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Name World War II

Associated Records

Image of 2015.17.17 - Certificate

2015.17.17 - Certificate

Certificate granted by the Ontario Agricultural College to Jean I. Cameron for completing a two week course in Ambulance Driving which included Motor Mechanic, First Aid, Stretcher Bearing and Rifle Practice. The date July 12, 1940 and signed by G. I. Christie the President and W. C. Blackwood Professor of Agricultural Engineering

Image of 1986.33.5 - Program

1986.33.5 - Program

Order of Service for the Guelph Garrison Parade. Units include 16th, 29th and 63rd Batteries R.C.A, 11th Field Ambulance R.C.A.M.C., HQ 11th Field Regiment R.C.A, G.C.V.I Army Cadets. Lists the order of service including hymns, prayers and responses. Sermon given by Rev. R.M. Field.

1986.32.8 - Book, Ration

Series #1 Ration Books - Canada Logo" Allowed purchase of rationed food products with each stamp worth a predetermined amount of butter, sugar, meat, coffee, tea or other rationed foods. Belonged to the Koch Family, 28 Waterloo Ave., Guelph

Image of 1986.32.6 - Envelope

1986.32.6 - Envelope

"Drawing of representative service men - You can help too. Serve by serving - war saving stamps." On reverse: These war saving are the property of Name- Address- Envelope compliments of London Life Insurance Co., London Ontario.

Image of 1984.5.15 - Postcard

1984.5.15 - Postcard

Black and white, real photographic postcard. It is a group photograph of four men dressed in jackets and ties, identified as YMCA staff, Barriefield Camp, Ontario. They are seated behind table draped with a Union Jack and supporting a microphone. Behind and above them is the YMCA logo. George Brown on left. "YMCA STAFF, BARRIE FIELD CAMP,ONT" printed on photograph

Image of 1992.39.15 - Letter

1992.39.15 - Letter

Letter from Joseph Clough to the Secretary of National Defence for Air. It states that although they have not heard from George, they have not given hope in his safety. 1944.

Image of 1986.32.22 - Book, Ration

1986.32.22 - Book, Ration

Series #6 Ration Books - Canada Logo" Allowed purchase of rationed food products with each stamp worth a predetermined amount of butter, sugar, meat, coffee, tea or other rationed foods. Belonged to Harold E. Koch, 28 Waterloo Ave. Guelph

Image of 2013.23.1 - Letter

2013.23.1 - Letter

Letter written in 1943 regarding a mobile kitchen. The two paged letter was from a Lieutenant thanking Guelph and Wellington County for providing the London District Home Guard with a mobile kitchen to help with the efforts in England during WW2. In the upper right corner it shows that the letter was from: 53rd Surrey Battalion, H.G., "Newlands", Thames Ditton, Surrey, England. 17th June, 1943. The letter was addressed to: The Mayor of Guelph and Wellington County, Ontario, Canada. The letter was signed: Yours faithfully, R.A. Pepperall. Lt.-Colonel, Commanding 53rd Surrey Bn., Home Guard.

Image of 1986.32.5 - Book, Ration

1986.32.5 - Book, Ration

"Canning Sugar Coupons 1943 Canning Season" No. 4578785 issued to Rowena Koch. All additional allotment of rationed sugar to be used for canning purposes only.

Image of 1999.33.10 - Videotape

1999.33.10 - Videotape

Videotape in black plastic case. Social History Project by GIRC. Summary of this tape: Family-Parents move from Scotland, parents occupations, dad's gardens, not well off, own wedding, children, birthcontol(didnt know anything); Entertainment-toys, games, soccer & hockey heroes, dances, big band music, clothes for dancing, YMCA; Work-chores, papers to help family, hat company during depression, jobs after war, labour unions, strikes; War-WWII(entered but was sick the whole time), rationing, brothers overseas.

Image of 1998.51.13 - Videotape

1998.51.13 - Videotape

Black plastic video tape with clear plastic tape. Interview with Irene Morrison who talks about coming to Guelph and growing up in Guelph, school, her husband, WWII, development around the University, downtown, parks, etc.

