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Name World War I

Associated Records

Image of 2004.19.1 - Certificate, Achievement

2004.19.1 - Certificate, Achievement

Brown rectangular paper testimonial issued to Corporal Donald MacIntyre by the City of Guelph for his participation in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces in WW I. City of Guelph crest stamped in lower left corner. It is signed by J. E. Carter, Mayor and T.J. Moore City Clerk.

Image of M1985.1.5 - Book

M1985.1.5 - Book

This book has 263 pages. It is a dark Green hardbound book with embossed gold lettering on spine and front cover. Describes what goes on behind the lines during WWI.

Image of M1991.6.2.2 - Poster

M1991.6.2.2 - Poster

.1 This is a double sided, colour image. The front side has a colour sketch of Lieutenant Jean Droit holding a gun with bayonet and surrounded by clouds. The back image is a French message: "Debout dans la tranchee que l'aurore eclaire, le soldat reve a la victoire et a son foyer. Pour qu'il puisse assurer l'une et retroube l'autre, souscrivez au 3e emprunt de la defense nationale" which, in English, means "Standing in the trench that dawn illuminates the soldier dreams of victory and of his home. So that he can guarantee one and return to the other, enlist to the 3rd contingent of the national army." .2 Double sided brown wood frame. Each side has glass and displays a different image. Ther

Image of 1993.21.1 - Postcard

1993.21.1 - Postcard

Divided back postcard with a photo of the 16th Battery C.F.A. Second Overseas Expeditionary Force. Eleven rows of men in front of the Guelph Armory. In uniform: high boots, bullet belts over left shoulder. Seated at front are 5 officers in uniform jackets over shirt and tie, and waistbelts. The windows of the Armory are protected by iron bars.

1998.6.1 - Book

Soft covered book of poems "Canada, the Land of Promise and Other Poems" by S. Robert Broadfoot in aid of World war 1 Canadian prisoners of war. Red blue flags crossed on front cover. Black and white photograph of author inside. Published in Woodstock, Sentinel-Review Press 1916. Index listing the poem names. Special thanks to various newspapers for reprinting some of the verses. Handwritten inside the front cover "Mrs. O.G. Murray, New Year 1917" No of Pages: 51

2002.74.1 - Newspaper

Brown newspaper with a portion torn from the centre (portion is still with paper). The paper is the Guelph Daily Herald, June 11, 1917 and has the headline "British Line Slightly Advanced". The newspaper is not complete - only the front page .

Image of M1985.1.6 - Book

M1985.1.6 - Book

This book has 321 pages. It is a green book with lined border, gold embossed letters on cover and spine. Black stamp on inside of front cover and an identification sticker also. "From the Library of the Canadian Officers Club and Institute, Toronto, Canada."

Image of M1991.8.1 - Print

M1991.8.1 - Print

This is a black and white battle scene of soldiers both in kilts and uniforms fighting German soldiers in trees. Four large guns are visible. Description at the bottom provided by soldier to artist. Title: "The Canadians Night Attack that Saved the Situation Ypres: The Retaking of the Guns" Print is in frame #X976.00.74B. "The ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS May 8, 1915"

Image of 1996.22.3.3 - Envelope

1996.22.3.3 - Envelope

The front of an envelope addressed to Mrs. Ruby Meadows at the 3rd London General Hospital, Wandsworth, S.W.18. Rectangular off-white envelope with address written in black ink. In the upper right corner is a red Three Halfpenny stamp with a picture of King George V on it. The envelope is stamped at the top: "2.15 AM / 20 Aug 18". Address reads: "Mrs. Ruby Peart Meadows 3rd London General Hospital, Wandsworth, S.W.18".

