. The front page is in very poor condition. The first section looks mainly at the early settlement of Guelph. .2 Section 2 - pages 17-32. On the cover is a story about men from Eramosa and their ordeal during the 1837 rebellion. The rest of the section looks at the Canada Company, the Priory, the Justice system in Guelph, Settlement in Guelph, and the Railway in Guelph. .3 Section 3 - pages 33-48. The cover story looks at t

1978.165.251 - Invoice

Bell telephone invoice to the Western Hotel, July 1, 1894. The invoice is for 6 months rent of a telephone for 25.00 per year.

1978.165.568 - Invoice

Invoice from Jackson & Hallett to John McAteer, August 31, 1894.