Image of 1981.16.3 - Book, Ration

1981.16.3 - Book, Ration

"J. Burtis Phillips - Series 2 Ration Book - Canada Logo." Allowed purchase of rationed food products with each coupon worth a predetermined amount of butter, sugar, meat coffee, tea or other rationed foods. Prefix and Serial #: HN269107

2000.3.1.3 - Letter

.1 Letter on cream coloured paper with black print. At the top is the symbol and name "BUCKINGHAM PALACE" in red print. "Pte. Frank Guthrie"'s name and regiment is typed in the bottom right. The stamped signature of "George R.I" is above the address. .2 Insert from the Canadian Military Headquarters, Records Office to Miss Guthrie. Thin cream coloured paper with Canada crest in the top left. Miss Guthrie's name and address is typed in the bottom left. .3 Light brown envelope "Miss S. Guthrie"'s name and address in the centre, return address in the top left, "O.H.M.S" in the top centre, red postmark "Paddington Mar 1940" in top right. The end is torn open, and there is a grease stain

Image of 1970.21.4 - Book, Ration

1970.21.4 - Book, Ration

1945-1946 Category AA Gasoline ration book for an automobile with license 38316L. The booklet was not used.

1993.39.22 - letter

A two page letter written September 30, 1945. The letter is signed by L.E. Orton (R.C.A.F. Casualty Officer) The letter explains how German information has been found which tells of four identified bodies and two unidentified bodies from two planes shot down on March 22, 1944. On of the planes is G.F. Clough's. No official news on Clough though.

Image of 1982.72.9 - Scrapbook

1982.72.9 - Scrapbook

Book #3, years 1943 - 1944; Wartime biography of J.A. Spence of Guelph Ontario in pictures, newspaper articles and memorabilia in scrap book form. Covers late overseas days, return to Canada and post war era. Spence adds Bar to his D.F.C.

Image of 1986.32.16 - Book, Ration

1986.32.16 - Book, Ration

Series #4 Ration Books - Canada Logo" Allowed purchase of rationed food products with each stamp worth a predetermined amount of butter, sugar, meat, coffee, tea or other rationed foods. Belonged to Harold E. Koch, 28 Waterloo Ave. Guelph

Image of 1970.40.58.2 - Letter

1970.40.58.2 - Letter

.1 and .2 Two handwritten letters to Mr. Higinbotham from Alexander Tilloch Galt. .1. Handwritten letter to Mr. Higinbotham from Alexander Tilloch Galt, dated "Toronto, October 26, 1938." "Please address: Columbia Bible College, Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.A. / Toronto, October 26, 1938. Dear Mr. Higinbotham, Your letter, October 10th was very welcome and, I hope you will be able to write me again soon. If you have time, do please read "The ?" by my Grandfather. No doubt it is in the Guelph Library. This morning I gave the young gentleman who forwards my letters, - Bank of Montreal - Yonge and Queen address - a copy of "The Annals of the Parish" and "The Ayrshire Leg?", (one volume i

Image of 1992.39.12.3 - Letter

1992.39.12.3 - Letter

Letter from Casualty Officer, dated June 27, 1944, informing Mr. Mrs. Clough that there is no new news concerning their son George Clough. Envelope included.

Image of 2007.37.1 - Book

2007.37.1 - Book

Commemorative History of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Guelph, Ontario written by Dr. W. Stanford Reid and printed in April 1980 by Moyers & Smart Limited, Mississauga, Ontario. Celebrates 150th year anniversary of St. Andrew's. Blue and white paper cover with image of church and fancy border. The book is divided into 5 chapters and an epilogue. The chapters details the history of the church. There are a collection of b/w photographs in the middle of the book which include past ministers and interior and exterior shots of the church and memorial plaques to commemorate those members who were killed in World Wars I and II. Illustrations: Printed B/W. No. of pages: 103