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Name Woodlawn Cemetery

Associated Records

Image of 2007.34.2 - Scrapbook

2007.34.2 - Scrapbook

Black, thick cardboard covers around yellowed ledger sized pages. All of the pages have come away from the spine of the book. It is filled with newspaper clippings, starting on this inside cover. The scrapbook also includes; voting ballots and results, referendum ballots and results, sports items, death announcements, wedding annoucements, public notices, job postings, advertisements, election campaign adverts, historical articles, polling results (numbers added in pencil crayon),

Image of 1980.114.84 - Map

1980.114.84 - Map

1962 Map. Black and white paper inside a green on brown paper folder. "Map of the City of Guelph". Drawn by Wm.S. Haras: Amended April 1962, Scale 900 feet to an inch. Copyright by Guelph Police Association. map shows 1962 Street Plan of Guelph bounded by Woodlawn, Victoria College and Silvercreek Road; map is secured to brown folder with green "Map of City of Guelph Revised - Sept 1962" printing.

1975.36.1 - Book

History of Woodlawn Cemetery booklet compiled by Frank H. Cooke, secretary treasurer of the Guelph Cemetery Commission. Blue soft cover booklet with staple binding. On the front cover is a photo of the Cutten obelisk memorial. Stapled to the front cover is a business card for Frank H. Cooke with "Compliments of" written in pen. The book contains a history of the Cemetery along with several black and white photos. The book is 45 pages in length.

1971.47.1 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury Progress edition, January 27, 1951 - section 2 of paper only. This section contains pages 17-32. The title on the front of the section is "Progress with Guelph" and has a photo of Guelph and a photo of each of the councillors and the mayor.

Image of 1987.62.18 - Booklet, Instruction

1987.62.18 - Booklet, Instruction

Guelph Cemetery Commission Rules and Regulations for Woodlawn Cemetery, 1944. Rectangular book with blue heavy paper cover with printed black text. Inside pages are white with printed black text. Bound together with two staples. No. of pages: 31 Front cover: "The Guelph Cemetery Commission / INCORPORATED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT 1919 / Rules and Regulations for Woodlawn Cemetery / GUELPH - ONTARIO 1944. Page 1 is the title page and notes that these Rules and Regulations were "Adopted after Revision September 7th, 1934". The index is on page 30 to 31. Page 3 - List of those serving on the Guelph Cemetery Commission. pp.5-6 A brief history of Woodlawn Cemetery . pp.7- Rules and Regulations

Image of 2017.10.3 - Map

2017.10.3 - Map

Guelph Transportation Commission Map, 1971. Printed on tan coloured paper with red and blue text. When completely unfolded there is a large map of the City of Guelph with the bus routes highlighted in a thicker blue line. A legend for the map, the bus routes and a street index appear along the bottom. The reverse side of the map lists information including the schedule for nine bus routes, fares, points of interest and information about a charter service. The front cover reads "25 cents, Official Schedules and Route Map, Guelph Transportation Commission, Effective August 3, 1971".

Image of 2002.23.10 - Map

2002.23.10 - Map

Map; One side of map depicts Guelph and surrounding townships; Township of Guelph and Township of Puslinch. Along the bottom of this side is the street index. The opposite side of the page contains four smaller maps. The first is considerably larger than the others. It shows Guelph in relation to the surrounding areas, this includes the Wellington County, Peel, part of York, Halton, Hamilton, Wentworth, part of Brant, and Waterloo. The other three maps depicts the Township of Eramosa, Erin and Nichol.This side also contains a street index for Elora-Fergus and a legend.

1979.7.32.3 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury "Test of Time" edition February 28, 1948. This is a section of the paper that looks at businesses in Guelph that have been in existence for 25 years or more. The section is ten pages in length. .1 pages 1-2, 9-10 .2 pages 3-4 .3 pages 5-8

Image of 1987.44.23 - Booklet

1987.44.23 - Booklet

Booklet, "Guelph Horticultural Society 1983 Annual". White paper cover with printed green lettering and a green toned photograph of John Curtis' vegetable exhibit at the C.N.E.. The photo is courtesy of Ed Israel. On front cover below photograph is printed: "A Vegetable Garden To Ease Your Budget." There is an article on "Allotment Gardens in Guelph", as well as "Favourite Varieties of Vegetables for the Guelph Area." Contents also include: list of officers and directors, the 1983 program for the G.H.S., index of events in 1983, bus tours, honour awards, information about upcoming competitions and exhibitions; youth program and exhibition. Illustrations: Printed No. of Pages: 24

Image of 2017.10.2 - Map

2017.10.2 - Map

Master Map of Guelph, circa 1980. There is a front and back cover that contains the map when folded. The cover is printed on textured pale yellow paper with red and black text and the map is printed on white paper with red and blue text. The front cover reads "Price 75 cents, The New Master Map, City of Guelph, Incorporated 1913, Sold by Guelph Campus Co-Operative, Box 1150, Guelph, Ontario, Stores at 21 College Ave. W., 24 Wyndham St. N." The back cover is an advertisement for the Guelph Campus Co-Operative. Inside there is a large map of the City of Guelph. A legend for the map and a street index appears along the bottom of the map.