Image of 1985.80.66 - Postcard

1985.80.66 - Postcard

Sepia full length, vignetted portrait, in the form of a real-photographic, divided-back postcard, of two unidentified men -- one standing, one seated. Both are in W.W.I military uniform -- private rank. On back: "MADE IN CANADA"

Image of 2003.51.1 - Magazine

2003.51.1 - Magazine

Magazine, "Drum World Corps Magazine, September 1955" with cover photograph of the Royalaires, Guelph, Ontario. An article about the Guelph Royalaires, written by Stan Biggs, their director, is printed on page 3 of the magazine. The article relates the history of the Guelph Royalaires from its founding in 1932 up to 1955. Black and white booklet, made into book form by having full sheets of paper folded in half once to produce pages, there were and are no staples. On front cover is title at top; "Drum World Corps" and "Voice of Drum Corps", there is also an image of the earth in behind the title. Beneath the title; "Vol.6, No. 9/ Chicago, Illinois/ September 1955/ Price 20c". The main part o

Image of 1985.80.74 - Postcard

1985.80.74 - Postcard

Black and white bust portrait, in the form of a real-photographic, divided-back postcard, of an unidentified man in a military uniform. He has a moustache and side-parted hair. Stamped on front in lower right corner: "CHAS ALDOUS; CENTRAL STUDIO; NORWICH"

1999.47.1 - Book

Green cover with colour photograph of 5 different types of wool. The title and author's name on front cover. The inside of the book includes patterns for knitting, helmet protectors, mufflers, scarfs, armlets, gloves, mittens, socks,s sweaters, belts, stockings, pyjamas, tobacco pouches to name just a few. There is also a detailed description of the different types and weights of wool. Illustrations: Photographs, B/W/Photographs, Colour No of Pages: 207

Image of M1970.4.1 - Book

M1970.4.1 - Book

This book has 256 pages. It is a hardbound book with cloth tartan covered cover, with leather bound spine. Spine has gold embossed letters. Parchment paper pages and glossy illustrations. Contains information on John McCrae. "The Property of the Colonel John McCrae Memorial Branch 257 Guelph, Ont." "Presented to Col. John McCrae Birthplace Society January 7, 1970 through Verne McIlwraith, chairman, and Leslie Gray, McCrae Memorial Branch."

Image of M1990.3.2 - Postcard

M1990.3.2 - Postcard

Black and white sketch of a soldier sitting in a foxhole with a dejected look on his face "When one would like to start an offensive on one's own" by Bruce Bairnsfather. Divided back with illegible letter. Letter on the back: "...some sensation and experienced by myself..." (mostly illegible).

Image of M1990.3.3 - Postcard

M1990.3.3 - Postcard

Black and white sketch of 2 birds, one wounded, perched on a cracked missile shell. "Springtime in Flanders" by cartoonist Bruce Bairnsfather. Divided back with illegible letter. Letter on the back: "...Here's to a better ole..." (mostly illegible).

Image of M1990.3.4 - Postcard

M1990.3.4 - Postcard

Beige postcard "notice to next of kin regarding arrival in Canada" Black print with spaces which are filled with an ink pen giving details of the soldier. "CANADA POSTCARD" "Mr. F.M. Wagner 4 Strange St., Guelph ONT."

Image of M1997.8.2.2 - Card, Christmas

M1997.8.2.2 - Card, Christmas

Cream coloured card stock with red "M" crown and 1914. Inside on separate paper green holly with red and blue printing. Also includes a black and white photo of the princess sitting on chair. She is in a long white dress and holding a fan. Signed "Mary". "With best wishes for a Happy Christmas and Victorious New Year from the Princess Mary and Friends at Home"

Image of M1990.8.2 - Card, Embroidered

M1990.8.2 - Card, Embroidered

Small piece of embroidery with small violet flowers on a branch with green leaves. Surrounded by red lettering "To my dear Wife from Your Loving Husband", on a white background.

Image of M1990.8.1 - Card, Embroidered

M1990.8.1 - Card, Embroidered

Small piece of embroidery with small violet flowers on a branch with green leaves. On the top half are flags from the ten allied nations (USA, UK, France, Italy, Brazil, Belgium, Russia, Spain, Serbia and Japan). Inside is a tiny card with a drawing of a woman on it and the message "Forget me not."