Image of 1987.44.9 - Booklet

1987.44.9 - Booklet

Booklet, "Guelph Horticultural Society 1967 Annual". Commemorates Canada's Centennial, 1867-1967 and the anniversary of the Guelph Horticultural Society (1852-1967). White printed cover with red, white and green printed lettering and design on front cover. Pages are white with black print. Contents include officers and directors, the annual program of monthly meetings, information about upcoming competitions and exhibitions, as well as advertisements of local businesses. There are also articles commemorating Canada as well as the "Guelph Horticultural Society and the Evolution of the City Beautiful." On page 23 are a list of the past presidents and secretaries of the GHS from 1900-1967. Incl

Image of 2015.64.1 - Scrapbook

2015.64.1 - Scrapbook

Scrapbook of clippings and a few photographs of Guelph buildings. The scrapbook has a brown paper jacket covering a scrapbook with an illustration of a fishing village on it. The brown paper cover has a white label with pen on it that reads: "First book: Churches, Schools, Old Opera House, Movie Picture Bldgs, Black Smith Fountain, Library - Old, Old and New Court House, History in back cover, Old and New Stations, Various Pictures of Guelph, History of Guelph". Written in pen just below the label is "First Book Begun 1954" Page 1: Several newspaper clippings about early Guelph including "Lord's Reclamation of 1788 earliest record of Territory"; "County Named After Great Military Man"; Ear

1980.114.98.3 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury Progress edition, January 27, 1951. The paper has three sections with a total of 48 pages. The paper contains articles about many of the companies operating in Guelph at the time. .1 Title on the front is "Spirit of Progress Animates Royal City" The cover has several pictures showing the changing face of downtown. .2 The title on the front of the section is "Progress with Guelph" and has a photo of Guelph and a photo of each of the councillors and the mayor. .3 Title on the front is "Guelph...A Progressive City". The cover has images of working and industry and below are two large ads for local industries.

Image of 1999.55.31 - Booklet, Instruction

1999.55.31 - Booklet, Instruction

Instruction Booklet, The Guelph Cemetery Commission Rules and Regulations for Woodlawn Cemetery, 1944. Blue paper cover. Stapled. Rules and regulations inside. Page 1 notes that these rules were "Adopted after Revision September 7th, 1934". Index at back. Booklet addresses the following topics: interments; sale of lots; re-possession of lots; lots under perpetual care; conditions governing deferred payments; single graves; care of lots; trees, plants and flowers; monuments, foundations and markers; underground vaults; crypts in the mausoleum; special rules for monument dealers; rules concerning visitors; and tariff of charges. Illustrations: Printed No of Pages: 31 N.B. This booklet is a

Image of 2007.34.3 - Map

2007.34.3 - Map

Cream coloured paper with writing on the outside folded side. Unfolded it shows a map of the city of Guelph in black outlined drawing. Traced over some roads are red or blue lines. Writing on outside says; "Maps of the City of Guelph (underlined)/Showing Boundaries of/ Wards (underlined) and (??) Polling Sub Divisions (underlined)/ H.J.B. Leadlay (?)/City Clerk/ St. Patricks Ward (underlined) P.S. Div. 1.2.3 & 4/St. George's Ward (underlined) " 5.6.7 & 8/ St. John's Ward (underlined) " 9.10. & 11/St. David's Ward (underlined) " 12.13 & 14/ St. Andrews Ward (underlined) 15.16.17 & 18/ St. James' Ward (underlined) " 19.20.21 & 22" Inside the map's Title reads "The City of /Guelph/ Wellington C

Image of 2005.30.1 - Map

2005.30.1 - Map

Street Guide & Map; off-white paper with black print. Folded into 20 rectangular sections. "A" "B" "C" "D" "E" divided within border along top and bottom, "1" "2" "3" "4" "5" "6" along right hand side, the same with "7" at the bottom on other side. The map depicts an area spanning from College Ave. at the bottom to Woodlawn Road at the top, and Silvercreek Road on the left to a little past Victoria road on the right. Street names are listed in a section at the bottom of the map in alphabetical order along with their corresponding coordinates on the map. The rectangular section that is visible when the map is folded has a border made up of three black lines around it. Inside these lines is wri

Image of 2014.24.11 - Poster

2014.24.11 - Poster

A cartoon-style illustrated map of the City of Guelph. The illustration contains a variety of landmarks of Guelph including businesses; industries; churches; schools; rivers; streets; government buildings; community buildings etc. Also on the poster are many people, and even animals, often portrayed making comments pertaining to Guelph history and facts. At the top center, in bold gold-coloured font, the poster is titled "GUELPH." Inside the "G" is a purple crown. In the lower right and left corner there are squares which include a zoomed in look of areas in Guelph that are off the map.

Image of 2015.27.1 - Scrapbook

2015.27.1 - Scrapbook

Scrapbook of History in Homes articles written by Edward Rae Stuart in the 1970s and 1980s. The articles appeared in a local Guelph newspaper. Each article explores the history of a different historic home or building in Guelph while also telling a part of Guelph's history. Each article is taped into the scrapbook (some taking up more than one page). The pages of the scrapbook are a grey colour. Some pages throughout are blank. Front Cover: Faux brown leather cover with "Scrap Book" printed in gold along the top. Title Page: Hand written in blue ink in the middle of the page "History in Homes by Edward Rae Stuart". Below is text printed by the manufacturer "No. 83", "Hutchings and Patri

Image of 1991.48.28.1 - Reward Of Merit

1991.48.28.1 - Reward Of Merit

Reward of merit to Amy Grace Dunbar for her work as commissioner for the Guelph Cemetery Commission (1945-1972).

Image of 2012.68.22 - Program

2012.68.22 - Program

White cardboard covered program with black and green details. Front has large green Sleeman logo behind black printed title "August 10-12 1995 Canadian Convention Brewerianst XVI Guelph, Ontario." Signature in blue ink in bottom right corner. On back there is a bordered drawing of the "Silver Creek Brewery, Ale & Lager, Beer Brewer, Presented by Geo. Sleeman Guelph, Ont." Inside cover is a signed letter from the mayor of Guelph, followed by a signed letter from president and C.E.O. of Sleeman Brewing Co. on the first page. The program list is on page 3 with dates and times for events. From page 5 through to page 20 the booklet provides a thorough history of key Wellington county brewers. the